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Past and Present

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Past and Present

Mission Objective: Look for Clues about your Past
Follow the marker to Alex's old apartment to complete the objective and trigger a cutscene.

Mission Objective: Find out who tried to kill you
Soon after you gain control over Alex, a pop-up describing the Strike Team Request system will appear on-screen. Basically, when you spot the Strike Team Request icon (a red circle with radio waves emitting from it) above a soldier's head, get to the soldier and kill him before he can finish the request. Most often, another soldier will pick up the duty immediately after, so the arrival of the Strike Team is almost inevitable while you remain engaged with the military.

If the soldier is able to call the Strike Team, you'll have to either evade or destroy the helicopters that fly in to track you down. Evading the Strike Team can be as simple as running up the side of a building, dropping down to the other side, and changing forms. The Switch prompt indicates  the ideal time to change forms, so do so when the prompt appears above the mini-map to successfully evade the military.

Evade or Destroy the Strike Team if the soldier manages to radio in for support.

Next, race to the Extraction Point in Central Park. Get there before the helicopter can land.

Your next task is to destroy the APC in the park. A Missile Launcher can do the job; kill the soldier by the bridge who is wielding one and pick it up with the B/Circle button. Lock-on to the APC and hit it with two missiles to destroy it.

When the APC has been dealt with, Sprint over to the Web of Intrigue target, grab him using the B/Circle button, and consume him by pressing the Y/Triangle button. Watch the memory of Capt. Mac Marshall, and then navigate through the Web of Intrigue lesson.

The Web of Intrigue is essentially an intricate side mission; complete it to learn what happened to Alex Mercer. Nearby Web of Intrigue targets will appear on the mini-map, denoted by a red profile icon, or a blue DNA strain icon during a mission. Some Web of Intrigue targets are tied to objectives in the main storyline, while others are optional and will appear during Free Roam, an unrelated mission, or event. 

There are 131 Web of Intrigue targets total. Several secret achievements and trophies are unlocked through the Web of Intrigue. For more information on the Web of Intrigue, refer to the corresponding section of this guide.

Grab and Consume the Web of Intrigue target to complete the objective.

Mission Objective: Evade the Military
Kill all of the military units in Central Park or flee and successfully evade them to complete the objective.

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Comments for Past and Present

1 comments, latest first.
Feb 23rd 2013 CowboyGP
I destroyed the final helicopter and killed all of the Marines. There was no directive to the extraction point. Now I appear to be stuck in limbo. The only thing on my map are 2 Military Bases southeast of Central Park. Going into the bases in disguise doesn't give me any new directives. Going in as Alex just makes all hell break loose.

Any suggestions?
ID #257720