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Bright Falls Light & Power

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Bright Falls Light & Power

Crossing the bridge

As the chapter starts you end up alone on the ground -- the Sheriff and Barry fly off in the chopper and then some birds attack you.  Defend yourself as best you can against the birds, and once that threat is removed, follow the fence to the right and it will be on a Jersey Barrier there -- you score your first collectible of the chapter (Coffee Thermos 80/100)! 

Now before we do anything else, head over to the shack by the gate and grab some kit -- because yes, once again we have lost our kit!  Inside is a revolver, some batteries, and an unlimited revolver ammo dump.  Man I miss that pump shotgun! 

Using the revolver shoot the chains that are holding the door closed -- it may take a few shots -- after which you will be attacked by some Taken.  Fight them off, and if you get in trouble there is a Haven Light inside that you can back into to heal!  On shelves inside are more supplies so grab those, and then glory!  A pump shotgun!  Sweet!

Now head up the ramp and climb over the fence to the other side of the building and you will see a lit button to push -- it is a radio that you can play and I am not sure if it would count for the radio program collection since we have already completed that.  It would be cool if it did though, because that would mane that there are more radios than you need...

As you move away from the radio you will get jumped by a large number of Taken -- back yourself into a corner so they cannot get at you from behind and fight them off!  The tactic that worked best for me was to back myself into the corner by the radio where I first dropped down and then, using the torch, flares, and shotgun, take them out as they came at me.  That worked best.

Our next collectible is ahead (Coffee Thermos 81/100) in the rear of this area, sitting in a pipe near the floor.  After you leave the building there is a Haven Light and checkpoint ahead, and then as you follow the path you will need to drop down to the level below.  When you do that, immediately turn to the left and you will find the next supply chest (Supply Chest 23/30).  In this chest is a flare and a grenade -- I am not sure which I was happier to see but mostly both!

Use the button to open the gate and then immediately look left for a Taken.  Hit him with your torch to drive him back into the live wires behind him to kill him.  Now you will see a page on the ground there -- we cannot get that just yet -- so follow the main path around and go down the sitars and turn to the left where there is a box you can open to turn on a light.  Grab the supplies here and then continue forward and to the left, kill some Taken, then work your way around and through the gate and we will obtain the page we saw earlier (Manuscript Page 82/106) .

Turn around and continue along the path here and you will find a red supply box with batteries, revolver and shotgun ammo, and flares in it.  Empty it and then turn and follow the path some more, looping up past the transformers where you will be attacked by a pair of brutes.  With them dead, head down the opposite stairs and turn right to grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 82/100).

Use the lift ahead to get on top of the trailer where you will find a red chair with the next collectible (Manuscript Page 83/106).  Drop down and head to the Haven Light and checkpoint, then follow the path to the road, where you will encounter a dedication sign for the bridge -- read that (Sign 18/25).  Now run across and to the right to the control room and grab the next collectible just outside (Coffee Thermos 83/100).

At the door to the control room you are attacked by a Taken -- kill it and then go inside.  On the right you will find a flare gun and some pistol ammo.  To the left batteries and flare gun ammo as well as the bridge controls.  Use the controls to cause the bridge to rotate, then run outside and jump on!  Some birds will attack, just pull out your trusty flare fun and kill them, then wait for this end of the bridge to reach the other side and jump off!

Head into the control room on this side for our next collectibles (Coffee Thermos 84/100) and a TV shoe (TV Program 13/14).  There is another fully-loaded pump shotgun on the counter here as well as some shotgun shells and a flare, so be sure to grab those while you watch the TV show.  When it is done -- and this is one you really should watch unless you are in a hurry -- exit the control room and continue along the path, and the Sheriff and Barry show up to provide you with some assistance from above with their spotlight.

You can now cover the path between the road and the power plant without having to burn through your batteries thanks to them, so take your time and kill the Taken as they are de-shadowed and you will arrive at the next Haven Light healthy, happy, and ready for the checkpoint!

 As you reach the light you will note the yellow arrow on the rock -- there is a chest near the building so head there and open it (Supply Chest 24/30) and grab the flare gun ammo and grenades.  If you have trouble finding this it is to the right of the Haven Light near the water -- if you went along the path under the pipes you went the wrong way!

Follow the path around the building and then drop down into the parking lot below.  Near a shed on the left is our next collectible (Coffee Thermos 85/100), and once you have that head towards the main door to the building on the other side of the parking lot.  There is a small yellow sign on the right side of the door -- read that (Sign 19/25).

As you step in front of the door a CS plays, and you meet the old woman!  She has been expecting you, and invites you inside.  There are supplies here, so do not be shy about stocking up!  Inside her bedroom you will find the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 86/100).  Weaver tells you about the switch and then sends you out into the night to push it!

Head out and to the right and follow the path, taking out the Taken as encountered, until you reach the next Haven Light.  Here you have to figure out the path to the switch -- which is not all that complicated really.  As you approach the controls there is a sign (Sign 20/25) for the Floodgate controls.  Read that and then use the third switch (farthest on the right) to extend the walkway, then use the second switch (middle one) to extend the other two.  Ignore the first switch completely!

