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3: Ransom
On the Run

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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3: Ransom

NOTE: A ticklist for the collectible items is included at the end of each chapter -- you will want to review this before you begin the chapters to familiarize yourself with these. 

On the Run

Using the Spotlight

As the first chapter of Episode 3 begins you get a call from the Sheriff -- there is an FBI Agent waiting for you at the jail -- and Barry is convinced that Rose is the bomb!  You agree to see the agent, but first you stop by the trailer park where you meet the park manager, Randolph.  Barry fills you in on the strange happenings of the area, including the story of the island.

Follow Randolph until he shows you the boat that fell out of the sky -- turn to the right and you will see the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 32/100) on a picnic table next to the trailer on the other side of the path.  Once you have that, continue to follow Randolph, and he will take you to Rose's trailer, at which point you will get a CS and learn that all is not well in Casa Rose!

When you wake up the TV pops on (TV Program 6/14), and once that finishes, take a quick look around -- Rose has something of a shrine on you, which is spooky in its own right.  Also, where the hell is Barry?!

Head out to the kitchen and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 33/100) off of the counter there, before you assess Barry and ignore Rose.  Leave -- that would be best -- after all you have lost a day, and no doubt the cops and the FBI Agent are now pissed at you for not showing up...

Outside you find another collectible (Manuscript Page 33/106), and you notice that both your gun and torch are gone.  Man you have really bad luck holding on to those, don't you?

Go straight ahead past the dumpsters and you will see a radio on the porch of the trailer ahead -- play that (Radio Program 5/11).  Once the program is over follow the path and you will trigger a CS with the police and the Fed.  Clearly the Fed wants you dead -- he starts shooting at you even though you are clearly not armed, and he puts a civilian in danger!  Dood, you have some serious problems with the cops!

You roll through the broken fence and into the forest and the CS ends.  Your main goal now is to escape the police, and that means running into the forest, but remember you do not have your gun or your torch!  The trail is pretty long here, just keep running until you are blocked by a rock and have to jump up, at which point you drop down a short distance to where the path resumes, the sound of the police in the background.

Ahead of you on the left is the next collectible (Manuscript Page 34/106) which you grab, and after you read it, continue down the path.  Ahead a police car crashes -- run up the road to the right of where the car crashed and you will find the next collectible (Manuscript Page 35/106).  Run back up the road past the police car to the right and up the stairs to the Haven Light, and then proceed along the path and over the bridge, where you find another crashed police car!

As you run along the path a helicopter appears and they shoot at you, but before they can really hurt you a flock of dark birds takes the chopper out!  Ahead of you there is a tower -- make for that and when you arrive go up the steps.  There is a binoculars mounted there, use it to zoom in on the chopper crash site -- hey!  It crashed right across the highway from Stucky's gas station!  Small world!

Inside the tower is our next collectible (Coffee Thermos 34/100) so grab that.  You can turn on the radio here and listen to the police chatter, which gives you some news on what is happening.  Both Barry and Rose seem to be okay, which is good to know.  If you use the second set of binoculars on the other side of the deck you can spot the lights of the radio station in the distance...

Head back down and follow the path and as you pass through the gate you get a Focus Prompt that shows you the radio station, and the narrative makes it clear that this is your next destination.  As you progress along the path the darkness makes itself felt at the gates ahead, and you realize you cannot go that way, so you loop around to the left and find a searchlight that has no power.  To the right of the light is a wooden ramp -- climb that to find your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 35/100).

Ahead here is a shed with a generator that powers the searchlight -- go crank that up and quickly run to the searchlight and point it at the gate below.  It will quit, and you need to run back to the gennie and kick the tank back into alignment before starting it again, which will fry the darkness with its light!  Excellent!  Now we can run down and pass through the now open gate and run down the wooden stairs here.

Eventually we come to a shed where we find a flashlight -- very good because the next gates are infested with darkness!  Using the torch, defeat the gates and then pass through, and we find Unit 51 -- another crashed police car -- and strewn about it are 6 flashbang grenades.  Pick those up, they will very shortly save your life!

As you move along 3 Taken appear - the flashbang will insta-kill all three!  Excellent!  You do not need to do it, but at this point if you want to get the Flashbang Achievement out of the way, well, this is probably the best place to do it since you just hit a checkpoint after acquiring the grenades, and there are three Taken that appear quickly after you reload the checkpoint.  I am just saying, if Achievements are your thing, well, this is a convenient spot to nail that one down.

As you move along the path you will see the Haven Light ahead - get to that and there are more flash-bang grenades and then turn on the radio and listen to the program (Radio Program 6/11).  Head across the nearby bridge and immediately turn to the right and grab the next collectible here (Manuscript Page 36/106), and then continue on the path.  Note that there are five Taken in the group that attacks you on the other side of the bridge, so if you time your throw correctly you should get them all with one flash-bang, which should earn you the Achievement "Sound and Fury" and an easy 10 GP!

On the path ahead as you reach the police car you will notice that there is a painted arrow -- follow the arrows to the next collectible (Supply Chest 10/30) which contains some batteries and three flares.  here is a generator here and if you start it up it creates a Haven Light here for you to use as a checkpoint save.  Now head for the police car and get the grenades out of its trunk and continue along the path ahead.

Collectible Item Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 32/100
On a picnic table in the trailer park.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 33/100
On the kitchen counter in Rose's trailer.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 34/100
Inside the spotting tower next to the stove.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 35/100
On the rock at the top of the wooden ramp near the searchlight.

[ ] Manuscript Page 33/106
On the ground outside of Rose's trailer after you wake up.

[ ] Manuscript Page 34/106
On the side of the path once you are running from the cops.

[ ] Manuscript Page 35/106
On the road to the right of the crashed police car.

[ ] Manuscript Page 36/106
On the bank on the other side of the bridge from the Haven Light.

[ ] Radio Program 5/11
On the porch of the trailer after you leave Rose's trailer.

[ ] Radio Program 6/11
On a crate near the Haven Light after you get the flashbang grenades.

[ ] Radio Program 7/11
Automatic as part of the story when you arrive at the radio station and talk to Maine.

[ ] Supply Chest 10/30
On the path to the right of the police car after the bridge.

[ ] TV Program
You see this automatically after the CS in Rose's trailer.

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Comments for 3: Ransom
On the Run

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Feb 28th 2011 Guest
Thank God -- We thought you'd never leave! All you ever did was complain anyway, sheesh!
ID #30916
Feb 28th 2011 Guest
This guide sucks. Too many spoilers and vaguely describes locations of collectibles. Just because you noticed something doesn't mean I will and the TV in Rose's trailer isn't a TV program as it doesn't count towards the achievement. Night Springs only. I'm going to from now on.
ID #30915