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The Sheriff's Station

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Sheriff's Station

Picking up the Collectibles

You find yourself in the station with the local doctor -- Doc Nelson --  looking after you.  He gives you his professional advice, and then you head in to talk to the Sheriff.  Examine the fish on the table to trigger a conversation with Doc Nelson about fishing, and then head through the door and immediately turn left -- read the two posters on the wall on the left...  Be absolutely certain you read BOTH of them, one describes three missing men, the other describes one missing man.  Both of these have to be read to get the next collectible (Sign 2/25).  Check your statistics to verify that Signs now reads 2/25, and then head in to see the Sheriff!

Inside the office you get your phone off of the desk, and then you get interrogated.  The phone rings and you stop out to take the call.  It is Alice!  And her kidnapper!   He tells you to stop talking to the law, and gives you some instructions.  Well, that complicates things immensely.

Return to the Sheriff and she will tell you how to get outside, and then starts to grill you again.  You cannot say anything about the call, and you make your polite excuses and depart. 

When you reach the front desk the deputy tells you how to get out back -- instead of heading directly there walk past the cell corridor door and into the room ahead, where you will find some collectibles: a Thermos (Coffee Thermos 16/100) and a page (Manuscript Page 13/106).

You can listen to the police radio traffic by clicking on the radio console -- and learn that the police are now aware that the garage was trashed.   Head into the third cell in the corridor and grab the next collectible (Manuscript Page 14/106), and then look for the light switch and turn it on the help calm down the guy in the second cell.

If you are not in a hurry - and you should not be - go ahead and listen to the prisoner's story after you turn the lights on.  He tells you about how he ended up there, and reveals that at least one of the people he is supposed to have attacked was in fact a space alien!  Remember what I said about clues in the game for the voice?  Yeah, this is one of them.

On he far side of the parking lot after you exit the corridor you will see a Thermos and a Radio -- go over and collect the Thermos (Coffee Thermos 17/100) and turn on the Radio (Radio Program 3/11).  You hear the sign-off of the late night DJ, and a news report that includes some background and foreshadowing.

After you finish listening to the radio head to the rear of the lot and you get a focus prompt - look at the old rusty truck over the fence.  You need to get to that, so move along the fence to the corner by using the pile of lumber to climb over, then kick the boards away from the hole in the fence and pass through.

Head straight so that the truck is on your left and you will see a rock on the right with a manuscript page (Manuscript Page 15/106).   Head to the truck where you find Alice's driving license and then you get a call from Barry, your agent.  He is in town!  You ask him to pick you up at the jail.

As you re-enter the station the TV on the wall turns itself on and you see another installment of Wake TV!  Check that out, and then head back into the police station, where you will encounter the shrink from the nuthouse talking to the cops -- he has paid for the damages that they caused.  You now get a CS with the Sheriff, who you tell that you want to leave. 

You get a little physical with Hartman, and then Barry shows up to save the day!   You bail with Barry, who is very upset, and then the CS ends.


Collectible Items Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 16/100
On the table in the radio room at the jail.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 17/100
On the steps across from the jail door in the parking lot.

[ ] Manuscript Page 13/106
On the floor in the radio room at the jail near the table.

[ ] Manuscript Page 14/106
On the bunk in the third cell in the corridor at the jail.

[ ] Manuscript Page 15/106
On a rock in the back section of the jail parking lot after you kick open the fence.

[ ] Radio Program 3/11
Next to the Thermos on the steps on the far side of the parking lot outside of the jail.

[ ] Sign 2/25
The pair of missing posters in the hall at the police station.

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