With all three walkways extended run down to the first one then jump across to the other two and head right to the switch.  Stop and pull out your pistol and look to the right of the switch for our next collectible (Can Pyramid 10/12).  Shoot the cans, and then pull the switch!  This unlocks the Achievement "Gatekeeper" for 10 GP.

Right, so you accomplished your goal, but there is a suck factor involved here, because now you have to get back to Weaver, and the walkways are going in and out, which means you basically have to time your jumps on them so that you do not die!  You will die, no one is that lucky, but hey, it is a lessone learned, and eventually we will get past this mess!

Fight your way back to Weaver then fol,low her through the pipes, and then you get a CS, after which you will find the next collectible (Manuscript Page 84/106) ahead on a rock.  Run ahead to the next Haven Light and checkpoint as you are attacked by birds, then keep following the path   Ignore the fallen tree that will just lead you back to where you already were, so continue on the path until you drop down (and are again attacked) then head for the crash site.

When you reach the chopper it is deserted and there are no bodies, so head up the hill, grabbing the flare on the way, and you will see the Sheriff and Barry ahead, defending themselves against a major Taken attack.  Run in and help defend them, and once you have the Taken defeated, head over the building here then go up just past it where you will find supplies (Supply Chest 25/30).

After you get the supplies continue along the path to the next Haven Light, where there are more supplies, and a checkpoint.  That is always a good thing.

We now know where the elevator is that we need to use, so it is time to head up the hill towards it, and as we do we encounter a gang of the really fast Taken -- and kill them I hope!  Either way we eventually reach the Haven Light, and then following the path we encounter a large concrete pipe with our next collectible in it (Coffee Thermos 87/100).

Call the lift and then defend against another attack until the lift arrives, at which point you should climb on and hit the button!  When you get off of the lift above, look to the right for your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 88/100).  Once you have it, the Sheriff will tell you to hold the button to open the door but, before you do, read the sign beside it (Sign 21/25).  Now hold the button, and Barry and the Sheriff will get inside.  Unfortunately you will not, because something goes wrong.

You tell them to continue, that you will work your way around, and then you are attacked by possessed wire spools.  Kill them then hop over the fence and grab the next collectible (Manuscript Page 85/106) which is on the ground to the right after the fence.  Follow the path here until you reach the Haven Light and a checkpoint, then continue on to the top, taking out the birds as you go.

Climb the ladder nearby and go to the searchlight, which you will use to slay the incoming Taken attack!  Once you kill enough of them, the boss of the Taken, the Dark Tornado, finally puts in a meaningful appearance!  RUN!

You will make your way along, down, and through the dam until you reach a building.  Go in and run down the winding staircase and, at the bottom, grab the last collectible for this chapter (Coffee Thermos 89/100)!

Whatever that thing is it is really mad at you!  Keep running until you reach the next lift with Weaver, Barry, and the Sheriff on it, and get in!  You ride the lift down and enter the vault, where you find a special page left by the other author.  You hear the story of the clicker!  So how is it that this can be?  Was Tom actually Alan's father?  Hmm...

As this Episode ends and the new one begins you unlock the Achievement "The Lady of the Light" that is worth 20 GP.


Collectible Item Ticklist

[ ] Can Pyramid 10/12
To the right of the kill switch.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 80/100
Along the fence in the first area after the birds are killed.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 81/100
In a pipe in the back area of the second half of the power warehouse.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 82/100
Past the transformers on the right after fighting the pair of brutes.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 83/100
Just outside the bridge control room near the corner.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 84/100
In the bridge control room on the other side of the river.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 85/100
Near the shed in the power plant parking lot.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 86/100
Inside the Lady of the Light's bedroom in the corner on the floor.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 87/100
In the large pipe just before we get to the elevator.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 88/100
On the right after you exit the lift.

[ ] Manuscript Page 82/106
On the ground in the transformer yard after you reach the Haven Light and fight a group of Taken.

[ ] Manuscript Page 83/106
On top of the trailer ahead using the lift to access it.

[ ] Manuscript Page 84/106
In the pipe after the CS.

[ ] Manuscript Page 85/106
On the ground after you jump over the fence.

[ ] Nightmare Mode Manuscript Page 100/106
Next to the yellow bus just past the bridge as you follow the path.

[ ] Nightmare Mode Manuscript Page 101/106
On a rock near the wire spools and fence on the way to the switch.

[ ] Nightmare Mode Manuscript Page 102/106
On a stump to the right as you approach the helicopter crash site.

[ ] Sign 18/25
The bridge dedication sign on the way to the control room.

[ ] Sign 19/25
To the right of the door leading into the power plant.

[ ] Supply Chest 24/30
Near the water to the right of the Haven Light after you are helped by the Sheriff to get to the outskirts of the power plant.

[ ] Supply Chest 25/30
Just past the building after the big fight past the chopper crash site.

[ ] TV Program 13/14
On a TV inside the second bridge control room.

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