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Men Like Gods

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Men Like Gods

Check the Military Base icons on the city map and visit one that has a plus sign affixed to it. Consume the marked units inside, and then level the place if you see fit. At this point, there is likely one such military base; it should contain one or more marked officers that yield a skill upgrade when consumed, as well as a Web of Intrigue target.

When you're ready to get started, follow the yellow icon on the mini-map to reach the Contact's Phone Booth. Stand in the yellow marker in front of the phone booth and press the Y/Triangle button to start the mission.

Mission Objective: Infiltrate the Blackwatch Air Wing
Follow the blue arrow onscreen to reach a rooftop overlooking the parking spot of the helicopter. You need to assume a military disguise to get close to the helicopter without being gunned down. If you don't currently have access to a military disguise, drop down to the street below, where there should be some soldiers working to destroy the Hive in the Infected zone. Consume one of the soldiers there, evade the military if need be and then switch to the disguise.

Once you've made it onto the roof where the helicopter is parked, you'll need to consume a Rooftop Blackwatch Sentry. All of the soldiers on the rooftop fit the bill, so Stealth Consume any one of them. The character you consume is Pfc. Timothy Lamons, a Web of Intrigue target. When you have a suitable disguise, enter the helicopter.

Assume a military disguise to get close to the parked helicopter.

Mission Objective: Assist the Military Until Called Back to Base
Once at the helm, ascend and start toward the marked location on the mini-map; there are soldiers there that need to be evacuated. During the entirety of this mission you won't be fighting the military, but rather aiding them. So, attack no military units during this masquerade, lest your true identity become known. Also, if the helicopter is destroyed, you'll fail the mission, so control it with care.

When you reach the spot, land on the blue marker on the rooftop to collect the soldiers waiting there. Then, you're tasked with destroying a Hive, which is simple with the helicopter's weaponry at your disposal; just hover above the Infected zone, lock-on to the Infected building, and continuously hit it with primary fire—which you have an infinite amount of—until it crumbles. Next, eliminate the marked targets in the zone until a blue marker appears below. Land the helicopter in the blue marker to drop off the troops.

Head to the next evacuation zone and pick up the soldiers there. A couple of Hydra will rise up from the depths of the earth when you hit the blue marker. These creatures are a big threat to the helicopter due to their ability to launch vehicles and rubble long distances. Quickly ascend and shift to the side to dodge any incoming projectiles from the Hydra.

When you're high enough up, switch to the helicopter's secondary weapon and use these tracking missiles to destroy as many of marked Hydra as you can. When a Hydra's health bar drops to about halfway, it will retreat underground to avoid taking further damage. At this point, you have to get a bit closer to tempt the creature back to the surface. Just descend a fair amount until the target Hydra reappears, and then get to blasting. Keep an eye on each Hydra so you'll know if you have to shift to the side to avoid an incoming projectile.

Help the military clean up the city.

When the Hydra have been dealt with, descend to the waypoint below to drop of the troops. Head for the next evacuation point and attempt to pick up the soldiers waiting there. Quickly ascend to avoid being smacked by the Hunters that appear. Drop the soldiers off at the waypoint across the street to complete the objective.

Mission Objective: Head to the Special Briefing
Fly to the blue marker at the south end of the city and land the helicopter there.

Mission Objective: Escape
You won't last long while Bloodtox is being pumped into the base. Bloodtox is a pink-coloured gas that slowly saps the health of Infected life forms caught in the cloud. The military will henceforth employ Bloodtox Blowers, which are used to deploy the substance around the city. There is one such machine along the west side of this base, which, as you will surely notice, is causing your health to drop. A quick Hammerfist Elbow Slam and a follow-up punch is all it takes to destroy this machine. If you have yet to purchase the Hammerfist Elbow Slam upgrade, consider doing so at this moment to afford yourself an easy time in putting the Bloodtox Blower out of commission.

