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Mirror Peak

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Mirror Peak

Dilapidated Mansion

Climb down and then use the stairs to go to the bottom of the area where you will be attacked by death birds and find the generator that powers both a Haven Light and the cable car that we need to use to cross this ravine.  After you fend off the birds, start the generator and then grab the nearby supplies before you climb onto the cable car and use its controls.  About half-way across things to a little sideways thanks to the birds, but we manage to hold them off until the car is almost to the end, where it collapses.

We are attacked by some Taken, and then make our way up to where the car should have arrived, to discover our next collectible item, a Can Pyramid (Can Pyramid 6/12)!  Shoot that and then head along the path to the next Haven Light, where we find our next collectible Sign (Sign 9/25) that tells us all about Cauldron Lake, useful information to have!

Make sure that you empty the red supply chest at the light prior to continuing on from this point.

Head over the nearby suspension bridge for a fight with the Taken who are protecting the peak, and then once you reach the other side make your way up and to the left to snag the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 50/100).   Follow the cliff face along the trail to the second large rock, behind which is the next supply chest (Supply Chest 14/30).

Back on the path turn left at the broken bridge and go down the path there to the next collectible (Manuscript Page 53/106) that is sitting on the rocks.   Follow the path around to the side of the cliff and then turn around and head up, knocking down first one wooden section and then kicking down another to gain access. 

At the top is an old dilapidated stone building to which you gain entrance via its cellar, kicking in the door.  Inside their are painted messages on the wall -- mostly to someone named Tom?  Oh! Thomas Zane the writer!  Right, back on the plot here!

There are supplies scattered around the second floor, and when you make your way up to the third floor it collapses dropping you back down, and you are attacked by Taken.   After you defeat them head back upstairs and jump the gap at the end, exiting the house via the collapsed balcony in the rear.  When you reach the ground turn to face the house and then head around the right corner to the gate, where you will find the next to last collectible for this chapter (Coffee Thermos 51/100).

Follow the path down the slope to the wooden stairs, when you will begin narrating your concerns.  On the stairs is the last collectible for this chapter (Manuscript Page 54/106),  and then continue down the path.  You hear the kidnapper confessing to someone, and you run only to trigger a CS in which the darkness takes the kidnapper before you can question him!  You fall into the water and someone -- you do not know who -- saves you!


Collectible Item Ticklist

[ ] Can Pyramid 6/12
On the rail at the base of the cable car station.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 50/100
To the left and up after crossing the suspension bridge.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 51/100
Around the corner of the dilapidated house near the gate after the floor collapse and you get outside.

[ ] Manuscript Page 53/106
On a rock along the path to the left of the broken bridge.

[ ] Manuscript Page 54/106
On the stairs down the path after you leave the dilapidated house.

[ ] Sign 9/25
At the Haven Light after the cable car station.

[ ] Supply Chest 14/30
Behind the second large rock along the cliff face to the left of the trail after the bridge.

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