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The First Monster

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

The First Monster

Stand in the yellow marker outside of Dr. Ragland's Morgue and press the Y/Triangle button to get started.

Mission Objective: Consume the Leader Hunter
Drop down to the area below and hit the blue marker below to enter the military base. Inside, equip the Blade Power and strike the Leader Hunter once. Then, while it is staggering on the spot, Grab and Consume it.

Consuming the Leader Hunter grants Alex the Infected Vision ability, which allows him to discern Infected Carriers among the populous. As soon as you regain control of Alex, equip the Infected Ability power to spot one such character. Consume the highlighted soldier to learn more.

Use the Infected Vision power to distinguish Infected Carriers among the populace.

Mission Objective: Hook into the Infected Hive Mind
You must consume enough Infected Carriers to fill the meter in the top-right corner of the screen. The meter slowly depletes as time goes by, so you'll need to Consume a number of Infected Carriers in succession.

Ignore the remaining soldiers and head back outside. Change forms to evade the military, and then start toward the base marked by a blue arrow. It is best to Stealth Consume the Infected Carriers in the base, as the Consume animation can be interrupted if you're damaged.

There are three Viral Detectors in the perimeter of the marked Military Base, so start by sabotaging those; the military personnel around you will think nothing of it. To begin the sabotage process, approach the detector and press the Y/Triangle button while the prompt is onscreen. Then, you have five seconds to input the sequence of buttons that appears onscreen to deactivate it. If you take too long or mess up, the Viral Detector will go off and the military will be alerted to your presence.

You will need to consume three of four Infected Carriers in relatively quick succession to achieve a connection to the Hive Mind.

Mission Objected: Find Out Where Dana is Being Held
Once you've managed to establish a connection to the Hive Mind, start toward the blue marker on the mini-map. You'll find the Mutated Hunter there, so Sprint to the top of the building, equip the Armor and Blade powers, and get to attacking it.

Locate the Mutated Hunter, weaken it significantly, and then Consume it to complete the objective.

The Mutated Hunter is unlikely to follow you down to street level, so you'll have to remain atop the building and battle it there. Just Sprint and Jump around to avoid the creature's attacks, and then strike it from behind. Other Hunters may get involved; if their presence is making this particularly difficult, consider dropping down to street level and dispatching them there. Keep this up until the DNA strain icon above the Mutated Hunter's head turns red. At this point, grab and consume the creature to complete the mission.

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Feb 28th 2012 Guest
But when i enter the abandoned base to consume the hunter there is no one there inside.....must be a glitch!!
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