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The World Set Free

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

The World Set Free

Stand in the yellow marker outside of the Contact's Phone Booth and press the Y/Triangle button to start the mission.

Mission Objective: Deploy the Bloodtox Pumper to Times Square
This time, you'll be aiding the military. To get close to the Bloodtox Pumper, you must assume the form of the Bloodtox Facility Commander, who is denoted by the blue DNA strain icon on the mini-map. You'll need a military disguise to get close enough to Stealth Consume him without being gunned down. If you lack a military disguise, drop down to the street level and Stealth Consume one of the soldiers outside of the Bloodtox Facility.

When you have an appropriate disguise, enter the Bloodtox Facility and locate the Commander. Stealth Consume him to assume his form, and then hit the blue marker in the distance; press the Y/Triangle button while standing in the blue marker to start the convoy.

Consume the Bloodtox Facility Commander and assume his form to start the convoy.

Mission Objective: Defend the Bloodtox Pumper
Since you need to remain in good terms with the military throughout this mission, you'll have to resort to using their weapons. There should be a tank parked by the blue marker, so hop in and start following the Bloodtox Pumper to its destination. There are two other tanks in the convoy, as well as a couple of helicopters flying overhead, so stick by either side of the Bloodtox Pumper and scan the mini-map for signs of opposition. The meter in the top-right corner of the screen indicates how much more damage the Bloodtox Pumper can sustain. If the meter is completely depleted, the mission is failed, so you'll need to work with the military to escort the vehicle to Times Square.

When the 'Convoy Under Attack' text appears onscreen, quickly look to the mini-map to locate the enemies that set off the alert. The tank is equipped with a chain gun that has infinite ammo, as well as a sizeable supply of ammo for its main cannon. When engaging an enemy, lock-on, hold down the RB/R1 button to continuously fire the chain gun, and tap RT/R2 to fire the cannon. Do this and the target should soon fall.

The Hydra encountered along the way are a big threat to the mission, as they can hurl vehicles and rubble and tend to target the Bloodtox Pumper. Projectiles can be blasted out of the air; if you spot a Hydra launch a projectile, flick the Right Thumbstick/Analog Stick toward the object to target it and then try to shoot it out of the air.

Defend the Bloodtox Vehicle on its way to Times Square.

If you spot an enemy and the convoy simply passes by, don't engage it yourself and instead continue to follow the Bloodtox Pumper. Things get increasingly hectic in Central Park, as several Hydra will rise up from the depths of the earth at the south end. Blast these creatures relentlessly to quickly put them out of order, and try to blast any projectiles out of the air before they can hit the pumper.

The last push is the toughest, as you'll be facing four Hydra at the same time. Provided the Bloodtox Vehicle has made it this far in relatively good condition, just don't let up and you should be able to clear the way to complete the mission.

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