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The Missions and Quests Primer

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Welcome to the Mission and Quests Primer, a lesson in basic and advanced information regarding the Missions and Quests in Farmville 2. The first observation that should be made is that this section is very likely not what you are expecting it to be!

In simple terms what it is not is a detailed guide listing each and every Mission and Quest in the game with step-by-step instructions on how to go about flagging and completing each of them in the most efficient and effective manner.

The reasons why it is not that have more to do with the nature of Missions and Quests in the game than anything else, with the important factoid that you should take away from this brief section Introduction being that the methods that you use and the manner in which you approach the the Missions and Quests is far more important than any of the details for each. On the plus side though, by the time you finish reading this section of the guide you will be expert at doing the Missions and Quests, and therefore you will have benefited greatly from the information that we are about to share in.

What is the Difference between a Mission and a Quest?

There is no difference really, because they are two words that basically describe different aspects of the same thing... Sort of. In practical terms the Missions in Farmville 2 consist of a series of Quests, and the Quests represent the individual parts of each of the Missions.

Save for a very few rare exceptions, you will not require any guidance or direction for individual Missions or Quests per se, but rather you will require a general knowledge about these important game elements and how to best go about managing them.

The use of the word “managing” was not random or meaningless; around 99% of the difficulties for the Quests that make up each of the Missions will come down to management of either time, resources, or both. Try to keep that in mind as you proceed here.

The Anatomy of a Farmville 2 Mission

It usually helps to have an actual example to use in cases like this, so to introduce the whole concept of Mission and Quest management we will be using the XXX Mission, which is one of the very early ones that you encounter in the game. Before we get to that though, we need to touch upon the issue of Mission order, largely because it is more fluid than you might suspect.

While Quest order is not fluid at all -- each of the Quests for a given Mission is specifically numbered, and they always appear in a precise order within the structure of a given Mission, so when there are 3 Quests in a Mission they will appear in exactly the same order for every player no matter their level or Farm size, as 1 of 3, followed by 2 of 3, and then 3 of 3, with exactly the same requirements, because that is how it works and how the Mission and Quest system is structured.

One of the earlier Missions in the game that you can expect to flag at or around Level 6 is Marie's Core Issues Mission. Actually it works out that Levels 5 and 6 are pretty significant levels as far as that goes, because a lot of the previously locked game elements are unlocked once you reach those two levels. Examples of that include but are not limited to the Farmhand Program (which has its own Mission called the Friendly Fodder Mission connected to it), as well as other structures and events. Basically once you reach Levels 5 & 6 your farming world will be getting a lot busier, but that's okay, busier is good!

Anyway the Core Issues Mission seems to be a great one for us to use as the example for this part of the guide, so that is what we are doing...

Example: The Virtuous Sickle Mission

The Virtuous Sickle Mission consists of a total of three Quests that are assigned to you by your old friend Marie, who for this series is dressed up in her Cowgirl outfit ( kinda sexy that), and the function of this Mission and its Quests is to re-emphasize Trees and Farm Animals, as it initially offers you a focus on Apple Trees and Goats. In fact the Mission Icon that appears on the left-hand-side of the game play window consists of a head-shot of Marie with an Apple Tree connected to it.

I am not even going to consider delving into symbolism or anything like that right now, but if you are bored or you have a lot of time on your hands, check out Genesis 1:26-30 for the foundation information, and then read pretty much all of Genesis Chapter 3 for the rest of the story; you may be shocked to learn that the Bible actually does not mention the Apple anywhere in it, and even more disturbing, based upon a combination of conventional wisdom and cultural traditions, it would seem to be very evident that the Apple got a bum rap!

According to the experts on plant life in the world, there are approximately 35 recognized species of Plantae Rosales Rosaceae, with about 7,500 variations of type in the genus Malus, which is the part of Plantae Rosales Rosaceae that we are interested in... Apples. I am talking about apples. Sheesh!

The type of apple that is featured in the game appears to be the sort widely called the “Ambrosia Apple,” and being the curious blokes that we are, we visited the local supermarket and bought a bag of ripe Ambrosia Apples to sample so that we had a relational notion of what those digital delights actually taste like.

For the record, the Apples that we are eating and Crafting with in Farmville 2 taste pleasant and sweet, though they seem to have a single-dimension with respect to their flavor. That is significant in that while their taste is “good” and consistent from one apple to the next in the bag, there are other types of apples with more complex and interesting taste structures. That and while Ambrosia Apples make great snacks they would not be anyone's first choice as a baking apple for making pies -- we are just saying...

The Quest Assignment for Virtuous Sickle: Core Issues Quest 1 of 3
The Quest Assignment for Virtuous Sickle: Core Issues Quest 1 of 3

Quest 1 of 3: Core Issues

“Apple trees can be harvested a few times per day,” Marie explains in the opening pop-up for the first Quest in the Mission, adding that “Different trees have different harvest schedules.” The Core Issues Quest has the following three parts to it:

Part 1: “Buy 1 Apple Tree for your Orchard.”* (Skip for $3 FVB)

Part 2: “Water 1 Apple Tree to start it growing.” (Skip for $3 FVB)

Part 3: “Feed 1 Goat for fun after a hard day in the orchard.” (Skip for $3 FVB)

In theory if you wanted to rip right through this first Quest of the trio that are part of the Mission you could do it for under 10 FarmVille 2 Bucks... Just saying.

* A Question of the use of the word “Orchard” -- It may interest you to know that the use of the word “orchard” in connection with this particular Mission and Quest is used in the more commonly defined manner and meaning. That is interesting because the developers recently (at press time for this guide which was 1 March 2009) added in the new Orchard Structure into the game, which allows the player to place and build an Orchard Structure similar to those of the previous game in the series, the original FarmVille, which permits the player to place a large number of trees in a relatively small area of land and tend to all of the trees so placed with single clicks collectively.

