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Bright Falls

Alan Wake Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Bright Falls

Arriving in Bright Falls

As we wake up we find ourselves in our car, on a ferry, out in the middle of nowhere in Washington State.  We get out of the car and our lovely wife encourages us to go stand next to the local so she can take a photo of you with the redneck.  Sort of nasty sentiment, but hey, whatever. 

When we approach the man by the railing he introduces himself - name is Main, works at the local radio station as the host of the night shift -- and he wants an interview, but you rudely shut him down!  After you head back to get teased by your wife you receive a call from your agent - Barry - who it is instantly evident is something of a pest.

The ferry arrives at the destination -- as all ferries must unless they sink, but that is a different game -- and we are dropped off at the local diner to pick up the keys and directions to the cabin we have rented from one Carl Stucky, owner of the diner and, presumably, of the cabin.  Here we meet Rose, one of our biggest fans, who even has a cardboard cut-out of us that she snagged from the local bookstore.  Wow, this town has a bookstore?  No kidding?

The narrative tells us there is some small urgency, so we go looking for Stucky.  On the way through the diner you need to do three things -- pay attention to the NPC chatter, play a song for the drunks, and grab the coffee thermos (Coffee Thermos 4/100).

We head to the back towards the bathrooms looking for Stucky and run into a mysterious old woman who not only knows who we are but has our keys and the directions.  That's kind of spooky, but things get even more spooky as we leave and the local cop shares some rather disturbing news with us.  There is a nut house in the area!

On your way out be sure to pause at the jukebox and put a coin in, then select a song.  You do not have to stay to hear it, but you do need to do that as it factors in later.

As we drive away, the mechanic comes running out screaming for our wife and holding her keys.  At least that is the first impression -- but then the implications sink in.  That was not a mechanic, it was Carl Stucky, and the keys he is holding are for the cabin -- but wait, if THOSE are the cabin keys, what keys do WE have?!  Directions and keys to a cabin we are not renting!  Oh man, this bodes ill.

We pull up to what is clearly an ancient cabin -- well, ancient in the sense of America or Australia, you cannot use terms like "Ancient Cabin" to someone from the UK or Europe because they will cock their head to the side and sort of look at you with this quizzical expression that says "Uhh, riiiggghhhttt..." and point out that the shed on their grandmother's farm in Wales was built in 1560 and they still call that the New Shed, if you see what I mean.  But I digress...

Before you head to the cabin, turn around and head all the way back to the car and you will get a focus opportunity to look at the cabin - do that - and you will learn something that will make sense later.  Now grab the Thermos on the ground (Coffee Thermos 5/100) and then head back down to the cabin!

At the cabin you should take a quick look around before going inside -- where you discover the power is off.  Before you do anything about the power, head onto the back porch of the house and turn right, then turn on the radio.  You will hear Mr. Main talking about you!  Rose calls in and blows your cover - and you groan.

Your wife points out that the power line goes to a nearby shed, and inside the shed you find an old generator.  This is your first interactive - you have to start it.  You accomplish this by button mashing of course, waiting until the arrow swings into the green area before hitting the A-button, and repeating this until the gennie starts!

With the power now on, you head into the cabin and look around and Alice tells you that she wants to clean up, and suggests that you have a better look around while she does that.  Of course you have your look around, before returning tot he cabin, where you grab the Thermos from the kitchen counter (Coffee Thermos 6/100) and then head upstairs where you find Alice, in her underwear, with a surprise waiting for you!

No, the surprise is not her!  You know, your mind is really in the gutter today, I can hear you thinking "Aruum humma humma!"  Don't deny it!

Her surprise may be one that she thought was pleasant enough, but you are not happy with it at all!  In fact you view that typewriter and the stack of paper as not simply a challenge to your manhood but an insult to that massive case of writer's block that you have hung around your neck!  In a very angry frame of mind you run out of the cabin, secure in the knowledge that Alice will not follow you out into the night because she is afraid of the dark!

Outside on the wooden bridge you contemplate your frustration -- and the fight that you had with your wife that has driven a wedge between you -- when Alice begins screaming and the lights go out in the cabin!  As you run back it is clear that something is very wrong inside, but before you can get there, the sounds of splintering wood and her final scream reach your ears! 

When you finally do reach the cabin it is instantly obvious what has happened -- Alice has fallen off of the wooden porch that hangs out over the lake -- in fact the porch railing and part of the porch itself has broken off and is also in the lake!  You must find help!  You must save Alice!  You must... dive into the lake?!  No!  You idiot!  You don't even know if that water is deep enough to...  Too late.

Collectible Items Ticklist

[ ] Coffee Thermos 4/100
In the diner on your way tot he bathroom you will spot this collectible on a counter in the back.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 5/100
On the ground of the overlook near the car after you arrive at the cabin.

[ ] Coffee Thermos 6/100
On the kitchen counter in the Cabin!

[ ] Radio Program 1/11
On the back porch of the cabin next to the stairs that lead down to the dock.

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