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Deathrace 2010

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Deathrace 2010

Vehicular homicide is the way

Before you follow the road to the left (which is the proper path) instead turn right and go until you reach the barricade.  You will spot your next collectible here (Coffee Thermos 30/100), so hit B to get out of the truck and grab that now! 

Once you have the collectible turn around and follow the road and shortly ahead of you will appear a Taken -- what you want to do is slam on the go-button and then hit the boost button (A) and ram that bugger good.  Once he is down, back up and do it again to kill him!

Up the road are more Taken for you to run down with your truck -- is this cool or what?  These will re-spawn, so go ahead and have some fun with them; besides it being fun there is also an Achievement involved here ('Right of Way' - You have peeled 15 Taken off of your bumper') that is worth a cool 10 GP!

Ahead of you is a logging truck partially blocking the road.  Once you have killed the 15 Taken with your truck (which is hopefully still running - they do damage it when you hit them), pull up to the trailer and jump out.  Run up the path to the right of it to the shack there and go inside to find your next collectible (Supply Chest 8/30) with a pair of flares in it -- those are worth grabbing!

I had to hoof it from here as the truck died -- too much damage from too many bumper-meet-Taken events.  Sigh.  If you don't wreck the truck though you can actually drive it quite a ways...  The next Haven Light -- a short jog across the field -- is where we want to go now though.  When you do get there, look at the picnic table - see that?  Yes!  That is our next collectible (Can Pyramid 4/12) so let's shoot some cans!

There is a fully-loaded hunting rifle here, so go ahead and grab that now as you cannot have too much ammo, right?  As you follow the path towards the large red-and-white billboard you will spot the bridge that we need to cross -- on the other side if you go straight you will encounter a group of Taken near the truck with three brutes and a harder to kill one.  Kill them!

Past the truck is a tunnel that you want to visit -- not just because you can, or even should, but because inside it is our next collectible (Manuscript Page 32/106).  Reading this spells out your determination to rescue your wife -- but while we are on that subject, are you as confused as I am about it?  I mean on the one hand, we stayed in a cabin that basically was destroyed along with the island it sits on in July of 1970 and it is now 2010...  So okay, we stayed in a phantom island and our arrival there was engineered by that spooky old woman we met outside of the bathroom in the diner back in Bright Falls.  I can accept that.

The confusion begins with the call from the "kidnapper" on our cell phone.  Okay, first of all cell phones did not exist in 1970, and even if they did, how did that guy get our number?  More to the point, presuming that he is a ghost, or perhaps a character from our unpublished manuscript that was somehow brought to life -- that seems to be the most likely scenario based upon what he said and the way that the manuscript pages are reading -- how does he mesh with the cabin and the old woman?!  And if he is a character from the book, why was he afraid of us having the gun?  Normally I would not worry about it, because these things have a way of working themselves out as the story progresses, but in this case, I am not so sure that is going to happen!

Okay, I guess we will have to take a wait-and-see attitude here...  Turn around and exit the tunnel and then head to the right, following the fence to our next collectible (Coffee Thermos 31/100) which is sitting on the picnic table here.  Once we have that, continue to follow the path back to our cabin, where Barry is hiding.  As you approach the cabin you will see that the road is partially blocked by a trailer and truck, and beside the truck there is a box with a flare gun and some revolver ammo -- be certain to at least get the flare gun!  You are going to need it in a minute!

As you approach the stairs leading up to your cabin there is another box with supplies on it to the left of them that has another flare gun and flare ammo in case you did not get the one at the truck -- note though that these do not count as  Supply Chests for the Achievement...

BEFORE you go into the cabin, head around to the back towards the well, and you will find the next collectible (Supply Chest 9/30) which has some flare gun ammo in it.  This is an important resource, because we are going to do something next that involves it, and that normally I would not do in a game, but this is a special exception...

The Birds -- There is an Achievement in the game for killing a certain number of the Taken Birds, but it is one of those Achievements that is actually pretty hard to get playing normally, because there simply are not that many places where you can kill these things, and they are rather hard to kill under normal circumstances anyway!  So since we just obtained some ammo for the flare gun, this is a good time to go into rinse-and-repeat mode, and pick that Achievement off in a timely and convenient manner!

All that we need to do is arm the flare gun and start shooting the birds here -- there are a lot of them.  Once you have used up all of your ammo, simply reload the last checkpoint, and you have the ammo back.  Now kill birds, rinse-and-repeat, and you will quickly kill 1,000 birds and unlock the Achievement "If it Flies it Burns" for 20 GP!  Note that the statistics stay with you regardless of whether you hit a checkpoint, so you can reload the last checkpoint and still have the kills in your statistics.

Once you kill enough of them you tell Barry to open the door and you get a CS of the next morning, in which you relate your activities.  Barry gets a call from Rose, who has been taken...  And the episode ends!  At the end you will unlock the Achievement Park Ranger (15 GP).

Check your statistics now -- you should have the following:

• Manuscript Pages 32/106
• Coffee Thermos 31/100
• Can Pyramids 4/12
• Chests found 9/30
• Radio Programs 4/11
• Signs 6/25
• TV Programs 5/14

In the Achievement department you should have unlocked a minimum of the following:

• Under a Thin Layer of Skin (10 GP)
• Finders Keepers (20 GP)
• Damn Good Cup of Coffee (20 GP)
• Paging Mr. Wake (20 GP)
• The Six-Gun Scribe (20 GP)
• Park Ranger (15)

Collectible Items Ticklist

[ ] Can Pyramid 4/12
On the picnic table at the end of the road.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 30/100
At the barricade in the road to the right of the campground.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 31/100
On the picnic table to the right after exiting the tunnel.

[ ] Manuscript Page 32/106
At the end of the tunnel past the logging trucks.

[ ] Nightmare Mode Manuscript Page 95/106
This will appear on the path towards the end but only in the Nightmare Mode play-through!

[ ] Supply Chest 8/30
In the shack to the right of the jack-knifed logging truck in the road.

[ ] Supply Chest 9/30
Near the well behind the cabin on our way to rescue Barry.

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