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Ghost Town

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Ghost Town

The Lift Out and a Hidden Page

As you cross the bridge and enter the Ghost Town you will see a sign that you can read on the right -- do that (Sign 8/25) and you will learn about Gray Peak Gorge!  After you read the sign step past it and head right along the side of this building, turning left when you move past the shed on the left, and then straight towards the shack with the broken open side ahead.  Inside you will find your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 47/100).

As you head down the tracks you will be attacked by possessed items -- just use the standard tactic of popping a flare to hold them off and sniping them with your heavy-duty torch.   Eventually you will reach some boxcars that are blocking the path and, when you go around them and drop down, you will be attacked by pieces of an old steam engine.  Once you defeat all of the pieces you will unlock the Achievement "Iron Horse" for a very nice 10 GP - good on ya mate!

Now take a look around you -- see that building nearby?  You try to get in but it turns out that you need a key...  Hmmm...  Well, it has to be here somewhere, right?  Look around and you will see a shed nearby with a light on and, hey!  The key!  Excellent!   Now head outside and grab the next collectible that is behind this shed (Coffee Thermos 48/100)

Now that we are inside, let's grab the flare gun ammo, the  batteries, and watch the TV that pops on all by itself (TV Program 8/14).  Inside the next room there is a bed with a Hunting Rifle leaning against it.  You probably have the pump shotgun right now, and in order to take the rifle you will need to swap that for it...  If you already have the Achievement for 50 kills with the shotgun but you do not have it for the rifle, swapping it out here makes sense.  On the other hand, if you already have the rifle kills Achievement than I would keep the shotgun.

The door in this room is your exit to continue, so go ahead and hit that now!

As you exit the building you get another cameo appearance for the Tornado -- that uber boss we know we will eventually have to fight -- and then we see that there is a ladder to the left.  Take that, and it leads to another ladder, which we also take, and then head up the hill, where we spot an arrow marker.  Just as we see the arrow the kidnapper sends us a text message -- man that dude of darkness is really hooked in to the culture of the Internet Age!

Follow the arrow markers around to the right and then left and we locate the next chest (Supply Chest 13/30) that contains a flare gun and some ammo for it.  Very nice.  Now turn around and head along the trail, and you will hit a checkpoint as you head up the mountain.  Remember that you now have the flare gun armed unless you switched back to the pistol or rifle -- you do not want to waste the ammo for it, so switch or be aware that it is armed, right?

As you progress along the path you spot two large flocks of death birds -- you have a choice here, try to take them out, or run.  Do not underestimate the power of your hand torch, even when it is not in boosted mode it can kill these things.  The challenge is really in the numbers, as there are a lot of them.  I say take your time, move over the fragile wooden walkway, tuck your back against the cliff face like any good barroom brawler would do, and take the little buggers out!

Continue along the path once you have eliminated the first two flocks and another pair will attack once you hit the next wooden walkway -- jump across tuck into the cliff face and take them out with your torch.  How simple was that?!

This particular path ends at the entrance to a mine, and when we drop down the level we land on collapses down to the next level down, so we will not be climbing back out of here, will we?  No, continuing forward is our only option at this point!  As you move forward the path is sort of set, there are no deviations until you reach a large open space in which you can go either left or right.  On the rocks to the left you will see a painted warning.  

Head to the left, keeping the rock wall on your left and you will experience some story elements -- you fall to your knees, you hear Alice screaming, that sort of thing -- but eventually as you follow that path around you will snag your next collectible (Manuscript Page 50/106) which is lying on a rock.  Just be sure you do not go into the water, right mate?

Now backtrack all the way to where we entered this branch past the warning note sprayed on the rock and take the right branch, where you will drop down another level after walking over the wooden platform and, ahead of you on the left, is the next collectible (Manuscript Page 51/106), so go ahead and grab that.

There will be a cave-in and some Taken will break through the branch on the left that is sealed-off -- kill them and then head into the tunnel that they opened for you and just inside on the left you will encounter your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 49/100) which you should grab!

We are now going to work our way up and out using the lifts and machinery in the mine, so continue along and you will easily see the path that you need to follow from here!  After you use the suspended platform three times to reach the exit you hit a Haven Light with a checkpoint, and then you exit the mines -- well done!

After you kick open the boards blocking the exit turn to your right and follow the stairs up and then climb into the tower for your next collectible (Manuscript Page 52/106).  After you pick up the page trigger the Focus Prompt to see our next destination -- man that is a long ways away!

Collectible Item Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 47/100
Inside the broken shack past the sign.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 48/100
Behind the shed with the key in the train yard.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 49/100
On the left after entering the mine tunnel that the Taken open for you.

[ ] Manuscript Page 50/106
Near the end of the left branch of the mine as you follow the left wall.

[ ] Manuscript Page 51/106
On the left side of the path in the mine after dropping down from the wooden platform to the next level down.

[ ] Manuscript Page 52/106
On the tower at the top of the stairs after exiting the mine.

[ ] Sign 8/25
Just over the bridge into the Ghost Town on the right.

[ ] Supply Chest 13/30
Along the cliff face past the building after climbing the two ladders and going up the hill.

[ ] TV Program 8/14
Inside the locked building after fighting the Locomotive bits.

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