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- Escort

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Activities


In Escort, you pick up the clients of an escort service and drive them around town while they fool around with a girl in the back seat. The goal is to fill the pleasure bar that appears in the top-left corner of the screen before the media manages to capture enough footage of the client, as measured by the footage bar. If the footage bar fills up completely, the level is failed, so it’s your job to keep the client away from news vans, which are denoted by large red circles on the GPS. The footage bar increases while you are within one of these red circles.

As soon as the client has the door open and is entering the car, start moving forward. The best way to keep away from these vans is to speed down lengthy roads, since your car is much faster. Turning corners may actually afford the media some time to catch up, since the AI can turn on a dime. Swerving in and out traffic may help too, and sometimes the media van barricades can serve to slow down pursuing vans if you can manage to make it past them unhindered.

The media doesn’t just resort to tailing your car to get the footage; they’ll use their vans as road blocks too. If you notice a cluster of vans on the GPS, avoid the barricade if possible by turning down another street, but they do tend to just suddenly pop up. The escort vehicle is very sturdy and can plow its way past most other vehicles, including the media vans. If you can collide with the front counter one of the vans that make up the roadblock, you may be able to knock it aside and maintain speed.

There are also objectives that pop up and need to be completed in order to increase the pleasure bar. When an objective appears on screen, it must be completed before the pleasure bar will increase any further. The objective can be killing a target, driving the client to a specific location, dealing 1000 points of damage to other vehicles with your vehicle, gaining two bronze stars by powersliding or through the near miss diversion, or traveling at 55 mph for four seconds straight.

Firing a weapon for any reason other than to fulfill the target killing objective will rapidly decrease the pleasure bar, so don’t shoot without good cause. When the client’s pleasure bar is completely full, you then just have to drop him or her off at a marked location nearby. The media vans will back off at this point, so there’s no need to rush.

The amount of effort needed to fill up the pleasure bar increases as you progress, and so too does the intensity at which the media pursues you. As with several of the other activities in Saints Row 2, it seems that a bit of luck is involved in order to succeed in the later levels, since some objectives are much easier to complete than others. Sometimes the client wants to be dropped off at a very far location, other times he or she will just have you drive fast or powerslide. The objectives are random, though, so just retry if you fail the level and you may get easier ones the next time around.

There are two instances of Escort: one is in the Red Light District (Rebadeaux), and the other in the Stilwater University District (Frat Row). Complete all 12 levels of Escort between the two instances to unlock the Escort vehicles (available at your crib garage) and the “Trickster” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

Red Light District (Rebadeaux) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Vehicle Delivery (have vehicles in your garage delivered to you for $1000).
Complete Level 6 - Vehicle Delivery (have vehicles in your garage delivered to you for free).

Stilwater University District (Frat Row) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced (falls at a slightly faster rate).
Complete Level 6 - Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced (falls at a much faster rate)

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Sep 23rd 2012 Guest
[color=purple][/color] you also for got another thing, sometimes instead of regular vans the media will also use some fast cars that will just follow you but they will still count as gaining footage
ID #188429
Sep 16th 2012 Guest
The "escort car" should appear just after starting the activity
ID #186608
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
how to get escort cars
ID #164770
Jul 14th 2011 Guest
Just someting u didn't add if u go to the airport, it is very long and wide. Slow down when no vans r coming but when an ai is coming just speed upvery easy but u said a lot of things I didnt know
ID #57857