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- Mayhem

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Activities


In Mayhem, you’re tasked with doing what you do best: blowing stuff up!

To move on to the next level, you must cause the dollar amount in damages displayed in the top-left corner of the screen before the time limit runs out. Hitting people, vehicles, fences, benches, lamp posts, tables, and a load of other objects adds to the damage count. At the start of each level, you are directed to a specific district; the timer starts as soon as you step into this district. Bonus points are given for destroying a certain type of vehicle, which is identified when you first enter the district.

You are provided with unlimited ammo for certain weapons, and more weapons open up as you progress. On the third level, you’ll be given an RPG Launcher with unlimited ammo, which is by far the best weapon to use. Till then, use the shotgun or grenades.

The combo counter displayed in the top-left corner of the screen fills up and stacks as you destroy targets in quick succession. The higher the combo count, the more bonus points you’re given per target.

Although the allotted time increases with each successive level, so does the amount of damage needed to progress. Targeting people and cars is not the quickest way to raise the damage counter. By far the best way to rack up damage is by destroying fences or railing. Most districts have lengthy spans of fencing within them, and each panel counts as a single target, so it becomes really easy to achieve a huge combo. Sitting areas outside of restaurants are good to target too, due to all of the tables and chairs.

The police will constantly pester you throughout your rampage. The biggest problem with the police force is that they constantly try to run you over with their vehicles, which usually knocks your character to the ground and takes out a large chunk of health. While on the ground, your combo counter will surely revert to zero. Try to blast the police cruisers and FBI vans before they become too much of a problem. The FBI vans actually yield a large worth when destroyed, although it takes two RPGs to destroy one.

Things get tough once you reach the sixth level, in which $800,000 worth of damage is needed to succeed. At this point it seems that a bit of luck is required to meet the target, since some areas are better than others for racking up damage. The best locations for completing both instances of this activity are detailed below. If you aren’t sent to that location, press down on the D-pad twice and then press the A/X button to retry the activity.

Red Light District Instance: The Hotels and Marina District, as well as the Suburbs Expansion District, are the best locations for this instance due to the amount of fencing and railing in the area. Starting on the Hotels and Marina District is essentially a guaranteed win, since there is railing all along the pier at the north end of the district. You can cause damage worth well into the millions here.

Stilwater Nuclear Power Plant Instance: The best location for this instance is the Stilwater University District. Target the railing surrounding the patches of grass, trees, and shrubs in the northwest quarter of Frat’s Row to achieve a big combo.

Complete all 12 levels of Mayhem between the two instances to unlock the “Wrecking Crew” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

Red Light District (Bavogian Plaza) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Crib Customization 5% Discount.
Complete Level 6 - Crib Customization 15% Discount.

Stilwater Nuclear Power Plant District (Stilwater Nuclear) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Flamethrower (added to your crib weapon stash).
Complete Level 6 - Annihilator RPG (added to your crib weapon stash).

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Comments for - Mayhem

4 comments, latest first.
Sep 11th 2013 Guest
In the Hotels and Marina go the casino (big blue seashell looking building on the map under the Branded store) and blow up the slot machines I can guarantee if you use your grenades, rpg or satchel charges you'll finish any level in no time Smile
ID #309182
Apr 2nd 2011 Guest

ID #35339
Dec 11th 2010 Guest
I managed to pass the levels in no time with the Attack helicopter, just get in it and keep tapping X, that should get you the sum you need in no time
ID #20770
Oct 25th 2010 Guest
I did test it and it looks like it works best on marina but will post if i find something new Smile
ID #16248