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Things to Come

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Things to Come

Before activating the Bloodtox Pump to trigger this mission, know that by doing so, you will be entering a mission that is followed by an excessively lengthy boss battle. This boss battle is made even more tedious without the right upgrades, so before starting this mission, make sure you have purchased the following: Groundspike Graveyard Devastator, Shield Power, Blade Air Slice, Hunter Dirtnap; as well as all of the Health Boost, Jump Upgrade, Sprint Speed, Critical Mass Boost, and Consume Boost upgrades. Quite a lot to purchase, but you will be thankful when the time comes to face this boss. You'll receive 275000 EP at the end of this mission, so keep that in mind.

If you lack the amount of EP necessary to acquire all of these upgrades, consider collecting it before starting this mission. Of the upgrades listed above, the Groundspike Graveyard Devastator is the essential-cannot-do-with-out attack. If the Groundspike Graveyard Devastator does not appear on the Upgrades menu under the Combat category, you are missing its prerequisite; purchase Groundshatter to unlock it.

Once you're completely prepared, activate the Bloodtox Pump to start the mission.

Mission Objective: Force Elizabeth Greene Out into the Open
As soon as you gain control of Alex, scour the area for a tank (vacant or otherwise) and hop in. You must defend the Bloodtox Pumper while it does its job. The meter in the top-right corner of the screen must not be depleted, otherwise the mission is a failure. Waves of Infected will come through and attempt to thwart the military's plan.

Defend the Bloodtox Pumper!

The tank is likely equipped with a chain gun that has infinite ammo, as well as a sizeable supply of ammo for its main cannon. When engaging an enemy, lock-on, hold down the RB/R1 button to continuously fire the chain gun, and tap RT/R2 to fire the cannon; your target should soon fall.

First, a wave Hunters will attack from the northern perimeter. Position the tank by the Bloodtox Pumper and blast the Hunters as they leap over the wall and hurtle towards you. Next, another batch from the southern perimeter, then from the eastern perimeter, and finally from the western perimeter. The Tank's cannon fire doesn't seem to damage the Bloodtox Pump, so don't hesitate to blast any Hunter that manages makes it through.

After the western attack has been thwarted, Infected will begin to pour in from all sides. You should have hit a checkpoint following the western attack; if your tank is heavily damaged or out of ammo, you can revert to the last checkpoint to restore both its condition and its ammo supply. To revert to the most recent checkpoint, select the Quit option in the pause menu and then the Restore Checkpoint option at the top of the list. Kind of cheesy, but it is an option.

Cannon fire will not damage the Bloodtox Pumper.

There are two Hydra among the multiple Hunters that make up this last wave. The Hydra can be a threat, since they can hurl vehicles and rubble to severely damage your tank or the Bloodtox Pumper. Projectiles thrown by Hydra can be blasted out of the air; if you spot a Hydra launch a projectile, flick the Right Thumbstick/Analog Stick toward the object to target it and then try to blast it out of the air when the turret lines up.

Kill all of the marked Infected to complete the mission.

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Comments for Things to Come

3 comments, latest first.
Oct 31st 2013 Guest
No,it wasnt two,I tried this on hard and normal,they were all two.But easy had freakin Three hunters+two hydras which kept throwing stuff at me which led to destroying my tank

ID #317198
May 19th 2011 Guest
oh just stay out of being shot they eventually get orders to leave u be since ur helping there 1st prioty is protecting the pump so is urs
ID #43777
Aug 15th 2010 Guest
every tıme ıt says warnıng: enemy blackwhacth troopers i always get spotted
ID #9011