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The Railroad Bridge

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Railroad Bridge

Bulldozer Battle

As you follow the path towards the railroad bridge you will hear the trains passing overhead -- a lot of trains really which is odd.  At the bridge you go under and use the metal ladder to reach the under-deck, and then thread your way along changing from side to side as the darkness starts to tear down the pipes and catwalk sections.  When you get closer to the other end the darkness will start hurling objects that it has taken over at you -- your best defense here is to pop a flare and drop it at your feet a little ahead of you as that will help hold them off while you kill them with your torch!

There is an Achievement associated with killing 20 of the darkness-infected items (They're Heeeeeere! for 20 GP), but you cannot get that on a single run-through.  You can restart the previous checkpoint and rinse and repeat as needed if you want to get this out of the way here...  That may be a good idea considering that you have a concentration of infected items here, but that is your call.

Once you have defeated the objects you exit the deck on the left and head up the hill here to a fence, where you will be attacked by objects again.  If you follow the fence all the way to the left you will find your next collectible (Manuscript Page 42/106) sitting on a metal beam on the ground.  Grab that and then after you read it climb the ladder here and run forward to the Haven Light, where you will find a new flashlight!  The one on the concrete footing is a Heavy Duty Flashlight -- hold B down to swap your regular one for it now!

Head to the right and you will see where you can drop down to the next level -- as you drop down look to the right in the distance and you will see the next collectible item (Coffee Thermos 39/100).  Kill the objects here and then grab the Thermos before you head towards the train station.

Over by the station is a red supply case with some ammo and batteries, so be sure to empty that, and then look to the left and you will see the gate controls -- when you use those you will be attacked.  Try not to die here because you may have not hit a checkpoint yet, and dying will put you back before the train bridge!  There is a minor bug here and even though there are two checkpoints you should hit -- one at the foot to the ladder and one at the Haven Light -- you may not have hit them...

Once you clear out the Taken in the yard, head into the train station and kill the two Taken on the first floor, then head upstairs and grab the supplies -- batteries, ammo, and flares -- and then click the TV to watch the show (TV Program 7/14).  After the program ends head out the door and look to the left, where you will see the next collectible (Manuscript Page 43/106).

After you head down the stairs you will hit a checkpoint and then some Taken and a possessed bulldozer will attack -- use your light to kill the bulldozer, and take out the Taken in the usual way!  When you kill the bulldozer you will unlock the Achievement "Heavy Metal" for 10 GP. 

There are two red supply boxes in the yard here, go ahead and empty those, and then open the gate with the controls.  As you step through it look to the right and you will see the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 40/100) in a narrow space on the right side building.  Once you have that, head along the path to the pickup truck and get in.


Collectible Items Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 39/100
On a palate in the stock yard after you get the heavy duty flashlight.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 40/100
In an alcove past the gate once you have defeated the possessed bulldozer.

[ ] Manuscript Page 42/106
On a piece of iron to the left side of the fence after the railroad bridge.

[ ] Manuscript Page 43/106
Outside of the second floor of the train station, after watching the TV Program.

[ ] Nightmare Mode Manuscript Page
Head right instead of left at the fence and you will find this one on a stump.

[ ] TV Program 7/14
Upstairs in the train station.

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Comments for The Railroad Bridge

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Dec 7th 2012 Guest
I struggled with what to do to the bulldozer until I realized that once I started the gate on the far end and got through it, I could stand in the light and then shine the flashlight on the truck to damage it - went through about four batteries before the bulldozer was vanquished.
ID #216169