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Shock and Awe

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Shock and Awe

Stand in the yellow marker in front of the Contact's Phone Booth and press the Y/Triangle button to begin.

Mission Objective: Destroy the Bloodtox Production Facility
Follow the blue arrow onscreen to reach a rooftop overlooking the Bloodtox Production Facility. There are eight filters to target and destroy in the area below, each marked with a red skull icon on the mini-map. The filters are not only being watched over by armed soldiers and Supersoldiers, but are also surrounded by a thick cloud of Bloodtox, which is damaging to Alex when inhaled. Alex is safe from the fumes while in a tank, however, so one will have to be your means of destroying the filters.

First, to assume a military disguise. If you don't have access to a suitable disguise, Stealth Consume one of the soldiers patrolling the street outside of the facility. Change forms while undetected and stroll through the front gate. There should be an unoccupied Tank right by the entrance; Sprint toward the vehicle and quickly hop in to reduce exposure to the fumes. As long as you have assumed a military disguise and remain undetected, you should be able to forego the hijack process when attempting to enter an occupied tank.

Look for an unoccupied tank just beyond the Bloodtox Production Facility gate.

There are a number of UAVs and Supersoldiers in the perimeter, so it is unlikely that you will be able to remain undetected for long. The Thermal Vision Power is actually a huge help here, as with it, you can see through the Bloodtox.

With the amount of soldiers and turret emplacements in the production facility, your tank likely won't last for very long. Thus, the basic idea here is to hit and run; get in a tank, drive through the facility with Thermal Vision equipped, and cause as much destruction as you can before the tank is destroyed.

When the health indicator in the top-left corner of the screen is nearly depleted, start toward the exit so you can quickly make your escape when the tank is destroyed and reduce exposure to the Bloodtox. Then evade the military, Stealth Consume targets to restore health, return to the facility in military disguise, hop in an occupied or unoccupied tank, blast as many filters as you can before the tank is destroyed, and repeat until all eight filters have been destroyed. There are likely plenty of tanks patrolling the perimeter, so finding one shouldn't be a problem.

Use the Thermal Vision Power to see through the thick cloud of Bloodtox that engulfs the facility.

Depending on the model, your tank may be equipped with a chain gun that has infinite ammo, as well as a sizeable supply of ammo for its main cannon. When working to destroy a target, lock-on, hold down the RB/R1 button to continuously fire the chain gun, and tap RT/R2 to fire the cannon. If your Tank is equipped with a Missile Launcher, employ the same method. Do this and the Filter should soon be destroyed.

Destroy all eight filters to complete the mission.

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Comments for Shock and Awe

4 comments, latest first.
Aug 29th 2013 Guest
my game crashed after this mission, what should i do...
ID #307249
Aug 24th 2011 Guest
there are bloodtox filters (buildings/shacks with small yellow lights in the corners and there are bloodtox distributors like in a previous mission only filters need be destroyed but destroying distributors will eliminate the bloodtox mist making hijacking in the area easier/safer.
ID #69741
Jun 23rd 2011 Guest
I think this mission is really hard. there should be some sort of a map where you can see where those bloodtox things are more clearly. beacouse once down in that smoke you don't have much time to run around locating's annoying. but I'm going to give it another try with this walkthrough method.
ID #51577
Jun 15th 2011 Guest
i found a pretty gay glitch.

i used the tank tactic up above. it works, but is HORRIBLY long. i started to brainstorm and came up with the awesome idea to jack some helicopters and rain terror down from above. i managed to destroy all eight bloodtox machines. problem was, the game didnt register it. the bloodtox machines were gone, and so was the gas haha, but it still wanted me to kill all 8 of them. >.
ID #49515