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The Dark Place

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Dark Place


After the Tornado dies that ends the chapter, and we move on to the final chapter -- this one!

You get a CS in which the Darkness tries to use the image of Alice to trick you.  We are back in our apartment in New York, but  Alice is not acting right -- she is not afraid of the dark!  You need to find the clicker to end this charade -- and you do!   Head through the hall and into the kitchen, and from there into the loving room.  Use the torch to burn away the word covering the clicker to reveal it and then take it!

The nightmare explodes and we  find ourselves floating in the water with Tom in his diving suit and he gives us instructions -- you were paying attention, right?   After we resolve in this new land of Darkness there are more words to destroy with our hand torch.  Start with the one for Thermos and you reveal the final collectible for the normal game (Coffee Thermos 100/100)!  Take it and you unlock the Achievement "Hypercaffeinated" for an awesome 30 GP!

Now destroy the other words -- they are basically dark pools in another form -- and as you destroy them you reveal the objects that they represent, and in so doing you will make your way tot he island and the cabin!

When you reach the cabin and open the door you reveal an oddly changed tableau of threat and fear.  Using the clicker you send the Darkness to its own well-deserved final journey, and a CS plays out as you sit at the typewriter and begin to write the end of your novel.  As the narration continues, and you pound away at the keys, you relive the memory of her loss, only this time when you jump into the water Alice is swimming towards you!

She reaches the surface and climbs out, collapsing on the deck, and calls your name and that triggers the cinematic ending sequence.  So what od you think?  Are you dead?  No!  You cannot be!  After all there is at least two (2) DLC planned for this title if not more, so how could you be dead?!

Just when I think I have a handle on the reality of this, I hear Alice whispering for us to wake up!  Was it all a dream?  Did any of it happen?  We will have to wait for the DLC -- or I shudder to fear it -- the sequel in order to know for sure!


Collectible Items Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 100/100
In the Darkness after you destroy the word "Thermos" to reveal it!

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