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Two Tickets

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Two Tickets

The Blade Air Slice upgrade is vital here, so make sure you've acquired it before getting started.

Furthermore, before starting this mission, make sure you have acquired the following upgrades: the Critical Pain Devastator, Sprint Grab; all of the Health Boost, Jump Upgrade, Sprint Speed, Critical Mass Boost and Consume Boost upgrades. You'll need these for the boss battle that follows immediately after this mission.

If you lack the amount of EP necessary to acquire all of the aforementioned upgrades, consider amassing it before starting this mission. Of the upgrades listed above, the Critical Pain Devastator, Consume Boost Max, and Sprint Grab are absolutely necessary. If the Critical Pain Devastator does not appear in the Upgrades menu under the Attacks category, you are missing its prerequisite; purchase Palm Slam to unlock it.

Make your way to the Lookout Point, stand in the yellow marker there and press the Y/Triangle button to begin

Mission Objective: Force Taggart into the Open
Follow the blue arrow onscreen to reach Taggart's base. You have to destroy his base to draw him out. The base is heavily guarded by turret emplacements, Viral Detectors, and UAVs. Even if you manage to hijack a tank and get it in there, it won't be long until it's destroyed. Before attempting to level the base, it is best to destroy the turret emplacements first. Bust up the turret emplacements, and then search the area for a tank. Hijack a tank and immediately target any enemy tanks in the vicinity. Then, fire away at the building to diminish the Base Integrity bar in the top-right corner of the screen.

Destroy Taggart's base to force him out.

If your tank is destroyed, retreat momentarily to regain health if necessary. Once you're prepared, hijack another tank and finish demolishing the building.

Depending on the model, your tank may be equipped with a Missile Launcher that has infinite ammo, as well as a sizeable supply of ammo for its main cannon. When working to destroy a target, lock-on, hold down the RB/R1 button to continuously fire the Missile Launcher, and tap RT/R2 to fire the cannon. Do this and the building should soon crumble.

Mission Objective: Pursue Taggart
The Taggart Distance meter in the top-right corner of the screen indicates how much further Taggart must be from you to successfully escape. If the meter completely depletes, Taggart will escape, and the mission will be a failure. If you're still in a tank, the military should no longer be alerted, so follow the blue marker onscreen before Taggart can escape.

Mission Objective: Force Taggart to Flee
Taggart will soon reach a convoy, and will remain there until the marked tanks are destroyed. While stationary, Taggart can fire the Thermabraic Tank's cannon, which will deal a ton of damage if it hits you. To avoid this, try to remain close to Taggart's tank, and while you're sprinting toward his position, climb up buildings and duck between vehicles to keep out of range.

Armor and Blade are the powers to use to destroy the marked tanks. The Blade Air Slice attack can bust a tank with two hits; to perform this attack, jump into the air, lock-on to the target, and press the Y/Triangle button to veer descend upon the tank with a damaging strike. Each destroyed tank will release a number of red orbs that restore health when collected; these orbs should be enough to keep you going as you move on to the next target. Just perform one Blade Air Slice after another until all of the marked tanks have been destroyed. While you're close enough to use this attack, Taggart should not be able to fire the Thermabaric Tank.

Use the Blade Air Slice attack to bust the marked tanks.

Mission Objective: Pursue Taggart
When Taggart begins to flee again, keep the Armor and Blade powers equipped, and Sprint after him. Provided you have maxed-out the Sprint upgrade, you shouldn't have any difficulty keeping up with Taggart. Ignore the Supersoldiers and tanks trailing after you, but move from side to side as you Sprint down the street to avoid incoming cannon fire.

Mission Objective: Force Taggart to Flee
Continue pursuing Taggart until he reaches another group of Tanks. Use Blade Air Slice to bust each of the marked tanks to force Taggart to flee. He will eventually reach another group of marked tanks, which you'll have to destroy too.

Mission Objective: Consume Taggart
When you've destroyed the last group of tanks, hijack Taggart's tank to Consume him and complete the mission.

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Comments for Two Tickets

4 comments, latest first.
Aug 20th 2014 Guest
After consuming Taggart also the mission still continues and after evading the military groups also nothing happens. what should I do ??
ID #438390
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
There is a bug in the mission. How to fix it
ID #64750
Apr 14th 2011 Guest
the idiot targgot keep hitting trucks and [email protected] him
ID #37345
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
But mission is not completed after consuming taggart ?
ID #9764