Veteran players and Farmers whose overall stratagem includes the combined use of Crops AND Trees in game play (and that would apply to any player following THIS game guide) will be happy to learn about this and even happier to get the structure built and added to their farms.

To complete the Core Issues Quest simply do the following:

1. Open the General Store Menu and click on the Trees Sub-Menu;

2. Select the Apple Tree from the menu and click the button below it that shows a stack of FarmVille 2 FVC and the number 320 (which means that this tree costs you $320c or FVC). You will not incur the debit for your $320c until you actually place the Tree on your farm.

3. Place the Tree on your farm, at which point the purchase price will be deducted from your wallet and you now have the immature sapling planted on your farm. Mouse-over the sapling and left-click it to apply the WRU's for this Tree (doing so will deduct a total of 2 WRU's).

Your reward for completing the Core Issues Quest 1 of 3
Your reward for completing the Core Issues Quest 1 of 3

This completes the Apple Tree related Actions for the Quest.

4. Locate a Goat on your farm and feed it. For a Red Goat the cost to feed it is measured in x4 AFRU's (if you have an Ibex Goat the cost to feed it is measured in x10 AFRU's). Personally I would go with the Red Goat myself...

After you feed the Goat you get the Quest-Completed Pop-Up, and then Marie declares “Trees are slow to grow, but if you're in a bind, plant some tomatoes to grind!” To progress the Mission click on your answer: “Will Do!”

The Quest Assignment for Virtuous Sickle: Pouty Poultry Quest 2 of 3
The Quest Assignment for Virtuous Sickle: Pouty Poultry Quest 2 of 3

Quest 2 of 3: Pouty Poultry

“Chickens are cute, but they're always hungry! Let's give 'em something tasty to peck at quick!” Marie says, and then sets out the requirements for Quest 2 of 3 for the Mission Virtuous Sickle:

Part 1: “Harvest 10 Tomatoes. They grow faster than Chickens can eat!” ($4 FVB to Skip)

Part 2: “Make 6 Feed for your Hungry Chickens.” ($3 FVB to Skip)

Part 3: “Feed 2 Chickens to give 'em something to pack at.” ($3 FVB to Skip)

You should be able to quickly wrap this Quest up by doing the following:

1. Plant x10 Tomato Seeds and wait the 2m for them to grow. You can fertilize them or not, your call.

2. Use the Feed Mill to create six AFRU's using the Tomatoes you just grew. As Tomatoes have a 1-to-1 rate for resource-to-AFRU production, you just need to add 6 Tomatoes and then grind it.

3. Feed two Chickens with the AFRU's you just created from your fresh-grown Tomatoes.

Feeding the second Chicken completes the Pouty Poultry Quest and triggers the Pop-Up that completes the second Quest.

Your reward for completing the Pouty Poultry Quest 2 of 3
Your reward for completing the Pouty Poultry Quest 2 of 3

“You're learning a lot about different harvest cycles! Let's plant one last crop and then rake-in the coins!” Marie says, and you reply “A-OK!” with enthusiasm, and in the process you reveal the final of the trio of Quests for this Mission...

The Quest Assignment for Virtuous Sickle: Time of the Season Quest 3 of 3
The Quest Assignment for Virtuous Sickle: Time of the Season Quest 3 of 3

Quest 3 of 3: Time of the Season

“Before you take a trip to market, plant some wheat because it takes a while to grow,” Marie explains.

Fortunately this Quest only requires you to plant and water the wheat and not to hang around until it is fully grown, which will take around four real-world hours... To complete the Quest you need to fulfill all three requirements:

Part 1: “Sell 4 Tomatoes to reap the quick rewards.” ($4 FVB to Skip)

Part 2: “Plant 8 Wheat! That'll give us time to go to market.” ($4 FVB to Skip)

Part 3: “Water 8 Wheat seeds. Unwatered seeds are destiny unfulfilled.” ($4 FVB to Skip)

To complete the final Quest in the three-Quest series for the Virtuous Sickle Mission simply complete the following Actions:

1. Sell the 4 Tomatoes you had left-over from the previous quest (you grew 10 but only used 6 to make the AFRU's which should leave you 4 available to sell). Simply open the Farm Stall and sell the four Tomatoes to complete this step.

2. Click on a fallow Crop Square and select Wheat Seeds, then plant a total of 8 Crop Squares with that seed to complete this part.

3. Water the 8 Wheat Seeds.

After you apply a WRU to the 8th planted seeds you will complete the Quest and the Mission, at which point you will see the Pop-Up for the completed Quests and Mission.

Your reward for completing the Time of the Season Quest 3 of 3
Your reward for completing the Time of the Season Quest 3 of 3

Summing Things Up

This completes the step-by-step for a single unique Mission and its associated Quests. You will find that all of the other Missions that you undertake in the game have a similar structure and process, with some taking more time and effort depending upon the Mission size and aims, but all in all the process will be very similar.

Because almost all of the Missions/Quests are direct-action, and require little to no planning or prep work, there is not need (or point) in detailing each Mission. however there are the odd rare Missions that will require significant additional effort on your part to complete. Generally those will be the Missions that are related to major expansion content such as buildings or structures, and whenever such a Mission appears in the game, as appropriate it will be covered in the relevant section of this WTG.

This nicely wraps up the subject of The Missions and Quests Primer, so well done mates! Go forth and use the knowledge that you have gained to conquer the world (or at least your farm in FarmVille 2)!

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