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- Trailblazing

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Activities


The goal of this activity is to hit each of the checkpoints before time runs out. It sounds simple enough, but there’s much more to it than that. Your character is riding an ATV, wearing a full firefighter suit, while on fire. Extra time is acquired by hitting pedestrians ( 2 seconds) and vehicles ( 1 seconds). The bonus time you earn stacks until you hit a checkpoint, after which the total number of seconds you earned between checkpoints is added to the timer.

Barrels and gasoline trails are strewn throughout the course, and hitting either one causes a large explosion, likely netting you a bunch of seconds extra time. Gasoline trails appear as a burning flame in the world; you’ll always want to hit these trails, as they usually lead to one or more barrels.

You’ll definitely have to hit people and vehicles if you’re going to make it to the end of the track. People can be hard to hit, so only try hitting them if there is a cluster on the sidewalk, or if you’re on a walkway. Occasionally there will be a setup of explosive barrels near a sitting area that can be used to hit the pedestrians there, so keep an eye out.

Vehicles immediately explode when you come into contact with them, and the quad won’t be thrown off course or anything. Although vehicles don’t provide the best time bonus, the explosion they cause can wipe out nearby pedestrians too. So if you’re heading down a long street, always try to hit the cars that are next to a sidewalk where pedestrians are walking.

Success in the later levels has a lot to do with knowing the course. You may have to run through a level a few times before you are able to succeed. The arrows in the markers point in the direction that the next will appear, although sometimes it may be in a hard to reach an area. Being familiar with the course can spare time wasted turning around when a mistake is made.

There are two instances of Trailblazing: one is in the Apartments District (Sommerset), and the other in the Downtown District (Adept Way). Complete all 12 levels of Trailblazing between the two instances to unlock the Firefighter Suit (added to your crib wardrobe), and the “Stuntman” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

Apartments District (Sommerset) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced (notoriety falls at a slightly faster rate).
Complete Level 6 - Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced (notoriety falls at a much faster rate).

Downtown District (Adept Way) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Explosion Damage Reduced by 5%.
Complete Level 3 - Explosion Damage Reduced by 15%.

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Comments for - Trailblazing

3 comments, latest first.
Aug 9th 2012 Guest
It helps if you use the Super Explosions Cheat (#7)
ID #174052
Jun 4th 2011 Guest
the fire fighter suit you unlock if fire proof very helpful
ID #46923
Sep 15th 2010 Guest
i dont use cheats cause it stuffs around with the xbox

ID #12630