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Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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A massive collection of cheats to help you get through the game. These include cell phone numbers, how to get an endless supply of rockets in Corporate Warfare and how to unlock the Kaneda bike.

More Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 39 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Saints Row 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC

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Cell Phone Numbers

Here are a bunch of useful cheats that can be entered by pausing the game and and selecting 'Dial' on the cell phone and inputting the number (including the # symbol) and pressing 'Call'. If the code has been entered correctly you will recieve a confirmation message and you will then be able to go to 'Cheats' and select the now unlocked option. Achievements become disabled when cell phone codes have been activated (except Retailer Promotion Vehicles codes).

Player Ability Codes

Full Health: #1

Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions): #2

Milk Bo..

Endless Supply of Rockets in Corporate Warfare

When you complete 'Ultor Family Fun Day' you will have an endless supply of rockets.

All Phone Numbers


Emergency Services 911

Airport 555-3597

Big Willy's Cab (555)455-8008

Bling Bling 555-4233

Brown Baggers 555-3765

Cocks 555-2626

Euro's 555-4976

Cycles 555-2453

Foriegne Power 555-2046

Forgive & Forget 555-4448

Friendly Fire 555-4867

Stillwater Giftshop 555-7577

Image As Designed 555-8459

Impressions 555-3248

Leather & Lace 555-2662

Legal Lee's Law Firm 555-9467

On The Rag 555-5926

On Thin Ice 555-2564

Rim Jobs 555-3493

Rusty's Needle 555-8287

Eye For An Eye 555-2283

T&A 555-9866

Suicide Hotline 4876837

Other Numbers That Will Unlock Later In The Game

1). 555-3473

2). 555-5966

3). 555-6328

4). 555-7973

5). 555-7467

6). ..

Kaneda Bike

This great bike which is unlocked from the Ronin missions has the ability to defy gravity and climb up the side of any building in the game. What you have to do to is backup so you have enough room to approach the building and be able to do a wheelie so that the bikes front wheel touches the side of it.

When the front wheel touches you then have to accelerate. If you approach the building and just do a wheelie when you hit the side it won't work and you'll just do a burnout on the ground when you try and accelerate.


When you complete the following tasks the corresponding reward will become unlocked.


Unlock 1 Follower:

Complete Prologue, Mission 4.

Unlock 2 Followers:

Reach 25% hoods conquered.

Unlock 3 Followers:

Reach 50% hoods conquered.

Unlock Tobias:

Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 3.

Unlock Shaundi:

Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 11.

Unlock Pierce:

Complete Brotherhood - Mission 11.

Unlock Johnny Gat:

Complete Ronin - Mission 11.

Unlock Vehicle Delivery for $1,000:

Complete Escort - Level 3 in Red Light District.

Unlock Legal Lee:

Complete Fight Club - Level 3 in Prison.

Unlock Troy:

Complete Fight Club - Le..

Unlock Online Badges

Play the indicated matches Online and perform the specified task to unlock the corresonding badge.

Unlock Ar... Badge:

Play online on September 19th

Unlock Assassin Badge:

Earn $105,000 Online.

Unlock Assault and Battery Badge:

Get 10 melee kills (excluding the pimp slap).

Unlock Brain Surgeon Badge:

Get 100 head shots.

Unlock Burnout Badge:

Kill 10 people with fire.

Unlock Demo Demon Badge:

Drive 10 cars until they explode.

Unlock Dominator Badge:

Earn $310,000 Online.

Unlock Enforcer Badge:

Earn $188,000 Online.

Unlock Executioner Badge:

Earn $777,000 Online.

Unlock Fully Loaded Badge:

Fill ALL of the weapon slots.

Unlock 'The Duke' Customised Bootlegger

This vehicle becomes available when you have completed ALL 80 stunt jumps.

Instantly Warp into any Vehicle

If you jump on the top of any moving or parked vehicle (including police vehicles) and then press the 'Y' button on your controller you will throw out the driver (if there's one inside) of the vehicle and appear in the drivers seat yourself.

All cheats

Please rate!!

Full Health: #1

Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions): #2

Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage): #3

Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter) - #4

Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall): #5

Infinite Sprint: #6

Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs): #9

Infinite Ammo: #11

Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward): #12

Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level): #35

Never Die: #36

No Cop Notoriety: #50

No Gang Notoriety: #51

I Am Giant (become very tall): #200

Itty Bitty (become very short): #201

Give Cash (gain $1,000): #2274666399


Run in thin air

Put low gravaty on find a 2 foot drop and run of wil look like you are runing down invisable stars

Cheat Codes

Okay, if you pause the game, you will see the phone.Select the tab. Go onto dial and you can dial codes (which I am about to give you) to access cheats.

