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Mines District

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Mines District

The Hidden Red Chair

You get a CS in which you are driving the truck towards the mine, and when it ends you are standing beside the road near the truck, so you need to get back in and start driving.  You will pass a jeep on the left and reach a roadblock where the bridge is out, and have to detour to the right and around a stack of logs.  As you round the corner and can just see the broken bridge, stop the truck and get out.  To the right of the truck are some woods, and if you run through them to the cliff edge on the other side of the woods you will find a red chair with the next collectible on it (Coffee Thermos 41/100).

Once you have the Thermos head back to the truck and drive forward under the bridge until you come to a set of wooden stairs on the right, and stop.  Get out and climb up the stairs, and you will see on your left a building -- where you will find a radio (Radio Program 8/11).

Head back to your truck and drive until you reach the Ranger Tower -- park and go in -- where you will find another radio (Radio Program 9/11).  After the program ends jump back in the truck and head down the road until you reach a red building, where you should stop.

Go up the stairs and grab the next collectible (Manuscript Page 44/106), then get back in the truck and drive until you come to the Mine Museum, where you stop once again and get out.  Head to the left and read the sign on the side of the display shed (Sign 7/25) then turn to the left and enter the mine entrance where you will find the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 42/100).  Now head towards the entrance to the museum and snag the next collectible (Manuscript Page 45/106) on the boardwalk before going in.

When you enter you get a CS, after which you should head down to the bottom of the chute to the supply room to get the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 43/100).  When you jumped down there was a cave-in, and you are not going back up.  Grab the batteries and flare and then use the control to open the trap door, and jump down it.  Ahead of you on the ground is the next collectible (Manuscript Page 46/106) so grab that now.

As you follow the tracks you will fight a group of Taken and a possessed mine cart -- there is a revolver and ammo dump, grab it and fill up!  Move along fighting as needed until you reach the car with the ladder -- climb up and open the hatch, then kill the possessed items and drop down to continue the route.

As you exit you drop down and see a new monster -- a Tornado -- and you find your way blocked by electrical drops!  You have to fight your way through the building and look for a way to turn the electricity off.  There is a jeep here that you can drive -- get in and do that, and use it to take out the Taken who block the path between you and the far building where the electrical box is!

Once you have taken out all of the Taken, jump out and cut the power, then drive back to the other building.  On your way back you will face more Taken and possessed things and will likely as not wreck the jeep taking them out.  That is okay, you are done with it now anyway!

Once you are back and it is safe, run up the stairs and into the building, where you will encounter more Taken, and kill them.  Grab the supplies in the small room then continue up the stairs and into the next level where you will fight more Taken.  Climb the ladder here to the top level and you will find a well-lit red chair with the next collectible on it (Coffee Thermos 44/100).

On your way out of the room you will see a yellow spray-painted sign giving directions, and below it is the next collectible (Manuscript Page 47/106) which you should grab.  Head out and down the stairs and then enter the building across the way to grab batteries and ammo and use the gate controls to open the gate.  Now head out and through the open gate towards the forest.

There are some grenades near the power truck outside the gate, so grab those, and then follow the path towards the woods and you will find black pools to kill, after which there will be several waves of Taken to dispatch.  Once you have taken care of those, continue on.  You may want to strategically pause after each engagement to allow your torch to recharge, otherwise you will be burning through a lot of batteries!

As you hit the curve with the fog you will spot ahead of you on the left the next collectible (Manuscript Page 48/106) so grab that.  Ahead on the left is a mine entrance -- go inside all the way to the back and on the left is the next hidden chest (Storage Chest 12/30) with 3 grenades in it.  Once you have those exit the mine and stick to the left to find the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 45/100).  This is actually sort of tough to get to because you have to make two careful jumps -- so try not to die, because if you do you have to repeat the last few steps!

Head back down the stairs and towards the Haven Light where you will find a box and trailer with supplies -- grab it all -- then head over the bridge and swap your double-barrel shotgun for the pump-action on by the light.  Ahead  you will see that the path splits.  You want to follow the left-hand split, and follow that to the dilapidated building.  Inside you will find flare gun ammo and your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 46/100).

The easiest way to do this is head back to the path and follow the spot lights, turning them on as you go, until you arrive at the last one, where you spotlight 5 or 6 Taken and take them all out with a single flashbang. Work your way through the graveyard to the entrance to the ghost town -- at the bridge you will find your next collectible (Manuscript Page 49/106) so grab that and then enter the town.


Collectible Item Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 41/100
On a red chair at the edge of the cliff on the right side from before the broken bridge.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 42/100
Inside the mine entrance.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 43/100
Inside the chute in the Mining Museum.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 44/100
On the top level of the electrified building.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 45/100
Off the end of the broken pier.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 46/100
Inside the dilapidated building.

[ ] Manuscript Page 44/106
At the top of the stairs at the red building.

[ ] Manuscript Page 45/106
In the Mining Museum.

[ ] Manuscript Page 46/106
On the ground outside of the museum.

[ ] Manuscript Page 47/106
On the top level of the electrified building near the exit.

[ ] Manuscript Page 48/106
On a rock on the left side of the path towards the woods.

[ ] Manuscript Page 49/106
On the bridge at the ghost town.

[ ] Nightmare Manuscript Page 97/106
Near a dirt pile to the left of the entrance to the ghost town.

[ ] Nightmare Manuscript Page 98/106
In the shack after the first bridge in the ghost town.

[ ] Radio Program 8/11
In the building up the stairs from the broken bridge.

[ ] Radio Program 9/11
In the Ranger Tower.

[ ] Sign 7/25
On the side of the display shed at the mine museum.

[ ] Storage Chest 12/30
Inside the mine off of the left side of the path.

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