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Ronin Strongholds

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Gang Strongholds

Ronin Strongholds

Suburbs Strip Club: Misty Lane/Suburbs District
The Suburbs Ronin stronghold is a small, two-story strip club called “Technically Legal.” All you have to do here is enter the club and kill all 14 Ronin lieutenants inside, and then fight off the reinforcements. Use your GPS to locate the 10 lieutenants downstairs, kill them, and then head up the stairs and take care of the four lieutenants there.

When the reinforcements arrive, follow the cyan marker on your GPS to reach the roof. Kill the 13 reinforcements to capture Misty Lane.

New Hennequet Rec Center: New Hennequet/Suburbs Expansion District
Enter the rec center through the front door to meet the Saint, and then follow your GPS to the underground casino. When you reach the first game room, rack up $100,000 in damages by destroying the casino games (slot machines, tables) scattered around. Gun down the armed guards in the room first, and then take to the machines with your melee weapon to conserve ammo.

Once you have achieved the required amount of damage, head to the next game room, kill the armed guards, and rack up another $100,000 worth of damage by destroying the machines and tables there. Next, step into the marker in front of the counting room door. Your next objective is to destroy the 12 cash boxes here. Kill the Ronin guards and smash the marked cash boxes. The last two boxes are guarded by a guy with AR200 SAW rifle, so be careful.

When all 12 cash boxes have been destroyed, take the elevator upstairs. Kill the 12 Ronin reinforcements in the gymnasium and adjacent room to capture New Hennequet.

Humbolt Park Science Museum: Humbolt Park/Museum District
Your objective is to destroy the servers that host the Ronin’s porn ring. The museum is packed with Ronin, so you’re going to have to take it slow here. The server room is through the “Fiction or Future” exhibit on the top floor of the museum. There are quite a few explosives in the large, unfinished area just outside of the server room, so use them to your advantage.

There are 12 servers to destroy. Kill off the Ronin guards in the server room and then take to the servers. There’s no need to waste any ammo here; a single melee attack is enough to destroy one of these servers. When all of the servers have been destroyed, head for one of the doors marked on your GPS.

Return to the ground floor, kill the Ronin outside, and then look for the enemy helicopter in the sky. Shoot down the helicopter to capture Humbolt Park.

Amberbrook Museum Pier: Amberbrook/Museum District
There are nine marked Ronin to kill at the start of this stronghold. One of the Ronin on the walkway has an RPG Launcher, so be careful. There are 10 more Ronin to kill after the initial batch; they’re in the ruins at the top of the hill further up.

When all 19 of the marked Ronin have been eliminated, make your way to the boats down by the pier. At least one of the Ronin in the area nearby should be wielding an RPG Launcher, so kill him or her and pick it up. There’s a mess of Ronin by the boats, so use the RPG Launcher to wipe some of them out, or use it to destroy one or more of the boats. The boats can be destroyed quite easily with normal gunfire, however. Destroy all five marked boats to capture Amberbrook.

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Mar 29th 2012 Guest
ya the sexy map is big i found it
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Jan 19th 2012 Guest
i beat all the missions but idk where the circle thingy is to the the strong hol im like at a park that has a water fountain

ID #107432
May 15th 2011 Guest
i beat all of the srongholds but i cant find the last ronin mission can u help
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