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The Wheels of Chance

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

The Wheels of Chance

Acquire the Stealth Consume ability in the Disguise section of the Upgrades menu, as well as the Health Boost 1 upgrade in the Survivability section if you have EP to spare. If you have an abundance of EP, consider Airdash Double and/or Air Recovery as well.

Stand in the yellow marker outside of Dana's Safe House and press the Y/Triangle button when you're ready to get started.

Mission Objective: Contact Karen Parker
Follow the blue icon on the mini-map and hit the marker there to trigger a cutscene.

Mission Objective: Acquire an APC to Transport Karen Parker
To complete this object, you first must acquire the Hijack Armored Vehicle ability. This ability cannot be purchased via the Upgrades menu; you'll need to consume an Armored Vehicles Officer to acquire it. One such officer can be found in a Military Base, which can be pinpointed by  consuming the target marked by the DNA strain icon. There is a Hunter in the area, so Sprint Grab the marked Blackwatch Soldier and consume him somewhere out of harm's way.

The soldier is Capt. Charles Conley, a Web of Intrigue target.

Consume the marked Blackwatch Soldier to locate the Military Base.

Once you've consumed the soldier, assume the disguise and head to the marked Military Base. To enter the base undetected, you'll need to consume the Commander and use his form as a disguise to gain entry.

With the Stealth Consume ability in your arsenal, getting into the base undetected is simple. First, locating the Commander, who is marked by a blue DNA strain icon. Once you've located the Commander, walk up behind him, hold RB/R1 and press the B/Circle button while not being watched. If done correctly, Alex will grab the Commander, discreetly consume him, and automatically assume his form. A failed attempt will not result in a military alert. It should be noted that it does not matter if pedestrians witness the consumption; you need only remain out of sight of the military.

When assuming the appropriate disguise, stand in the yellow marker by the door and press Y/Triangle to enter the Military Base. The APC Driver that you need to consume to acquire the Hijack Armored Vehicle ability is marked by a blue DNA strain icon. The APC Driver is Gunnery Sgt. Mark Mead, a Web of Intrigue target.

Stealth Consume the APC Driver in the marked Military Base to acquire the Hijack Armored Vehicle ability.

Once you have the ability, head back outside, approach the marked APC in the yard, and press the B/Circle button to get in.

Mission Objective: Test out the APC
The APC is simple to operate; use the Left Thumbstick to move, the Right Thumbstick to aim the turret, LT/L2 to lock-on to a target, RT/R2 to fire the cannon, and RB/R1 to fire the secondary weapon. Running over military units will fill up the disguise meter, but running over pedestrians will now. Perhaps take a quick detour to unlock the 'Speed Bumps' achievement/trophy, which is unlocked by running over 500 characters in a single tank.

You're headed to an Infected zone to test out the APC; follow the blue marker on the mini-map to reach this location. Lock-on to the marked Infected targets and blast them with the APC's weaponry. Destroy the marked targets to complete the objective.

Mission Objective: Rescue Karen Parker
When the Infected zone is clear, follow the blue marker on the mini-map. The marker will soon change to a red skull icon; you'll have to destroy the Hive here before Karen Parker can be rescued. The Hive Integrity meter displayed in the top-right corner of the screen indicates how much more damage the Hive can take before it crumbles. There are Hunters and other Infected in the area, but ignore them and just blast the Hive with primary and secondary fire until the Hive Integrity meter is depleted.

Deplete the meter in the top-right corner of the screen completely to destroy the Hive.

When the Hive falls, drive into the blue marker in front of the building to pick up Karen Parker. Afterwards, evade the military if necessary, then drive the APC to the blue marker and park there to complete the mission.

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