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Elderwood National Park

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Elderwood National Park

Rusty Boss Fight

The chapter begins with a CS in which you narrate a bit while Barry drives you to the park, where you encounter Rose from the diner, your biggest fan!  You harsh on her with Barry, who blows some of that harsh back in your face.  I think Barry likes Rose, or at least likes the fact that she is a fan, and he comments that she even has her own fan site dedicated to you!

After you head inside you have the chance to snag your first collectible -- see that sign under the bones that reads "Buck-Toothed Charlie?  Yeah, click on that (Sign 3/25) for some interesting factoids, and then head over to Barry.  Behind him on the counter is your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 18/100) which you should snag before having your conversation with Barry.

You are prompted to have a chat with Rusty -- he is out on the deck looking after a hurt dog.  He tells you where the registration form is, and tells you about what happened to Max.  Go grab the form and continue the chat with Barry, and then take the form to Rusty.  He takes the form and gives you the keys, and then the directions you ask him for.

Pay attention to Rusty's warning about the bear traps mate, because they really are out there.  Also note his concerns about some missing campers...

Back inside Barry continues his harangue of you, and then you exit the center and get a CS with Barry at the cabin.  Barry does not approve of the plan, and maybe thinks you are a little nuts, but he is willing to help in any way that he can.  He agrees to wait for you and, if you are not back by morning, to call in the cops.

Now head downstairs and into the kitchen to grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 19/100), and then exit the cabin and work your way around to the back yard and snag the next Thermos (Coffee Thermos 20/100) off of the steps of the hot tub on your back deck.

Head back around front and take the steps down to the right, where you see a page next to the yellow truck (Manuscript Page 16/106).  Say, you have been reading the pages when you get them, right?  I mean they are a major part of the story -- and they give you details you sort of need too.  You haven't? Well now is a good time!

Around the first curve to the left as you head down the road is another cabin (on the right side of the road).  Head inside and you will find a radio on the table (Radio Program 4/11).  Take a quick look around -- there is revolver ammo in the closet, so grab that, and then watch the shadow of a man walk past the window.  Freaky.

Head back outside and continue down the road to the next cabin, where you will discover the windows broken and the place trashed.  Inside is a TV -- go ahead and flip that on and watch the program (TV Program 4/14) -- then exit the cabin and return to the road as there is nothing else to find here.  A short ways down you will see a phone booth on the right with a trail running off to the right behind it.  Go ahead and follow that trail to the picnic shelter above and grab the next collectible (Manuscript Page 17/106) and then return to the road.

Ahead on the left is a small SUV that has been abandoned, and sitting on its back deck is the next collectible (Manuscript Page 18/106) that tells the details of the death of Rusty.  Rusty is dead?!  Oh man!

As you approach the Visitor Center you get a flashback and then a gunfight errupts ahead at the Center and you hear Rusty yelling for help -- wait, he is not dead yet??  We run towards the center but before you head to Rusty see that shed just past the abandoned truck on the left?  Run in there and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 21/100) and then head for Rusty!

As you exit the shed run straight ahead and under the fallen tree -- on the low stone wall on your right is the next collectible (Manuscript Page 19/106).  Once you have that, run past the stairs and to the right around the back of this building and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 22/100) that is sitting at the base of the tree here.

Run back around to the front of the building (this is the Ranger's Offices) and across the parking lot to the Visitor Center -- the door and windows have been smashed in and Rusty is laying in a trail of his own blood in the back.  Go talk to him -- he gives you his keys and tells a very disturbing story about finding a page from your manuscript!   The page is in his office in the other building, so head there now!

You use the keys to unlock the door and you enter, then head down the hall where you find the page on the floor (Manuscript Page 20/106).  Go inside the office and you will find a gun cabinet with batteries and ammo in it -- grab those now -- then head into the next room.  You are too late!  Someone destroyed the circuit breaker with an ax!

You hear Rusty screaming as he is again being attacked by the Taken, but this time as you run to him you discover that the ground has these oily patches -- you view them as liquid darkness -- and they explode when you shine your light on them!

As you approach the entrance to the Visitor Center a pair of Taken appear -- and you kill them -- then head inside.  Rusty's body is gone and something has torn a king-sized hole in the wall to the right!  Not only that, but a Taken voice that is channeling Jim Carey but saying things that Rusty might say is now talking to you.  I am starting to suspect that Rusty has been converted and we are going to have to kill his Taken form!

Head through the hole and into the yard and as you approach the shed Taken Rusty will appear on the roof and come after you!  After you kill him you unlock the Achievement "Under a Thin Layer of Skin" for 10 GP, and then you should re-supply your ammo from the shed and kill the pair of Taken that appear next, before you run to the far opposite corner of the yard where the gate has been broken and where the path continues.  As you follow that down there are some more sound effects, and then you approach a covered set of stairs with a light where you can rest and regain your health.

Heading down the stairs here to the right, you get a call from Barry -- and when the call is over, head along the path towards the next light.  A little over halfway to it you will find a picnic table made from split logs, and on this is the next collectible (Manuscript Page 21/106).  Follow the path to the steps where there is a red supply box with batteries and ammo -- take what you need -- and then head down the steps.

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