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- Fight Club

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Activities

Fight Club

In this activity you act as a participant in an MMA style tournament. Apparently “MMA” encompasses the use of cinderblocks and neck-snapping. Who knew?

It’s your goal to defeat the other brawlers in the ring before they deplete your health bar to move on to the next level. That’s Fight Club in a nutshell, and there really isn’t that much more to it. Additional brawlers are added to the ring with as you progress, but the main idea remains.

Although you are likely familiar with the melee system in Saints Row 2, here is a quick refresh: The shoulder buttons (LT/L2, RT/R2) are used to punch or kick, and holding both shoulder buttons at the same time causes your character to guard.

A health bar appears over each fighter’s head, which is depleted when that fighter is hit by a melee attack. Three successive melee strikes in a row will result in a combo, which temporarily grounds the target. There’s no need for honour here, so kick ‘em while they’re down!

If enough damage has been dealt to the downed opponent, a red arrow will appear over them. This arrow signifies that they are ready to be finished off.  Approach the floored brawler and press the Y/Triangle button to start the elimination. Rapidly press the button that appears above the bar to fill it up. When you’ve managed to completely fill the bar, your character will take the fighter out of the match. Of course you can still kill opponents by depleting their health bar with normal strikes, but eliminating them this way is much quicker.

Your health bar does not automatically regenerate during this activity, though you can consume food to replenish lost health. The audience also participates here by throwing food and melee weapons into the ring. Melee weapons—such as a chair or an old TV set—can dish out some serious damage, so always rush to pick these up when they appear. Your opponents can pick weapons up too, so keep your distance if an opponent does manage to get their hands on one.

Don’t bother concentrating on a single target before moving on to the next; just run around the ring and hit opponents to dwindle away their health. Eventually it will all come together, allowing you to eliminate them all in quick succession. If you spot a knocked down fighter that has a red arrow over him, make a beeline for him and press Y/Triangle to start the elimination.

The setup doesn’t change until you reach the sixth and final level. On the sixth level, eliminating your opponent works a bit differently. Instead of a single button appearing over the progress bar, the required button will abruptly change to a different one. Pressing the wrong button during an elimination attempt rapidly depletes the progress bar, so you’ll have to be more reserved here. If one of the shoulder buttons—which can be harder to mash—is the required button, just tap it fast enough to keep the progress bar up until one of the face buttons appears.

There are two instances of Fight Club: one is in the Arena District (Ultor Dome), and the other in the Stilwater Prison District (Stilwater Penitentiary). Complete all 12 levels of Fight Club between the two instances to unlock the “Do Not Talk About It” achievement

Arena District (Ultor Dome) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Melee Damage Increased by 15%.
Complete Level 6 - Melee Damage Increased by 30%.

Stilwater Prison District (Stilwater Penitentiary) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Legal Lee (Homie).
Complete Level 6 - Troy (Homie).

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