Player Ability

Full Health 1

Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions) 2

Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage) 3

Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter) 4

Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall) 5

Infinite Sprint 6

Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs) 9

Infinite Ammo 11

Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward) 12

Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level) 35

Never Die 36

No Cop Notoriety 50

No Gang Notoriety 51

I Am Giant (become very tall) 200

Itty Bitty (become very short) 201

Lots of money

buy all the stores you can which is all of em wait 15 day you hit the million wait 30 days you hit the billion wait 50 days you hit the trillion wait 65 days you hit the the zillions and ther you go knock your self out with you money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Jane Valderamma

Perform 50 muggings to unlock this news reporter from Stilwater's Channel 6.

All Unlockables


Ronin Notoriety Reduce - Drug Trafficking, Hotel and Marina (Lvl3 / Lvl6)

Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduce - Escort, University (Lvl3 / Lvl6)

Increased Melee Damage - Fight Club, Arena (Lvl3 / Lvl6)

2x Sprint Time - Insurance Fraud, Factories (Lvl3)

Infinite Sprint Time - Insurance Fraud, Factories (Lvl6)

Reduced Damage from Vehicles - Insurance Fraud, Museum (Lvl3 / Lvl6)

Police Notoriety Reduces - FUZZ, Suburbs (Lvl3 / Lvl6)

Reduced Damage from Bullets - Heli Assault, Barrio

Health Regeneration 2x - Snatch, Chinatown (Lvl3)

Health Regeneration 3x - Snatch, Chinatown (Lvl6)

Reduced Damage from Explosions - Trail Blazing, Downtown (Lvl..


Complete the following tasks during gameplay to unlock the correspondng reward.


Unlock 1 Follower:

Complete Prologue, Mission 4.

Unlock 2 Followers:

Reach 25% hoods conquered.

Unlock 3 Followers:

Reach 50% hoods conquered.

Unlock Tobias:

Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 3.

Unlock Shaundi:

Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 11.

Unlock Pierce:

Complete Brotherhood - Mission 11.

Unlock Johnny Gat:

Complete Ronin - Mission 11.

Unlock Vehicle Delivery for $1,000:

Complete Escort - Level 3 in Red Light District.

Unlock Legal Lee:

Complete Fight Club - Level 3 in Prison.

Unlock Troy:

Complete Fight Club - Level ..

Spoiler : Julius

*** SPOLIER ***

I thought the game ended with killing fane vogal but it didnt go to the cop station in harrowgate and go to the detective buro and there will be 3 conversations... Listen to them then go into the office in tehre and get dexs phone number and you fnd julius... Enjoy

Fork in the ceiling

Ok first off you need the vehicle ORING and then go to a small repair shop that you can hardly have it in there. Then change the french fries to a box of chickon nuggets(under body mods) then drive it out of the shop and what do you know it's still there in the ceiling. You can walk into it and it wont disapear until you save and quit your game

Extra cheats

Pause the game and go to your cell phone and dial cheats.

The UFO cheat is #728237

Peewee mini bike cheat is #7266837

Gyro daddy helicopter cheat is #4976.

Ghost of the police motorcycle

go to any repair shop and go under body mods and take off all police body parts so it looks like a chopper and if you chose the right options you should see the number of that vehicle floting in mid air and the lights and windshield of the police motorcycle


Go to phone and dial #cashmoneyz (2274666399)

Zombie carlos

After beating all of the brotherhood missions and eye for an eye 555-5966.good luck with braaains

Extra stuf

To unlock a small bike: pauze the game,go to the cheat menu and enter:#7266837

For a funny chopper enter: #4976

Have fun.

Super cash insurince fraud

(You will need the low gravity cheat to do this.)Climb onto a wall by a building or higher wall. Jump hit a trigger button then manuver your character into obsticles with the left stick after you hit the first obsticle and your total sfter each jump will be at least 7,000.

All cheats on SAINTS ROW 2

Press start press lt or rt until you get to phone then go to dial always press the number sign first then the numbers. Well, #1 full health #2 car mass increased #3 milk bones #4 add police nority #5 player prat falls #6 unlimited sprint ok I'm going to just do important!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ones ok here we go #11 unlimited ammo #9 unlimited clip and #200 giant #1076 sorry guys I would do more but I'm sweating because I'm typing so much and for your notice theres litterly 7000 more cheatss byr hoped you liked it it's a little trickey at first but real fun oh I almost forgot low gravity thats a good one ahmmmm oh here we go,#18 yeah cya bye my fans!!!

