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Under the Knife

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Under the Knife

The Confessions mission consists of only a cutscene; hit the yellow marker outside of Dana's Safe House and watch the ensuing cutscene to complete the mission.

Before getting started with this next mission, check the Military Base icons on the city map and visit any that has a plus sign affixed to it. Consume the marked units inside, and then level the place if you see fit. At this point, there are likely three such instances of this; each should contain one or more marked officers that yield a skill upgrade when consumed, as well as a Web of Intrigue target. You should be able to attain the Skyjack Helicopter skill through one of the marked targets. Since Alex currently does not have access to his powers, you'll want to play it safe and use stealth all the way.

You must acquire the Knuckle Shockwave ability before you can begin this mission. As Alex has momentarily lost his ability to equip powers, it may be a good idea to purchase a few of the Combat upgrades that have opened up. These upgrades serve to flesh out Alex's unarmed arsenal, which is all you have access to at this point. You can find these abilities in the Upgrades menu, under the Attacks category in the Combat section.

When you're ready to get started, stand in the yellow marker outside of Dr. Ragland's Morgue and press the Y/Triangle button to trigger a cutscene.

Mission Objective: Locate Patient Zero
Follow the blue icon on the mini-map and hit the marker there to complete the current objective. Next, you are to hijack an APC to consume a Blackwatch Commander. There are four APCs in the streets below, each denoted by a blue DNA strain icon on the mini-map. Assume a military disguise to get close to the APC and quickly press the B/Circle button to hop in and consume the Commander inside. There is a UAV hovering around each APC, so you'll have to move fast to avoid being discovered. The Commander you consume is 1st Lt. Steven Yarish, a Web of Intrigue target.

Hijack one of the marked APCs to consume the Blackwatch Commander inside.

Next, you must locate Captain Lim, whose location is marked by a blue arrow icon on the mini-map. Remain in the 5ank you hijacked and start toward the marker; you should be able to lose the military on the way there. Lim is surrounded by UAVs, the mobile version of the Viral Detector. Regardless, you're next tasked with destroying the Blackwatch Specter Vehicles at the spot. Doing so is simple when driving an APC; just lock-on and hit each marked APC with primary and secondary fire.

The Blackwatch Specter Vehicles are stationed in an Infected zone, which means there are sure to be Hunters about. The Hunters can really do a number on armoured vehicles, so yours may be destroyed. If the APC you are driving is destroyed, hijack one of the marked APCs to both take control of it and eliminate the target inside. It can be difficult to hijack a vehicle in the middle of so much commotion, but persevere. If you must, retreat momentarily and consume a target to replenish lost health. If you return to battleground in a military disguise, you can automatically hijack a marked or unmarked Tank without being fired upon by the military.

When the first batch of Blackwatch Specter Vehicles has been dispatched, reinforcements will be sent in; use the time before they arrive to blast any Hunters in the area. The Missile Launcher-equipped soldiers atop the buildings surrounding the Hive can be quite a nuisance, as they will most likely target your vehicle exclusively. This can be a problem, since an armoured vehicle can only take so many hits from a Missile Launcher. If you're having trouble keeping a working APC, you can instead snag a Missile Launcher from one of these soldiers and use it to destroy the marked targets. You'll have to move around quite a bit, however, as the Hunters are sure to be clawing for you.

Use a hijacked APC to dispatch the Blackwatch Specter Vehicles, or a Missile Launcher from the soldiers stationed atop the roofs of the buildings around the Hive.

A couple more waves of reinforcements will enter the Infected zone, so dispatch of them in the same fashion. When all of the reinforcements have been dealt with, leave the area and evade the military, as doing so will make this next step much easier. Your task now is to consume Capt. Eric Lim, a Web of Intrigue target. Assume a military disguise while undetected by the military and follow the blue DNA strain icon onscreen to locate Lim. Approach Lim's APC and hijack it to have Alex hop inside and automatically consume him. You have to act quickly, however, as there are likely a couple of UAVs in the area.

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