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Anderson Farm

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Anderson Farm

Challenge of the Gods

The chapter begins with a hectic ride down the highway -- and somehow Barry managed to not only save that cardboard cut-out but bring it with him?!  You tell Barry that you are headed for the Anderson Farm -- Barry is not happy about that -- but he is along for the ride, and he is your friend, no doubt about it.  You explain what you think is happening, and like a true friend even though he does not really believe you, Barry sticks with you.

Just as everything is going smoothly a rock slide takes out the truck you are in, and once again you two are separated.  Not only that, you once again managed to lose ALL of your kit!  Here is an idea Alan - they are called POCKETS!  You put stuff in them, and then you do not LOSE the stuff every time you fall down a hill or out of a crashing vehicle!  I am just saying...

Right, so we are now on our own again -- as it should be -- and ready to resume our epic journey down the path of darkness and light!  Follow the path all the way to the portable light at the entrance to the mine.  As you cross the space between there and the tracks a bunch of possessed stuff comes to life -- try to avoid all that, hey?  Now, at the light stop, turn around and run to the end of the wooden pier to the left to grab your first collectible for this chapter (Coffee Thermos 58/100).

Run all the way into the mine to where it is sealed-off and you will find your next collectible pinned to the barricade there (Manuscript Page 65/106), so go ahead and take that.  Exit the mine and, while avoiding a lot more possessed stuff, follow the path to the left as you exit, going around to the right and up the slope to the upper mine area, where you will find a light overhead that you can move using a wheel.  Move the light so that it is directly over the gates to the right and then go up the stairs behind the light.  You will see the next collectible (Manuscript Page 66/106) on the ground near the generator that you have to start ahead in order to continue.

With the gates now destroyed, backtrack to them and pass through and you will find a hand torch in the shed ahead -- well, not perfect, but it is a start!  Ahead is a generator that you need to start, but if you try to just run to it and start it the Taken will kill you.  Basically you need to grab the torch, lure them to this end of the path, and then run like hell to the gennie and get it started before they catch up!

Now head to the next Haven Light and then once you are rested continue on the path to the campsite with the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 59/100).  There is also a heavy-duty hand torch there, so go ahead and swap the one that you have for it before you continue along the path!

Use the light to destroy the gate ahead and then continue on the path to the bright glowing light and brief CS in which you have the next collectible delivered to you (Manuscript Page 67/106).  Ahead those glowing dots are not pages, they are bear traps, so be wicked careful here and avoid them as you navigate the path, right?

Grab the three flares on the ground and then head towards the light ahead, and you will find the next collectible (Manuscript Page 68/106) on the ground just before the generator that powers the Haven Light.  There is a shotgun here - take it - and then go into the dilapidated building here and grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 60/100) before you continue along the path.  Note - to get the coffee thermos here you are going to have to kill the Taken that is upstairs, which will leave you with one shotgun shell.  There are three more taken on the path on the way tot he next Haven Light -- obviously you cannot kill them!  You are just going to have to run and dodge your way to the next lite mate, there is no other way!

Fortunately the next light is at the cabin, so head to the door and you will hear someone screaming and pleading and then some gun shots.  Immediately go to the left into the dining room and get the shotgun shells from the table, then load your shotgun!  Now in the kitchen is our next collectible so grab that (Coffee Thermos 61/100) and then explore the cabin. 

Upstairs is the guy you saw in the jail the other day -- pick up the revolver and ammo, then listen to him as he tells his story.  Now search the room and you will find the TV (TV Program 10/14) which you should watch, and then head downstairs and kill Danny before climbing out the broken window.

Go up onto the porch in the back of the cabin from here and pick up your next collectible (Manuscript Page 69/106).  Before you get in the truck to leave, head down the bulkhead and into the cellar of the cabin to find the storage chest (Storage Chest 16/30) and grab the flare and flashbang from it.  Okay, it is time to jump in the truck now!

Drive until you reach the tractor on the ight side of the road and stop.  Get out and pick up your next collectible\ (Coffee Thermos 62/100) and then jump in and keep driving until you reach the fork in the road and stop.  Get out and head to the right, then grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 63/100) next to yet another tractor!

Get back in the truck and continue straight on the road to the cabin ahead, stop and get out.  Inside is a chest (Supply Chest 17/30) that has some grenades you will want to grab, as well as batteries and some ammo.   Jump back into the truck and head down the road until you reach the ranger tower on the right -- stop and climb up there.  There is a rifle and some rifle ammo if you want it, and a radio (Radio Program 10/11) that you should listen to.  I wonder who the lost woman is??

You drive for a while but eventually you are forced to abandon your vehicle!  As you run along the road you will need to kill a log grabber, and then you will reach a Haven Light beside a windmill.  Make your way past the windmill to the barn ahead, and inside the barn you will find another chest (Supply Chest 18/30) that you should empty.  As you follow the main path you will see some bleachers to the left with the next collectible on them (Coffee Thermos 64/100) which you should quickly grab because the CS will kick in right away.

After the CS ends you will find yourself on a stage with rock music playing and Barry operating the lights.  The idea here is to not get hurt so that your vision turns to gray, and defeat the Taken who attack you.  This challenge is in three parts, and as long as you step into the spotlight that Barry turn on you will checkpoint, which is good, because then if you go gray you can simply reload the checkpoint to try that part of the challenge again!

There are plenty of supplies here and you should grab them, but be aware of where the Taken are so that you do not end up getting hurt while collecting the supplies, right?

