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The Peak

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Peak

Exploring Moonshine Cave

As you reach the sign that points to Lover's Peak you will see a yellow arrow on the rock just behind it -- follow the arrows instead of the path for now, and you will enter Moonshine Cave.  How cool is that?  Towards the rear of the cave you will encounter a sign that you should read (Sign 4/25) as it tells you about the cave.

Now continue to follow the arrows to the rear of the cave where you find one of the hidden chests (Supply Chest 5/30) in which are batteries and a shotgun.  You will unlock the Achievement "Finders Keepers" now, for finding 5 chests.  Now exit the cave and head back to the turn off for the Peak, and follow that path.

Ahead is a phone booth with some batteries - when you take them it triggers a Taken attack so just kill them, right?  Cross the nearby wooden bridge over the river, and you will come to a split in the path, with the Peak to the left, and an unmarked path tot he right.  Take the right path for now, and you will find a picnic area ahead with the next collectible (Manuscript Page 22/106) called 'Barry Meets Rose' that fills in some more of the story.  Head back to the sign and take the left path now.

As you follow the left path you will approach an old tree that is open in its center that has a sign near it and you will be attacked by some Taken, including one that must be a new type because it took a lot more killing than the usual ones!  After you dispatch them, go to the sign and read it (Sign 5/25) to learn about the Great Old One and pick up another collectible!

Follow the path towards the next light and you will cross another bridge -- the light will then go out, but you can start the generator there to turn it back on, so if you are injured at all I would do that.  Once you have healed, look ahead and you will see that the path divides again ahead.  Take the path to the right to the picnic area and you will see a collectible here (Coffee Thermos 23/100) that you should grab now, and then head back towards the light and onto the main path.

Directly ahead on the path is your next collectible (Manuscript Page 23/106) and then, continuing along the path you will encounter another group of Taken with one of those hard to kill ones.  You should be able to manage them, but chances are that by now you are low on ammo...  There are supply points ahead, but the ammo is not overly abundant, so if you are low this may be one of those times when you want to backtrack to a full supply point.  That shed in the back of the Visitor Center is an unlimited supply point, so consider a quick run back to fill up on ammo now, right?

Either way -- head back or continue -- we are on the path moving forward again.

You will arrive at a light haven and the gate to the Peak -- but the gate is blocked by a fallen tree.  You can access that area by jumping the fence to the left, but BEFORE you do that, take the path to the right a ways and you will encounter your next collateral (Coffee Thermos 24/100), and a sign next to the slice of tree trunk that is hanging here (Sign 6/25) describing the tree rings.

Head back to the gate and jump the fence to the left, then move straight ahead a few steps and grab the next collectible (Manuscript Page 24/106).  Now head up the stairs and call the tram, get on and use it to go down to the next area.

As you ride the tram something goes wrong, you get attacked by some birds and the tram slams its way to the base, where you are knocked senseless!   As you are coming to your senses you see some Taken approaching -- and you have not only lost your gun, but you cannot reach your flashlight!  Just when it looks the dimmest, rescue appears!  Unfortunately you realize that the rescue has come from the man who kidnapped your wife!

You get the info on flares, and you can hit the supply box nearby for more flares and batteries, but in the end you have to follow this guy!

You reach a blocked-off area and the kidnapper orders you to use the flares from the supply chest to hold off toe Taken - you do that while he opens the lock to allow you to pass.  BEFORE you follow him past the next bridge, look for the nearby map on the right of the path before the bridge and then look behind it to grab your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 25/106) -- grabbing this one also unlocks the Achievement "Damn Good Cup of Coffee" for 20 GP.

After you survive the attack at the Peak you get a CS in which the kidnapper tells you which way up is, and you end up falling due to your need to deliver a knuckle sandwich!

You both end up falling to the path below -- but you end up with the gun, which causes the kidnapper to run away.  There are supplies scattered all around you, so first, pick them up!  Now, turn around and head down the rocks towards the waterfall, look for the yellow painted arrows and follow them to the next supply chest (Supply Chest 6/30) where you get some batteries and two flares.

Once you have the supplies, return to where you started and follow that path a little ways and pick up your next collectible (Manuscript Page 25/106).  Taking this unlocks the next Achievement called "Paging Mr. Wake" that is worth 20 GP!

Use the logs to cross the river twice and then follow the path -- try not to step into any of the bear traps, right?

as you follow the path you will reach a clearing with some barrels -- there are supplies on the left hand barrel (batteries and ammo) so take those.  Now turn around and face the other barrel and you will see the next Can Pyramid (Can Pyramid 3/12).  Go ahead and shoot that now!

Turn to face the river as you stand next to the left barrel and walk forward to find the next collectible (Manuscript Page 26/100) which you should grab.

Collectible Items Ticklist

[ ] Can Pyramid 3/12
On the barrel in the clearing after the bear traps.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 18/100
On the cafeteria counter in the park center.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 19./100
In the kitchen in your cabin in the park.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 20/100
On the hot tub steps on the back deck of the cabin.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 21/100
Inside the shed on the left as you approach the Visitor Center.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 22/100
At the base of the tree behind the building on the right.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 23/100
On a rock just past the picnic area.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 24/100
On the picnic table on the path to the right of the gate to the Peak before heading to the Peak.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 25/100
Behind the map to the right of the bridge to the Peak, before you cross it.

[ ] Manuscript Page 16/106
On the ground by the yellow truck in front of your cabin in the park.

[ ] Manuscript Page 17/106
On the floor of the picnic shelter up the trail to the right of the phone booth.

[ ] Manuscript Page 18/106
On the rear deck of the SUV that is abandoned on the left side of the road.

[ ] Manuscript Page 19/106
On the low stone wall under the fallen tree at the Visitor Center.

[ ] Manuscript Page 20/106
On the floor at the end of the hall in the Ranger's Offices.

[ ] Manuscript Page 21/106
On the picnic table off of the path midway to the next light.

[ ] Manuscript Page 22/106
On the picnic table off the right path on the way to the Peak.

[ ] Manuscript Page 23/106
On the path just past the haven light towards the Peak.

[ ] Manuscript Page 24/106
Just after you jump the gate fence heading for the Peak, on a rock.

[ ] Manuscript Page 25/106
On the path after you fall from the Peak.

[ ] Manuscript Page 26/100
On the rocks just past the barrels after the bear traps.

[ ] Radio Program 4/11
Inside the first cabin on the road.

[ ] Sign 3/25
The next sign is the one below the bones in the park center.

[ ] Sign 4/25
Inside Moonshine Cave.

[ ] Sign 5/25
At the old tree.

[ ] Sign 6/25
Near the picnic table on the right path past the gate prior to heading to the Peak.

[ ] Supply Chest 5/30
At the end of Moonshine Cave.

[ ] Supply Chest 6/30
To the left of the falls after the Peak.

[ ] TV Program 4/14
Inside the second cabin on the road.

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