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One Thousand Suns

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

One Thousand Suns

The essential upgrades to have here are the Critical Pain Devastator, Sprint Grab, Consume Boost Max, and Critical Mass Boost Max. If you have the EP to spare, purchase all of the Health Boost, and Jump Upgrades if you haven't already. If the Critical Pain Devastator does not appear in the Upgrades menu under the Attacks category, you are missing its prerequisite; purchase Palm Slam to unlock it.

Mission Objective: Defeat the Supreme Hunter
You've faced this abomination before, but luckily the conditions aboard the U.S.S. Reagan make reaching Critical Mass and performing the Critical Pain Devastator consecutively a possibility. At this point, the soldiers onboard are far more interested in firing at the Supreme Hunter, so they will likely leave you alone for the majority of the battle, making them ripe for consumption.

Right at the start of the fight, Sprint and Grab the nearest soldier. The Supreme Hunter will pursue you almost exclusively, so continue sprinting and spin the camera around to keep an eye on it. Keep sprinting until the creature either loses interest momentarily, or takes a swing and misses. Immediately consume the soldier, then Jump and Glide away from the Supreme Hunter.

Grab and Consume Blackwatch soldiers to reach Critical Mass.

As you are sprinting around in search of a soldier to Grab, hold the A/X button to charge a Jump. Grab a soldier using Sprinting Grab and release the A/X button to jump high into the air in an effort to gain some distance from the abomination on your tail. Spin the camera around while in mid-air to locate the Supreme Hunter. If you are far enough from the creature to Consume the soldier in-hand without being interrupted, do so, and then search for another target to Consume. Repeat until you have maxed out the Critical Mass bar.

When you have reached the peak of Critical Mass, get as far as you can from the Supreme Hunter and prepare to use the Critical Pain Devastator. To perform the Critical Pain Devastator, first lock-on to the creature, then press and hold the X and B buttons on the Xbox 360, or the Square and Circle buttons on the PS3. Alex is vulnerable while charging this attack, but if the Supreme Hunter is far enough away, he should be able to enter the attack animation, at which point he is invulnerable.

Immediately after the Critical Pain Devastator has finished, Jump and Glide away from the Supreme Hunter to preserve the Critical Mass meter. If you have enough Critical Mass left to cast the Devastator again, wait until the opportune time and do so. If not, Consume more soldiers to fill the Critical Mass bar. If at any point the Supreme Hunter becomes stunned, ignore him and use this time to Consume more soldiers.

Use the Critical Pain Devastator while in Critical Mass to severely damage the Supreme Hunter.

Perhaps the best time to hit the Supreme Hunter with the Critical Pain Devastator is right after it performs the Tendril Barrage Devastator. This is a devastating attack if you get caught by one of the tendrils, so if you spot the creature crouching down to charge the attack, get as far from it as you can. The Supreme Hunter is invulnerable while performing the Devastator, so lock-on and wait until the tendrils are completely withdrawn before using the Critical Pain Devastator.

With a full Critical Mass bar, you can perform three Devastator attacks, provided you don't take any hits. The Supreme Hunter can withstand three or four Critical Pain Devastators before the timed portion of this battle triggers.

Mission Objective: Defeat the Supreme Hunter Before the Bomb Detonates
At this point, you have two minutes to deplete the rest of the creature's health bar. If you fail in this and the timer reaches zero, you'll have to retry from the start of the mission. Not fun.

Finish the Supreme Hunter before the timer reaches zero!

The Critical Pain Devastator is just as effective here, so by all means use it. If you are still in Critical Mass, hit the Supreme Hunter with a Critical Pain Devastator right off the bat. The number of soldiers on the platform becomes sparse as the military works to evacuate its troops. Quickly Grab and Consume these soldiers to max-out Critical Mass, and then get into a position to perform the Critical Pain Devastator again.

The Supreme Hunter should fall after being hit by two Critical Pain Devastators. If it survives, however, equip the Blade Power and quickly chip off the remainder of its health.

If you've succeeded, congratulations! That's the end of the Story Mode. Check out the other sections of this guide for the Landmark Collectible locations, Hint Collectible locations, and more!

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Comments for One Thousand Suns

3 comments, latest first.
May 9th 2014 Guest
muscle mass upgrade and trow everything you can at the hunter is the best way to do it
ID #382775
Apr 17th 2012 Strice_Cullair
I would add that having all the muscle mass upgrades and then throwing the unmaned helicopters at the hunter was far for effective for me.
ID #134398
Jan 23rd 2012 Guest
Thanks for the guide. Smile only thing i would add is that you have to be at a medium distance for the devastator to work. because it would jump right on me as the animation took effect and it would only do like half damage.
Thanks again for the guide it was fantastic!
ID #108665