Once you get through this challenge you will unlock the Achievement "Child of the Elder God" for 10 GP -- though that challenge felt like it should have been worth 20 GP if you ask me!  Now grab the next collectible from the DJ stand where Barry was (Coffee Thermos 65/100).  Grab the supplies that are left, and then head down the stairs and around the side of the stage to grab the next collectible (Manuscript Page 70/106) from the junction box there.

Follow Barry to the barn -- it is blocked by a large tank that you need to move -- so head to the side of the barn and climb the ladder, then work you way to the front catwalk where Barry does a fine take-off on you using the cardboard cut-out.   On the barn wall there is a switch - throw that and the tank is raised out of the way!  Now drop down to the ground and go along the side of the barn and to the far right into the field, where you will find the next collectibles (Manuscript Page 71/106) by the tractor, sitting on a wooden wagon. 

Head back to the barn and go in and turn on the TV (TV Program 11/14)  inside, then head to the far right rear corner to grab the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 66/100)!  After you collect all the supplies head upstairs and snag the next collectible (Manuscript Page 72/106), then make your way towards the button you need to push and nearby you will see a sign to read (Sign 14/25).

Now throw the switch and have yourself a nice fight, and then exit the barn and look for the dangling wires, as nearby them is your next collectible (Can Pyramid 8/12) sitting on the empty cable spool -- you have to round to corner to actually see and shoot it, and then you will be attacked by a large group of Taken!  After you clear  those out you should take out the possessed pickup truck from a distance so it cannot attack you.

Barry is up ahead at the Haven Light so join him and head inside the building there.  On the third floor is your next collectible (Coffee Thermos 67/100) as well as the last Radio Program (Radio Program 11/11) and once you listen to that you will unlock the Achievement "KBF-FM" for a whopping 30 GP!  After you play the radio grab the Heavy Lantern on the sacks nearby -- that should deliver some major light hurt!

Take the lift down from the top level and make sure that you clean out the red supplies cabinet on the wall before exit.  As you walk outside that large red thresher combine inside comes to life and attacks you -- so make sure you watch your footing and kill that thing quick!  Your best bet is to have a flare ready to drop and then scoot out of its way and hit it with the torch, the combination of which will kill it quickly!

After you kill the Taken head for the shed that they emerged from and use the ladder inside to climb up and drop down into the farmyard.  Head across to the door, go inside and grab the silo keys, then head to the silo door and open it for Barry.

After you let Barry out of the building he will  head for the Andersen's farmhouse.  When you arrive at the farmhouse, first check the bathroom for the next collectible (Coffee Thermos 68/100) then get the next one in the kitchen (69/100) before you get the last collectible for the chapter (Manuscript Page 73/106) upstairs!

The fuse box is in the last room at the top of the stairs, so go ahead and fix that now!  Head down to the living room and play the record on the table there for your clue to the Lady of the Light.  You figure out the clue and decide that you should spend the rest of the night here before heading into town in the morning.  Barry decides to get shitfaced, and despite your misgivings on the notion you join in!


Collectible Item Ticklist

[ ] Can Pyramid 8/12
Outside the barn after you exit look for the empty cable spool (a very large one near the corner of the building on your left).

[ ] Coffee Thermos 58/100
At the end of the pier to the left of the mine face.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 59/100
At the campsite just past the Haven Light.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 60/100
In the dilapidated building behind the Haven Light on the window sill.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 61/100
In the kitchen of the cabin.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 62/100
By the tractor on the side of the road.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 63/100
Past the split in the road on the right next to the tractor.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 64/100
On the bleachers at the farm.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 65/100
On the DJ stand on stage at the farm.

[ ] Manuscript Page 65/106
Pinned to the barricade at the back of the mine.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 66/100
Inside the barn on the right rear corner.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 67/100
On the third floor of the building you enter with Barry.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 68/100
In the bathroom in the Anderson Farmhouse (immediate right after entering).

[ ] Coffee Thermos 69/100
In the kitchen of the Anderson Farmhouse (Right rear corner).

[ ] Manuscript Page 66/106
On the ground by the generator on the upper path.

[ ] Manuscript Page 67/106
Given to you by the bright light on the path.

[ ] Manuscript Page 68/106
On the ground at the next Haven Light site, just before the generator.

[ ] Manuscript Page 69/106
On the back porch of the cabin.

[ ] Manuscript Page 70/106
Off the junction box on the side of the stage structure after the battle.

[ ] Manuscript Page 71/106
In the field to the far right of the barn on a wooden wagon behind the tractor.

[ ] Manuscript Page 72/106
On the second floor of the barn after raising the tank and going inside.

[ ] Manuscript Page 73/106
On the floor of the hall after heading upstairs in the Anderson Farmhouse.

[ ] Nightmare Mode Manuscript Page 99/106
In the outhouse next to the barn.

[ ] Radio Program 10/11
Inside the Ranger Tower.

[ ] Radio Program 11/11
In the building that you enter with Barry after the big fight!

[ ] Sign 14/25
On the second floor of the barn near the button.

[ ] Supply Chest 17/30
Inside the cabin after the split.

[ ] Supply Chest 18/30
In the barn just past the windmill.

[ ] TV Program 10/14
On the second floor of the cabin.

[ ] TV Program 11/14
Inside the barn after raising the tank.

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Comments for Anderson Farm

2 comments, latest first.
May 11th 2012 Guest
when u find the shotgun, on the way to Anderson farm, there are 3 boxes of shotgun shells under the house next to where the gun was
ID #141198
May 11th 2012 Guest
when u find the shotgun there are 3 boxes of shotgun shells under the house next to where where the gun was
ID #141196