One Mans Junk

On the second sword fight with the ronin leader if you walk down stairs and catch on fire, walk up to him and he will BURN!!!! This is the easy way to beat him if you aren't good with the sword. Be careful though reinforcements are down stairs with guns. Happy Killing Smile

Contorted body

Not a cheat but is funny. Make the character face you and walk slow with a gun you need both hands to use. While walking shoot and keep walking and your body will be contorted

How to get half naked

Go to a clothing store with a one piece bathing suit #3 you could find it in alot of shops. Then go to bras ane choose a bra and there you have no pants or underwear on.

Out of Bullets?

If you like always run out of all your bullets and you do not have enough money to buy more bullets well then what you should do is complete all of the Hitman activities because once you do that you will unlock infinite Rifle bullets at your all of your cribs. The Hitmans are not very hard to complete.

Clothes,and Respect

When you get done with the third mission go find activitys and do them to earn respect faster. When you get to level 10 style bonus points go and find the fighting ring. Complete all six levels and you have abot 10 rings of respect.then go and do the escort missions,then trail blazing, then fuzz, then bodyguard (star symbole on pda),then do septic avenger, then racing. After doing these on all levels, you should have over 40 rings of respect. If not then do every activity. The goal is to get to 99 rings of respect so you never have to earn respect again. To get good clothes, suits, and costumes drive around till you find the ultor mall (to the left off a liqour store,mall doesnt show on map). When you find it go to the back and there should be a road going into it, go all the way down on..

Go up any wall with any bike

All you have to do is take a bike out of your garage or you can jack someone for theirs and go up to any building and do a wheelie but don't do it fast because if you do than you will fall off of the bike but anyway do a wheelie and don't do ANYTHING!! Just all you have to do is press on the gas. P.s. If you want to have some real fun than put on the low gravity cheat on it is on this page you just have to find it.

50 Muggings

When you get the secret achievement when you Mug 50 people you unlock the "Homie" Jane Valderama. She drives to you in the "News Van" and brings along side of her a Tombstone.

Volition statue island.

Go to the lighthouse on n the middle of the ocean there is prison island and way out ia small island with a very small landing spot for a chopper there's a waterfall go behind the waterfall and there's the volition statue.there's a dinosaur bones and skull.And in the waterfall pond there are fish.check it out.

Epic Fail!

If you go to the prison island, where u start the game, and then go to the dock in one of the buildings, there is a skeleton arm sticking out of rumble holding a spoon in its hand. I found this behide where the shark on the island spawns.

Never run out of explosives.

When you complete the hitman activities, you unlock the gernades and chargers. If u ever run out you can go back to your weapons cache and switch from any thrown weapon back to the gernade or chargers and then there will be 5 of them.This is great for the chargers since no store really sells them.And great for gerandes to save money.

Yo! It's on the house this time

If you go 2 phone menu and go 2 dial type in 1056 and that will give you a cheat to reapair your car for free.but be warend use cheats no acheivements also don't forget to add the # sign before the numbers

Find the black pearl

You can find the black pearl from pierites of the caerbinen in this game, go the the nuke fatorer out the the west of the iland then from there keep goin' west and you should find a place called shipwreak cove and a ship there (the black pearl).

Unfertionly you carn't go on the ship and expler it.

Happy ship hunting


Getting in ultor

all you have to do is get a tornado and shoot all the windows then fly to the top turn lo gravity on (#18) then jump on the letter O than jump off and go through the window you smashed then you should be in if you have snatuals throu them off out of the window and blow then up and keep on doing this and then you will get cop notrioty 5 star and try hijack there helicopter or junp off and land on the heli pad then drive to your crib

Kaneda Bike

Kaneda bike is unlocked from the last Ronin mission but a cheat is available you can get it from most cheat sites ;p it has the ability to defy gravity if you go up a VERY flat wall, go back a bit and the slowly accelerate up to the wall fast enough to be able to do a wheelie though :D and the when you have hit the wall after doing a wheelie drive up the wall and move the analog stick up to keep the wheels on the wall =D

Car hop

Ok this literaly just happened to me I died and came back to life at the barrio district hospitle and I wanted a car so I ran dow the street to the car gorodge and a motorcycle came out and a red truck made a left turn from behind it(towrds me) and I shot and killed both drives so that the motorcycle and car were touching and I went to the driver side door to look in the window(dont press Y) and I walked into the door and it shot me into the air and about 10 feet higher then the train track suspended in the air and then I landed it!!!!!

Happy cheating wii nut =]

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