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Web of Intrigue

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide

Web of Intrigue

The Web of Intrigue is essentially an intricate side mission; complete it to learn what happened to Alex Mercer. Nearby Web of Intrigue targets will appear on the mini-map, denoted by a red profile icon, and sometimes a blue DNA strain icon during a mission. Some Web of Intrigue targets are tied to objectives in the main storyline, while others are optional and will appear during Free Roam, an unrelated mission, or event.

Whenever the Web of Intrigue icon appears on the mini-map, pursue and Consume the marked character to unlock another node.

Each target that is not associated with a mission spawns in a set area of the city. Consuming a target unlocks more nodes, thus causing more Web of Intrigue targets to spawn around the city. If a Web of Intrigue target spawns and is killed, he will eventually respawn; just return to the area the target appeared at a later time and he should appear again.

There are 131 Web of Intrigue targets total. Several secret achievements and trophies are unlocked through the Web of Intrigue, so pursuing the targets when they appear is definitely worth your while.

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Comments for Web of Intrigue

17 comments, latest first.
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Oct 21st 2013 Guest
seriously i looked everywhere and not one website has useful information
ID #315693
Jul 27th 2013 Guest
when i consume a target , there is no movie for the memory.

could it be that I don't have videos Data in the game's file?!
ID #300664
Jan 8th 2013 Guest
can any one tell how to access web of intrigue in prototype?

ID #239628
Jan 10th 2012 Guest
Teşekkür ederimde o yolda karşımıza çıkan simgeleri entrikaları öldürmemiz mi gerekiyor? ne işe yarıyor tam anlamadım?
ID #104526
Dec 14th 2011 Guest
i have all the web of intrigue... but why there is none of them have the video? was it the truth? no videos at all??
ID #94993
Nov 17th 2011 Guest
o yea just found them all today and only been playing the game a week. plus all gold on events
ID #88079
Sep 19th 2011 Guest
always look for new targets at bases.. most of the targets are military personnel.. well, that's what I noticed... if you cant find a target, then just neutralize the interior... earns EP...
ID #75507
Aug 13th 2011 Xx0V3RL0RDxX
you know you can just start a new file, then once you unlock free roam hunt for everything(woi, hints, landmarks) without having to deal with military or infected. then after you have all the random web targets play through the missions to get the mission related targets.
ID #66682
Jun 7th 2011 Guest
No, the grey boxes just mean that you haven't collected all of the targets in that sequence yet.

I had trouble with my web targets spawning and then being instantly killed by zombies all the military. :( What you have to do is find any nearby hives or military bases and blow them up. This will bring a temporary peace to the streets and you can go consume your target without having to outrace bullets/hoardes of infected. I found getting a helicopter the easiest way to do it (plus you can search for targets much faster that way too).
This is a great FAQ which shows you where all the targets spawn. So useful when you're down to the last handful! But remember also that targets won't spawn unless you're far enough along in the web.
ID #47537
May 1st 2011 Guest
what happens if a one of the boxes in the web is gray instead of red? dose that mean im unable to complete that sequence?
ID #40985
Apr 25th 2011 Guest
everytime I get close to either of my last two, a group of zombies seem to get a craving for my targets
ID #39631
Dec 10th 2010 Guest
maybe the last one you need is elizabeth greene?
ID #20673
Oct 11th 2010 LiamGould21
I find it incredibly annoying when I steal a target, or a base commander, and I get to the top of a building and a damn chopper kills it. I have to wait ages to get another, especially after subtly tearing apart a base's security systems >.<
ID #14958
Oct 11th 2010 Guest
I cant find the last damn one!!!
ID #14953
Sep 22nd 2010 Guest
I get so mad later in the game, as it seems the military is dead set upon blowing up my web targets. They always seem to just 'happen' to be next to some infected that the military wants to launch missiles at. Grr.
ID #13338