Immediately Glide over to the Bloodtox Blower with the Hammerfist Power equipped, lock-on to the machine, and press the Y/Triangle button while in the air to perform Hammerfist Elbow Slam. This attack should put the machine in critical condition, so quickly hit it with a basic attack to destroy it completely. If you haven't acquired the Hammerfist Elbow Slam upgrade, the green munitions crates scattered around the base are packed with explosives, and throwing two or more of these should be enough to destroy the machine.

Clear the base of Blackwatch soldiers to escape!

When the base is clear of Blackwatch soldiers, a more powerful, steroid-pumped variant of the run-of-the-mill soldier will drop in. Meet the Supersoldier, an all-around pain in the neck. These guys are fast, powerful, and can see through your disguise in the same fashion as a Viral Detector or UAV. They excel at hand-to-hand combat, and frequently employ crushing grapple moves. Their power is analogous to the Hunter, and they can be dealt with in very much the same way.

The Armor and Blade power can make short work of a Supersoldier, however you still must remain wary of their grapple moves. When grappled, a button prompt will appear at the top of the screen; press the correct button quickly enough to counter the grapple. If you press the wrong button or take too long, the Supersoldier will perform a powerful attack that can diminish your health bar greatly.

The key to bringing down a Supersoldier is to take your time. Don't mash the attack button, as by doing so you may inadvertently botch a counter attack when your adversary attempts to grapple. Know the attacks you want to perform, and only perform a second attack when the animation of the first is complete. You are given more than enough time to press the correct button to break out of a grapple, so it's just about paying attention. Also, if the Supersoldier is guarding against attacks, Grab him to perform a damaging attack. If you want to keep your distance, guns work well enough, as do thrown objects with the Musclemass Power equipped.

The Supersoldier is a genetically-enhanced variant of the run-of-the-mill soldier, able to see through your disguise much like a Viral Detector or UAV.

When the first Supersoldier has been taken care of, reinforcements will pour into the base; among them are four more Supersoldiers. The Armor and Blade powers are definitely the way to go here. If you're taking too much damage from the lesser soldiers, Sprint around the base and chop them up with the Blade Power equipped, and then take to the Supersoldiers. Since all eyes are on you at this point, it is unlikely that you can forego facing all four or so Supersoldiers at once. While equipped with the Blade and Armor powers, however, you should be able hold your own. The Supersoldiers drop a large amount of red EP orbs when killed, so be sure to collect these to restore some health.

Once the reinforcements have been dealt with, you'll find yourself outside. Unequip the Armor Power and evade the military to complete the mission.

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Comments for Men Like Gods

6 comments, latest first.
Aug 30th 2012 Guest
if you got the Air attack from the Blade power.. just jump and aim the attack on the super soldiers.. and that should make them look like super-chopped-onions.. lol
ID #181527
Aug 13th 2012 Guest
When I fire the first shot into the hive, the military comes after me (with helicopters, and if I get too close to the ground, with tanks and RPGs) Also, I tried to keep destroying the hive: at half health it showed me the destruction animation with the "Strike teams supressed" text, as if it was a military base. Then, even though it got destroyed, it stays alive and I keep firing, but when I totally destroy it, nothing happens. What the hell is going on...?

I had the problem with the hive too. After severall attempts i quit to Free Roam and restarted the mission. This time i could simply destroy the hive and move on with the mission. Minor bug maybe.

ID #175429
Jun 5th 2012 Guest
the point of you destroying the hivs and bases are so that you can keep getting the points towards upgrades and maybe even a trophy
ID #149092
Apr 30th 2012 Guest
When I fire the first shot into the hive, the military comes after me (with helicopters, and if I get too close to the ground, with tanks and RPGs) Also, I tried to keep destroying the hive: at half health it showed me the destruction animation with the "Strike teams supressed" text, as if it was a military base. Then, even though it got destroyed, it stays alive and I keep firing, but when I totally destroy it, nothing happens. What the hell is going on...?
ID #138233
Mar 15th 2011 Guest
The same thing happened to me. Can someone please tell me what I done wrong?
ID #32738
Dec 22nd 2010 Guest
I killed all the guards but nothing happens afterwards can somone tell me why this happens
ID #21952