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A Dream of Armageddon

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

A Dream of Armageddon

When you're ready to start the mission, make your way to the Contact's Phone Booth, stand in the yellow marker there, and press the Y/Triangle button to begin.

Mission Objective: Halt the Deployment of Bloodtox
Follow the arrow onscreen to reach a blue marker overlooking the Bloodtox staging area. There are nine marked Bloodtox Blowers that must be destroyed. As getting too close to one of the blowers can prove fatal, you'll have to act quickly; get in, destroy the thing, and then get out. The Hammerfist Elbow Slam upgrade, followed by a quick punch, is enough to destroy one of these machines. If you haven't yet purchased the Hammerfist Elbow Slam upgrade, do so now if you have the EP to spare. The Thermal Vision Power is also useful here, as with it, you can see through the thick clouds of Bloodtox.

When you have acquired the upgrade, start toward the first machine. Glide high above the marked Bloodtox Blower, lock-on, and press the Y/Triangle button while in the air to perform the Hammerfist Elbow Slam attack, then follow-up with a basic punch or two and be on your way. Destroy each Bloodtox Blower thusly.

Destroy the Bloodtox Blowers around the city.

If you're having a difficult time dealing with the military, you can evade them as you move to the next machine. Then, while assuming a military disguise, Glide over the Bloodtox Blower, equip the Hammerfist Power while in the air, then follow through with Hammerfist Elbow Slam and a quick punch or two.

If your health drops to a near-critical level, Grab and Consume a soldier or two to bring it back up. Alternatively, if you've recently hit a Checkpoint and are very low on health, you can revert back to that checkpoint to restore your health bar to partway full. To revert to the last checkpoint, select the Quit option in the pause menu and then the Restore Checkpoint option at the top of this list. There should be a Checkpoint after two and then six Bloodtox Blowers have been destroyed.

There may be a Supersoldier or two around a Bloodtox Blower, and there are surely Hunters roaming the streets. Try your best to ignore these enemies; just stay on street level long enough to destroy the machine there and move on.

Once all nine Bloodtox Blowers have been dismantled, kill or evade the military to complete the mission.

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Comments for A Dream of Armageddon

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Aug 14th 2012 Guest
It is easiest to highjack a helicopter before going after the nine Bloodtox Blowers. You can use the helicopter's middle ammunition to easily dispatch them from a safe range, without drawing the attention of Blackwatch.
ID #176024