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General Tips

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide

General Tips

The GPS - Pay close attention to the GPS in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This is your in-game guide to the world. During a mission, objectives will appear on the GPS as different coloured shapes. Squares denote targets at your elevation, triangles denote targets above you, and upside-down triangles denote targets below you. Furthermore, a marked trail accompanies location target markers and will lead you to the target if you follow it. Keep in mind, however, that this trail only marks the fastest, legal route to the target. You can likely find a quicker way around if you take some time to study the map. GPS shortcuts are unlocked when you pass over them, and the marked trail will from then on be amended to include this shortcut if applicable.

Waypoints - You can place a waypoint on any location on the map screen. Press back/select to call up the map. Set waypoints appear on the GPS, along with a marked trail. You can also place numbered “bookmarks” to mark locations you wish to remember.

Easy Respect - The “Septic Avenger” and “Fuzz” activities are the easiest to complete, and they both offer some helpful rewards. Complete both instances of each of these activities to earn a decent amount of cash and the all-important Respect, enough to allow you to play through a good number of missions. See each activity’s respective section in this guide for strategies and tips.

Cash Stash - Money is added to the stash in your crib each day. The amount added depends on the number of territories you control, as well as the number of stores you own. The stash is denoted by a bundle of bills icon in the world; it’s near your wardrobe and weapon cache.

Health Matters - Although your character’s health regenerates slowly over time, it’s a good idea to keep some food in your inventory for occasions when you need to quickly replenish lost health. Food can be bought at restaurants, which are denoted by hamburger icons on the GPS and map. The more expensive the food, the more health it will replenish when consumed. To consume a food item, pull up your inventory and use the D-pad to select from the available items.

Forgive and Forget - Money solves all problems in Stilwater. If the police are after you, you can get them off your back by visiting one of the “Forgive and Forget” drive-throughs scattered around the city. Drive through the Forgive and Forget and for a modest fee ($100 per star), your notoriety level will be completely diminished. If you’re being tailed during a mission, make your way to one of these drive-throughs to rid yourself of your pursuers, allowing you to complete the objective unhindered.

Cruise Control - Saints Row 2’s cruise control feature can make things a bit easier when you’re tasked with taking out a target in a vehicle. When you’re traveling at a fast enough speed, press the LB button on the Xbox 360 version or the L1 button on the PS3 version to activate cruise control. While cruise control is active, your vehicle will remain accelerated at that set speed, leaving you to only have to concentrate on steering and shooting. Cruise control is best used on long stretches of road, as it can be difficult to turn corners if you’re traveling too fast.

Needs Improvement - Most vehicles can be taken to a mechanics, where they can then be customised aesthetically and upgraded with reinforced parts. After you’ve customised a vehicle, be sure to store it in one of your crib garages for later use. Mechanic shops are denoted by wrench icons on the map and GPS.

Fast Travel - Dial 555-455-8008 on your mobile phone to call a taxi over to your location. The taxi is marked by a blue blip on the GPS. When the taxi arrives, you can get in and then select any marker to instantly travel there for a modest fee (a maximum of $100). The driver can’t take you to either of the islands on the west side of the map however, but it is a good way to quickly get to the other side of the city. TNA Taxis can be called via the Phonebook menu after the initial call.

Perks - Many of the game’s optional activities offer up some nice rewards when completed. An example of this is unlimited ammo for a certain weapon type, which definitely comes in handy during the main storyline. Check out the list of abilities under the “Unlockables” section of this guide for more information.

Ground Support - When you gain a territory after completing a mission or capturing an enemy stronghold, Saints will begin to populate that area from then on. Saints are denoted by purple blips on the GPS. Nearby Saints will provide support if you are attacked or if you are attacking. If you’re being tailed by the police or an enemy gang, lead them into Saints territory and seek some allies to help you out.

Hitch a Ride - If you need some wheels and you’re in Saints territory, you can take an ally’s vehicle by recruiting them as they drive by. Press up on the D-pad when one of your gang cars is near and the driver should get out, allowing you to take the vehicle. You can hold up on the D-pad to disband your followers afterwards, or simply leave them in the dust.

Home Sweet Home - When you load your save file, you’ll be transported to the nearest Saints crib. You can make use of this fact by saving and then loading your game to get quick access to your weapons, money, wardrobe, and garage. Just be sure to save your game before loading, and that you load the most recent save file.

Gray Matter - As is the case with most any gun-heavy action game, delivering a shot to your target’s head will deal severe to lethal damage.

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Comments for General Tips

14 comments, latest first.
Jun 7th 2015 Guest
I find the chop shop an easy way to gain money and also respect. Other way of getting money is murder those guys looking as pimps. They are not related to any gang, but are marked as enemies. I would kill them with a melee weapon though and then the samurai sword comes in mind. Just kill a ronin member to get a sword.
Had this game on my shelf for some time, but now playing it.
ID #566941
Feb 25th 2015 Guest
I'm on my first playthrough, and I found the Vortex to be a very reliable vehicle. It is very fast, but still pretty easy to control.
ID #521266
Nov 10th 2014 Guest
One of the first things I do when doing a play through of SR2 is to get a Bear (the Swat tank). It's not the fastest vehicle, but that makes it relatively controllable to drive. The main thing is that it has a turret with unlimited ammo which helps massively in so many missions and activities.

To get one I go to the police station in the Saint's Row district. Go inside and shoot anyone I see to run up a five star police notoriety level. Then when the Bears appear, I jack one, nip to the Forgive and Forget and go save it in my garage.

That becomes my go-to vehicle for almost everything. I get it fully customised with a pearlescent purple paint job and it's the business.

Give it a try. See what you think.
ID #470015
Sep 6th 2014 Guest
A tip an easy way to get rare cars is by stealing them from the mall

ID #445224
Jun 7th 2015 Guest
if you mean the round square shopping center: there is only one car, but in different variations (with roof, without roof, different colors)
Just travel a bit through the city and you will get the expensive ones also. saints row district is a good place, downtown and red light.
ID #566938
Sep 1st 2013 Guest
i know where the secret mission is all you halft to is go to saints row distric to the police station and listen to 3 recordings from julius dex and troy after that is all done you go to troy office and get dexs number and go to the old saints hide out at the church in front of the ultor bilding and do the secret mission that all i can say this a helper name floyd currie
ID #307750
Sep 1st 2013 Guest
i know how to get the leader of the sons of samedi rear limo if you want it all you halft to do is restart game if you all ready went pase shopping mall mission after whene you shot the RPG at the limo you hop into it exit mission then take it to your garag then save the game and there you go you have the rear limo but you can not customize it because rim jobs dose'nt have the right tools but it's still pretty cool
ID #307745
May 16th 2013 Guest
It stays in the menu

ID #283085
Feb 29th 2012 Guest
The best way I found to separate someone in a human shield is to throw a flash bang at them, but just be sure you aren't too close or it will affect you too.
ID #119292
Feb 7th 2012 Guest
How do you separate someone in a human shield
ID #112991
Dec 20th 2011 Guest
What's the fastest way to get money when you completed all the missions?
ID #96821
Nov 22nd 2011 Guest
Yes you CAN!!
ID #89332
Aug 25th 2011 Guest
If You earn enough respect your bar goes unlimited so you can choose when to do activities so i recommend doing lots of activity before missions until the bar has the unlimited icon!!!!!!!!!!
ID #69975
Jun 25th 2011 Guest
ID #52031