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The Mill

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Mill

Discovering the plane crash

Looking out over the water you can see the water mill and the light shining in its upper window -- that is our next destination, so we should continue on the path now, crossing over the log bridge and fighting our way through two groups of Taken before reaching the shack with the light and generator ahead.  The generator is not running, and when we try to start it we are immediately attacked by Taken, so be prepared for that and fight them off!

Once they are dead, start the gennie and heal up, and then look in the shack here to find the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 26/100).  Near the light on the path is a tree stump with batteries and ammo on the ground by it, so be sure that you grab those!

Now look ahead on the path and you will see another shack nearby - go to that one and inside you will find the next collectible (Manuscript Page 27/106) and a Hunting Rifle which you should grab.  Chances are good that in the process of reaching this point you will have killed the 100 Taken required for the Achievement "The Six Gun Scribe" and so picked up another 20 GP so grats on that!  You may want to consider concentrating on a different weapon now, to unlock the other Achievements for those...

Before you head down the wooden ramp then drop below, turn to the right a ways and walk forward to get a Focus Point - a crashed airplane!  Head to the plane and go through it so that you tip it then exit and run around the back of the plane where you can now use the rocks to jump onto the broken wing.  You should easily see the stash marker painted on the nearby cliff -- head over to it and grab the two flares from the hidden supply chest (Supply Chest 7/30)!

Now head back towards the ramp and follow the path ahead to the left, where you will find a flare to pick up, then drop down for a checkpoint and you will see a lantern on a tree in the distance.  Head in that direction, and you will fight two groups of taken.  When you arrive at the lantern you will find another generator you can start to create another Light Haven!

There is ammo for your revolver and hunting rifle here, so be sure to grab that --  it is on a create near the generator.  Now before you continue to the path, keep going towards the mill from here and you will arrive at a cliff over the water.  Follow that along to the right and you will see another section that juts out over the water with your next collectible on it (Coffee Thermos 27/100) so go ahead and grab that. 

Now head back to the light and the path is to the left of the light between the large boulder and tree,  so once you are back on it follow it until you see the next light -- and fight your next group of Taken!  Now cross over the wooden bridge to the mill and the next Haven Light -- heal if you need to -- and then use the ladder to climb up onto the mill.  As you move forward the platform you are on will break away and swivel -- don't panic!  When it stops, drop down on to the crates on the platform below and enter the mill.  Use your light to fry the pool of blackness on the floor so that you do not walk into it and get damaged.

In the left corner there is some revolver ammo, and once you have that head up the first two flights of stairs and burn the next black pool.  As you go around the path here you will see another room attached to this one -- go in and take out the next pool, and then explore this room to find another pool to destroy and just beyond it outside, your next collectible (Manuscript Page 28/106).

Retrace your steps to the previous room and go up the stairs to a small landing.  On the landing here is a large weight -- pretty obvious that you need to kick it even if you are not prompted to do so, right?  Well?  Kick it!

Now the elevator has come up and we can jump to it, and then jump to the other side, where we see our  next collectible on a pile of sacks (Manuscript Page 29/106) for us to grab, and in it we learn a little more about what is happening to Barry back at the cabin!  In the next room there is a pool for us to destroy, and some flares to collect.  Say, you do not usually find flares in a flour mill, considering how dangerous flour dust is, but hey, what do I know?

In the right-hand corner of this room is your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 28/100) so grab that, and then climb the ladder in the other corner and take out the two black pools on the floor up there.  As you exit the mill you will see that the path continues up and around to another building, where you first see a warning message and then are attacked by a rather robust Taken. 

Inside the building is a fully-loaded hunting rifle, so grab that for sure, and then look carefully at the boxes here.  They seem to create a path of sorts, so why not jump on them and see where this takes us?   Ah ha!  It takes us to the other side of the room and our next collectible (Manuscript Page 30/106) which we want and get!  Now we jump back over the boxes and head outside, following the path around to the fence where there is a ramp of sorts for us to go over it.

On the other side is a wooden bridge, and across that is a red supply box with ammo and batteries -- so we should collect those now.  The path is obvious from here, but take it with caution, as some Taken will appear and set off a log fall and some barrels -- you want to avoid both because not avoiding them will get you hurt.  Kill the two Taken, and then progress along the path to the bend where you will find a flare on the bench and a large supply of revolver ammo and some batteries in a red supply box here.

There is a gate ahead and a sign on the right indicates that it leads to the Campground -- and once you push through it you are confronted by some Taken Brutes and a new type of mob wielding a chainsaw!  The brutes are easy to kill, but the Chainsaw Taken takes a bit more effort and damage.  You will need to quickly reload the batteries in your hand torch in order to drive away his shadow to make him vulnerable to your weapon, so bear that in mind mate!

Follow the path to the stairs and head up to the covered picnic shelter where you will get a call from Barry -- who you reassure.  Once you are healed up head down the path and cross the nearby bridge, and then look to your right for the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 29/100).  Hit the nearby red supply box for batteries and ammo, and then enter the campgrounds.

To the far left is a rustic restroom structure -- head over there to snag your next collectible (Manuscript Page 31/106) and once you have that, go ahead and enter the woman's room to the right, where you will find some rifle ammo.  In the men's room you will find the keys to the garage -- and a TV (TV Program  5/14), so grab those and watch that before you leave!

On your way out you get attacked -- quickly kill that Taken -- and then head towards the lights of the truck across the lot.  Unlock the gate and get into the truck and you will be given driving instructions and prompted to use each command for a certain amount of time to demonstrate that you got it.  Well, you got it, right?

Collectibles Items Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 26/100
Inside the shack at the Light Haven after you cross the river on the log bridge.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 27/100
On the jutting cliff across from the mill just past the haven light.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 28/100
In the corner of the room after the lift in the mill.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 29/100
On the picnic table just outside of the camping area.

[ ] Manuscript Page 27/106
Inside the second cabin on the trail.  Don't forget to grab the Hunting Rifle here as well.

[ ] Manuscript Page 28/106
On the balcony outside of the mill on the second level.

[ ] Manuscript Page 29/106
On a stack of sacks on the other side of the third floor of the mill after you raise the elevator.

[ ] Manuscript Page 30/106
Over the boxes in the corner of the building just past the mill.

-- Manuscript Page 31/106
On the ground outside of the campground restrooms.

-- Supply Chest 7/30
On the rocks past the broken wing of the crashed airplane.

-- TV Program 5/14
In the men's room at the campground on your way out.

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