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Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Diversions


Base Jumping: Take a helicopter or plane as high as possible and jump out. If you are falling over a certain area, a prompt telling you to press Y/Triangle to start the diversion will appear. Your goal is to land as close to the marker as possible. Deploy your parachute and use the Left Thumbstick to glide or pullback in a certain direction. Land perfectly at the center of the marker to unlock the no fall damage ability.

Blackjack and Poker: These games can be played on the machines in the Poseidon’s Palace casino, which is located along the Stilwater Boardwalk in the Hotels & Marina District. It looks like a shell on the map. Spend a total of $500,000 playing both of these games to unlock the “I’m Not Addicted!” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

Vehicle Surfing: Stand on the roof of an occupied vehicle and wait until the diversion prompt appears before pressing Y/Triangle. Use the Left Thumbstick to balance by keeping the ticker near the center of the bar. It becomes harder to balance when the vehicle turns corners. You can handstand to build up the stars a bit faster, but it is considerably harder to keep balance this way.

Get three gold stars vehicle surfing to unlock the Traffic Cone hat (added to your wardrobe) and the “Surf’s Up” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

Drive-Bys: Gun down a few gang members from your vehicle and press Y/Triangle when the prompt appears to start this diversion. Drive to the marked locations and kill the gang members there. You must kill the targets by shooting them from your car for it to count. The number of gang members needed to move on to the next level increases as you progress. Time is added to the total at the end of each level.

Flashing: Wear no clothes other than the Flasher Coat (which can be purchased at the “Let’s Pretend” store in the Rounds Square Shopping Center in Nob Hill), and press down on the D-pad twice to start the diversion. Hold RT/R2 while facing a pedestrian to flash them. Some people get angry and will run at you, so just sprint away. Flash the number of people indicated in the top-left corner of the screen to move on to the next level. The best place for this is the Stilwater Boardwalk in the Hotels & Marina District.

Mugging: Enter Fine Aim (click RT/R3) and keep the reticule trained on a pedestrian until they drop money. Mug 30 different people to unlock the Paintball Mask (added to your Wardrobe), and 50 different people to unlock the “Stilwater Welcoming Committee” on the Xbox 360 version.

Store Hold-Ups: Enter Fine Aim (click RT/R3) and aim at a shopkeeper (jewellery stores, clothes stores, etc.) until they put their hands up. Keep the reticule trained on them while they walk over to the safe in the back room. When the safe has been opened, take the money inside. You’ll likely attain an automatic three-star Police Notoriety level afterwards, however. Perform 20 hold-ups to earn a 100% discount at all food and liquor stores.

Hostage: Take the driver’s seat of a vehicle with one or more passengers and immediately start driving. If the passenger remains in the car, press Y/Triangle when the prompt appears to start the hostage diversion. You’ll be given a police notoriety level of three stars, and you must keep the hostage in the car until the timer in the top-left corner of the screen reaches zero. If you slow down, the hostage may be able to escape, so keep moving. Successfully complete 10 different instances of the hostage diversion to unlock a special variant of the Toad.

Racing: Travel to one of the chequered flag icons on the map to get started. There are two types of races: one is a race against the clock to clear a certain number of checkpoints, and the other is a race against AI opponents. You just have to place with at least a Bronze rank for the race to count as complete. Each checkpoint has an arrow pointing in the direction that the next checkpoint will appear at its center. You aren’t able to choose the vehicle you race with, since each instance has its own vehicle.

In the races against AI opponents, don’t try to push the other racers off course, because no matter how you come at them they’ll usually just send you into a wall instead. Try to beat them by turning corners faster and then just keep up the lead until you reach the last checkpoint.

There are car, bike, plane, helicopter, and boat races. Complete all bike races to unlock the Race Bike, all car races to unlock a special variant of the Bezier, all boat races to unlock the Race Boat, all plane races to unlock the Race Plane, and all helicopter races to unlock the Race Helicopter. Complete all of the races to unlock a Cowboy Hat (added to your wardrobe) and the “2 Quick 2 Pissed” achievement on the Xbox 360 version. You do not need to earn Gold on all of the races to get the achievement and unlockables.

Streaking: Wear no clothes and tap down on the d-pad twice to start this diversion. Shock the number of people indicated in the top-left corner of the screen by running past them to move on to the next level. Having the Infinite Sprint ability helps here. As with the Flashing diversion, the best place for this is the Stilwater Boardwalk in the Hotels & Marina District.

Zombie Uprising: This game can be played on any television set. Stand in the icon in front of the TV in your crib and press Y/Triangle. Shift over to the “Video Games” section and select Zombie Uprising. In Zombie Uprising, you play as a survivor fighting off a horde of zombies. There are six waves total. To move on to the next wave, you must kill the number of zombies indicated in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Your character’s health is the number value in the top-left corner of the screen.

There are melee weapons, guns, and food strewn about. Melee weapons only last for so long, and the gun ammo is limited, so you need conserve the weapons. Don’t bother reviving a survivor if they fall, since you’ll need to use a food item to heal them. The fountain in the middle of the starting area has an acidic substance in it, so standing in it drains your health. However there is a ledge in the fountain that the zombies can’t get to, so if you stand there you can pick them off with headshots for as long as you have ammo.

Survive the sixth wave to unlock the Zombie Mask (added to your wardrobe) and the “Romero’s Hero” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

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Comments for Mini-games

16 comments, latest first.
Jul 18th 2015 Guest
If you're going into a car race, you can drive your desired car into the blue circle and start the race to race with that car.
ID #586117
Jun 6th 2014 Guest
Add u was

ID #394720
Aug 13th 2013 Guest

obviously wants to be molested or something wtf
ID #304568
Apr 2nd 2013 Guest
Playing saint row two is awesome its really good because you could do anything such as cheats levels and missions like kicking butts to the ronin son of samadi brother of brotherhood. By Fayzaan Rashid 12 Asthall Close i am 10 years old i go to st andrews primary school and play for a football team silsden afc im in the b team and i will be facing horthsforth.

ID #269847
Mar 26th 2016 Guest
If I was u I wouldn't post that sort of information up
ID #642750
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
It's not counting my muggings that I do
ID #260099
Mar 20th 2012 Guest
Heyy all you have to do is land in the middle of the red circles that pop up while base jumping.
ID #124576
Jul 24th 2011 Guest
do all hit man you get unlimited ammo make zombie easier
ID #60871
Jul 22nd 2011 Guest
There is both streaking and flashing. For the robberies, you can't do it in a store you own. If you are just trying to mug someone, do it outside of a store. And base jumping- I landed on a street to unlock the reward, it didn't have to be on a purple car. -a kind of robot
ID #60243
Jun 24th 2011 kilo1029
welll with some stores you ca grab the and use them as a human shield. sometimes it will say "you have started a hold up. take the clerk to the regester to get the money

ID #51822
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
How do you start mugging mini-game? Every time i mug someone it doesnt aknowlage it. :'(
ID #36941
Jan 9th 2011 Guest
How exactly do you rob someone. everytime i try the person triggers the alarm and hold their head down

ID #24704
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
Koool lol whats dcl for the swat thing
ID #23666
Oct 10th 2010 Guest
to take off your clothes go to wardrobe. got to the outfit section and select "remove all clothing"
ID #14862
Aug 19th 2010 Guest
Base jumping correction. While base jumping, if you want to unlock the no falling damage, you have to be by a street. and you have to land on the purple car driven by a gang member.

~Acidic Charger
Xbox 360
ID #9447
Jul 22nd 2010 Guest
you can choose the car u want in the races, just drive with ur car to the race symbol n press triangle
ID #5639