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The Radio Station

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Radio Station

The Hidden Page and Thermos

As you approach the front of the radio station look at the base of the lit signs for your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 36/100) and grab it, then go inside the station.  When you enter Maine announces it over the air (Radio Program 7/11), and the cops show up. 

The FBI Agent arrives with the cops, and unlike all FBI Agents in real life, he is a loose cannon and starts shooting.  I don't really get this part of the game...  The FBI is one of the most professional law enforcement agencies in the world, they have the best trained agents in the world, and they simply would never behave like this...  So something is really off here.  I mean if it were the ATF I would understand, but the FBI?

Drop down and run to the path, where you will find your next collectible (Manuscript Page 37/106) hanging on the fence, so grab that and then head down the path.  If you are having the same luck as I am you are down to some flares and one flashbang, but you do not have to worry since if you do this right, you will not have to use any of those! 

At the mid-point of the path is a generator that you can start to create a Haven Light -- but there are also Taken there, so you are not getting that gennie going before they attack you.  Fortunately for you there is a revolver and ammo near the generator, so run to that and grab it, then use your light and the revolver to kill the Taken, and then you can safely start the generator and have yourself a checkpoint!  Yay you!

Now for the tricky part -- your next collectible is nearby, but it is not on the path you would normally follow, and can be considered one of the hidden collectibles I suppose.  What you want to do is take the path to the right of the light (as you face it) and follow that to the wall, and then follow the wall to the left where you will find a path leading up the mountain to the broadcast tower -- and the collectible (Manuscript Page 38/106).  Next to the collectible are two flares you will want to grab too.

On your way back down as you reach the first switchback you will be attacked by some crows -- just use your light to kill them -- and after that, instead of turning to the left on the switchback, head out on to the spur ahead, where you will find your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 37/100) right on the edge of the cliff.  Check out that view!  You have a bird's eye of the station and the surrounding area!

You will be attacked a few more times on the way down by small groups of birds, but if you use the nearby trees to dodge around you can easily take them out with your torch without taking damage.

As you progress down the path you will encounter a pickup truck that belongs to the local power company.  Near the back is a portable light that you can turn on, a flare, and a loaded revolver, so grab those, and then carefully look around you.  Nearby are some buildings -- go to the larger shed and you will find a shotgun and ammo, which you should quickly take as you are about to be swarmed!

Use your torch to drive the shadows away from two or three of the Taken, and then use the shotgun to kill several with one shot to unlock the Achievement "Two For the Price of One" and an easy 10 GP!  Now take out the rest however you like, and then head over to the smaller shed where you will find the next collectible (Can Pyramid 5/12).  After you shoot that it will unlock the Achievement "Carny" for another 10 GP, and then you can grab some batteries and revolver ammo on and near the table!

Now return to the first shack as if you were getting the shotgun again, but this time turn and exit by the door on your right, and head straight until you find the next collectible (Manuscript Page 39/106).  Now turn around and follow the path towards the shotgun shed, but when you clear the trees take the right path to the small shed here, and go inside to snag the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 38/100). 

Leave the shed and continue along the trail to the right and you will find another page on a rock to the right of the path (Manuscript Page 40/106).  Continue along and you will see a Haven Light with a supply box -- empty the box and then continue -- after you get a phone call from Alice begging for help, you will continue along and find, on a tree, the next collectible (Manuscript Page 41/106) which you should grab.

Facing the stump, turn around and cross the trail and head for the nearby shed, where you will find a supply chest (Supply Chest 11/30) which you should empty.  You will get batteries and 3 flares from the chest, and you will find shotgun ammo and revolver ammo on two shelves as well.

Return to the path and head towards the railroad bridge.


Collectible Items Ticklist

[ ] Can Pyramid 5/12
On the table in the smaller shed after the electric company truck.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 36/100
At the base of the lit signs outside of the radio station.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 37/100
On the edge of the cliff on the way down from the radio tower after the crows attack.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 38/100
In the second small shed after getting the page off of the fence.

[ ] Manuscript Page 37/106
On the fence just after leaving the radio station.

[ ] Manuscript Page 38/106
Along the wall to the right of the Haven Light.

[ ] Manuscript Page 39/106
On the fence after the shotgun shed.

[ ] Manuscript Page 40/106
On the right side of the trail after the thermos.

[ ] Manuscript Page 41/106
On the right side of the trail on a tree.

[ ] Supply Chest 11/30
Off of the path after finding the page on the stump.

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