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Making the Future

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Making the Future

Consider acquiring all of the Critical Mass Boost and Health Boost upgrades if you have the EP to spare, because you'll be thrown into a mission involving a rather tough enemy right after this one. Most importantly, make sure you have enough EP to purchase the Musclemass Power and the Musclemass Throw upgrades, as having them in your arsenal will significantly lessen the challenge. The Sprinting Grab, Sprinting Throw, and Charged Throw upgrades would help too.

When you're ready to get started, hit the yellow marker atop the Infected Military Base to begin.

Mission Objective: Rescue Dana from the Core Hive
The Thermobaric Tank employed by the military is the only weapon able to push through the defences of the Core Hive. Accordingly, you're tasked with defending it as it makes its way there. The meter in the top-right corner of the screen indicates the condition of the Thermobaric Tank. The main threat against this tank is of course, the Hunters that are rampaging through the streets. With the Armor and Blade powers equipped, you should be able to fight them off with relative ease.

Unfortunately the military does not see you as an asset, and will attack you too. Try your best not to engage the military and just concentrate on clearing away Hunters and any other Infected that take to attacking the Thermobaric Tank. If the unmarked armoured vehicles employed by the military prove to be too much of a nuisance to ignore, a few basic attacks with the Blade Power equipped should be enough to bust one.

Keep your Armor Power equipped at all times, as you'll need the defensive boost it offers. Though you cannot Glide with Armor equipped, you can easily keep pace with the marked Tank just by sprinting.

Defend the marked tank from Hunters and other Infected as it blasts its way through the Infected zones.

The Thermobaric Tank is on a fixed course, and will first move to level three armoured Hives before it reaches the Core Hive. You must defend the marked tank each step of the way to ensure that it makes it through to the Core Hive. The Thermobaric Tank is able to level the first armoured Hive that it reaches seemingly effortlessly. When you reach the second marked Hive, however, you must first remove the marked Infected in the zone before the tank can fire. There are several Hunters, as well as a number of Evolved Infected, marked on the mini-map; red skull icons denote hunters, and red arrows denote Evolved Infected. Destroy each marked Infected in the zone and a Leader Hunter will spawn. Though powerful and fast, the Leader Hunter can be easily taken care of with thrown vehicles.

Be sure to collect the Genetic Material (gold orbs) that the hives spew out to replenish your health.

The situation at the third armoured Hive is similar to the last, in that the marked Infected in the area must be dispatched before the Thermobaric Tank can raze the building. Rather than a Leader Hunter, however, a Hydra will appear at the end and pound the Thermobaric Tank, killing the officer inside. You'll have to finish the job yourself; hop in the marked tank and use it to demolish the armoured Hive.

When the third armoured Hive has been levelled, start toward the Core Hive, which is denoted by a blue arrow on the mini-map. As you make your way there, several Hydra will rise up from the ground. Luckily, the Thermbaric Tank's weaponry is top-notch, and thus can eliminate Hydra with a single blast. Push through the waves of Infected until you reach the Core Hive; blast the Hive to break through its defences.

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Comments for Making the Future

2 comments, latest first.
Jul 8th 2012 Guest
You make it seem so easy! What level of difficulty is this on?
ID #161522
Aug 26th 2010 Guest
just jump in a regular tank to defend the Thermbaric and you wont take any damage.
ID #10319