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4: The Truth
Cauldron Lake Lodge

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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4: The Truth

NOTE: A ticklist for the collectible items is included at the end of each chapter -- you will want to review this before you begin the chapters to familiarize yourself with these. 

Cauldron Lake Lodge

Escaping from the Lodge

As the chapter begins you get a weird CS in which Alice and Dr. Hartman morph into and out of each other, and you learn you have been drugged. You wake up in a room -- your room -- in the lodge, with a typewriter like the one from the cabin earlier.  Hartman shows up to chat with you and then asks you to follow him.  Hartman leads you on a tour of the facility and tells you about what he dies -- quite an ego on this guy!  As you follow him outside you will notice a sundial -- go to it and read the sign on it (Sign 10/25).

After you look out over the lake a storm rolls in and Hartman takes you back inside the Lodge.  The tour continues inside, as does his ego ride, and then you are more or less on your own.  Head around the fireplace to the desk for the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 52/100), and once you have it turn around and face the door -- the book cover poster is the next sign you need to read (Sign 11/25) so move to the door and read it now.

Resume following Hartman into the hall and you will see the next sign (Sign 12/25) on the right side of the hallway.  Read that for the official PR welcome to the Lodge, and then  you will get a CS in which you are handed the next collectible automatically (Manuscript Page 55/106). 

On your way back to your room a TV on the right up the stairs will turn on by itself -- stop and watch the program (TV Program 9/14) -- then turn around to the right and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 53/100) on the railing near the window.  Once you have that, head back to your room for a CS, and then leave your room and head back downstairs.  You will pick up your next collectible (Manuscript Page 56/106) on the way.

When you get downstairs and reach the argument take the keys off of the unconscious nurse and go to Hartman's office -- in the office head to the right and pick up the next collectible (Manuscript Page 57/106) on the small table, and then head over to Hartman's desk where you will find a tape recorder.  Play the recorder a total of three times in order to unlock the Achievement "Medical Opinions" for 10 GP.

After you finish listening to the tapes head out of the office and examine the photo on the wall outside -- it shows Hartman with the kidnapper!  As yo move down the hall you hear Barry yelling - he is locked in in the next room, so let him out already!  After your reunion with Barry go into the room and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 54/100) on the window sill.

Open the locked door and go into Hartman's private office.  You pick up your pages and the revolver and then confront Hartman!  You receive the next collectible (Manuscript Page 58/106) automatically as part of this CS, and then you have to bail in a hurry!

Head upstairs and fire up the generator to get rid of most of the possessed threat, and then

On your way out you will be confronted by a pair of bear statues -- use a flare to make them go away, and you will see a TV near you that you should quickly turn on and watch to unlock the Achievement "Boob Tube" for 5 GP.

Yeah, a Verizon Wireless commercial -- I wonder how much they paid for that? 

After the TV turns off turn around and look at the end table on the left for the next collectible (Manuscript Page 59/106).  Ahead the hall is blocked by a locked door but a possessed chandelier will break down the door for you -- then use it by luring it to the next set of doors and dodging out of its way to break out of the Lodge!

Once you are outside, turn to the right and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 55/100) off of the short wall of the planter here then go down the stairs and read the sign by the statue (Sign 13/25) before you see Barry to get his hand torch and use it to destroy the possessed gate then head through to the Haven Light where you also checkpoint.

You need to head through the hedge maze now -- but first grab the supplies on the table!  Now into the maze, take a right and then another right and finally a left to arrive at a tree with the next collectible (Manuscript Page 60/106).  Now follow the path past the tree, going left, left, then right and right to reach the courtyard with the bench.  From there take three lefts and you will find the next collectible (Manuscript Page 61/106) on a bench.

You exit the hedge maze at a Haven Light -- and ahead of you are some Taken.  Kill them then head to the gazebo ahead and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 56/100) from the floor of the gazebo .  There is also a flare gun, and in the red chest some batteries and ammo.

Follow the path to the next Haven Light and checkpoint, and once you heal, head into the shed here and grab the shotgun and ammo, then the next collectible (Manuscript Page 62/105).  Fight your way along to the gates that you have to use your torch on, and then just past those you will pick up your next collectibles (Manuscript Page 63/106) on the ground and Can Pyramid (Can Pyramid 7/12) on the wall.  Once you have those two, head to the next Haven Light and grab the supplies there.

Follow the path here along the wall then right and you will see the yellow arrow that indicates a supply chest is nearby!  Follow the arrows to the chest (Supply Chest 15/30) and grab the flare gun and ammo from it, then backtrack to the path and head up the stairs, where you will find the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 57/100) along with more supplies on a table ahead.

You will see Barry at the end of the long path ahead -- either go ahead and talk to him to trigger the big fight with the Taken, and then head to the opposite end of the path for the next collectible (Manuscript Page 64/106) or get it and then trigger the fight -- either way that is the last collectible for this chapter, so good on ya mate!


Collectible Item Ticklist

[ ] Can Pyramid 7/12
On the wall by the manuscript page.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 52/100
On the front desk in the Lodge after the tour by Hartman.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 53/100
On the railing near the window after watching the TV.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 54/100
On the window sill in the room that Barry is locked in.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 55/100
Near the door on the half-wall of the planter after you escape from the Lodge.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 56/100
On the floor of the gazebo after you exit the hedge maze.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 57/100
On a table with some supplies just past the next Haven Light that is at the top of the stairs.

[ ] Manuscript Page 55/106
You are handed this in the CS after the tour ends.

[ ] Manuscript Page 56/106
On the stairs on your way down after the CS in your room at the Lodge.

[ ] Manuscript Page 57/106
On the small table to the right of the door in Hartman's office.

[ ] Manuscript Page 58/106
You receive this automatically in the CS.

[ ] Manuscript Page 59/106
On the end table after you watch the TV.

[ ] Manuscript Page 60/106
At the tree in the hedge maze.

[ ] Manuscript Page 61/106
On a bench in the hedge maze.

[ ] Manuscript Page 62/106
In the shed near the Haven Light after the gazebo.

[ ] Manuscript Page 63/106
On the ground a little ways past the gates you destroy with your light, just by the stairs.

[ ] Manuscript Page 64/106
At the opposite end of the path out of the chapter from Barry.

[ ] Sign 10/25
On the sundial in the yard of the Lodge.

[ ] Sign 11/25
The book cover sign beside the main door to the lodge.

[ ] Sign 12/25
On the right hand wall in the hallway after leaving the main room.

[ ] Sign 13/25
By the statue after exiting the Lodge.

[ ] Supply Chest 15/30
After the Haven Light as you follow the arrows along the path.

[ ] TV Program 9/14
On the stairs in the Lodge on the way back to your room.

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Cauldron Lake Lodge


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