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The Last Man

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

The Last Man

Check the Military Base icons on the city map and visit one that has a plus sign affixed to it. Consume the marked units inside, and then level the place if you see fit. At this point, there should be one such Military Base; it will contain one or more marked officers that yield a skill upgrade when consumed, as well as a Web of Intrigue target.

When you're ready to get started, make your way to the Lookout Point, stand in the yellow marker there and press the Y/Triangle button to begin.

Mission Objective: Prevent Taggart Escaping By Air
You're tasked with destroying a number of helicopters before they can leave the city. Blasting a helicopter out of the sky is simple, provided you've acquired all of the Missile Launcher upgrades by infiltrating bases and consuming marked Blackwatch soldiers between missions.

Follow the blue arrow onscreen to reach the first helicopter staging area. Once there, Stealth Consume the Missile Launcher-equipped soldier right by the marker. Then, it's just a matter of catching up with the marked helicopter that is in flight, locking-on, and firing off a single missile. Use the Glide and Airdash abilities to chase after the target; having the Jump skill fully-upgraded helps, too. The missile tracks fairly well, but may miss if the helicopter flies over a building. If the missile does connect and you have maxed-out the Missile Launcher skill, one should be enough to down the helicopter.

Use a Missile Launcher to destroy the marked helicopters before they can leave the city.

The Missile Launcher should be packed with five or six shots, so that's five or six helicopters that can be shot down before you have to find another. There are Missile Launcher-equipped soldiers positioned on several different rooftops, so just scour the area below while gliding toward the target; when you spot one such soldier, kill or consume him, pick up his Missile Launcher, and be on your way.

There are three helicopters to shoot down in the first staging area. With that done, make your way to the second staging area and prepare for three more. The third target here should spawn just beyond a large, circular building. There is almost certainly one or more Missile Launcher-equipped soldiers on top of this building, so stop by there and acquire a new weapon.

Though there may be more than just marked helicopters in the sky, the lock-on system seems to do a good job of prioritizing the marked over the others. Even still, take your time to ensure you are locked-on to a marked helicopter to avoid wasting ammo on an unimportant target.

Look for Missile Launcher ammo atop the circular building near the second staging area.

When you've shot down all of the helicopters from the second staging area, return to the roof of the circular building, swap your Missile Launcher for a full one, and then follow the blue arrow on-screen to reach the third staging area. Multiple helicopters will take flight at the same time from here, so try to quickly blast each target before they can get too far apart. Destroy this last batch of helicopters to complete the mission.

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