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2013 News Articles

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Farmville 2 / SuperCheats News Articles for the Year 2013

The following News Articles appeared in the FV2 News Section of the Unofficial SuperCheats Guide for Farmville 2 in 2013:

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Real California Cows Dairy Promotion Ends!

4 July 2013 - The Interwebs - The sometimes annoying but also cute imprinting of the California Dairy Association's Real CA Milk Logo on the roof of the Dairy Barn (Prized Cow Structure) as well as appearing as a floating thought bubble over the heads of the Real CA version cows has disappeared from Farmville 2 as the advertising scheme has now run its course.

Hopefully you will have obtained all of the Real CA Cows that you wanted before this, as along with the branding logo the cows have also disappeared from the Farm Market, and can no longer be obtained in the game.

A small price to pay for a nicely designed Prized Cow Barn? Certainly!

Hopefully a nicely designed Prized Horse Barn will soon be in the updates...

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FarmVille 2 has an Official Home Page on Facebook!

1 July 2013 - The Interwebs - It's the Official Fan Page for Zynga's social network platform and Farming Simulation Game FarmVille2!

Click on the “Freebies” Section to find... The... Freebies!

Well, to find a large image that suggests it would be a splendiferious idea to “Like” that page/game at which point your personal interface to the magic of the interwebs will reveal a new page upon which there are three gifts awaiting you! These are:

  • A colorful Flower Bucket (Decoration Item)

  • A useful Baby Bottle (Animal Resource Item)

  • A dripping dallop of x5 Waters (Water Resource Unit or “WRU”)

That ended up being a pretty good start so why not explore the rest of this FV2 Facebook Page to discover the following:

Events - like the presently featured Farmville2 Farm of the Week Event in which farmers can enter the Farm of the Week Event for the chance to have their awesome farm chosen as the winner and get the most excellent reward of 100 FarmBucks!

When you follow the official link to enter the contest you find yourself on a new page at which Zynga and the Wizards behind Farmville2 share with you lots of information and some rules, as well as a listing of all of the past event winners - which also happens to provide linkage to photos of the farms which should also offer lots of inspiration for designing your own wicked cool farm, just saying...

Photos Section - sporting lots of images of the current focus in the game as well as representative Photo Albums offering a glimpse into the past of Farmville 2! You really should check out the Timeline Photo Album for sure - especially if you are looking for images with which to illustrate your Farmville 2 thoughts if you happen to like to blog about FarmVille2!

About - that's right, there is a proper About Page that has useful information about Zynga and the game - don't take our word for it, check it out yourself!

A Place to Chat about FarmVille2

While the above is all spiffy-awesome-warm-and-fuzzy, we still have not revealed the best part of this whole Official FarmVille2 Fan Page Facebook Page thingy - and that is that in addition to offering players News, factoids, event information, and the like, the Official FarmVille2 Facebook Page also serves as a destination wherein the players can comment about, chat about, and complain or praise over whatever issue happens to strike their fancy at any given moment.

Yup, too cool that!

This way to Farmville 2's FB Page -->

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Farmville 2 County Farm Event

1 July 2013 - The Interwebs - Greetings and felicitations to our heavily addicted Farmville brethren, and welcome to the new News Section for Farmville 2!

Before we get to the News there is an important issue that needs to be addressed!

Over the course of the past few weeks a lot of email has been sent from members of the SuperCheats Community to Guide Writer and all-around addicted farmer CM Boots-Faubert on the subject of the FV2 County Fair Event, the fact that many of you do not seem to have access to the event, and other issues relating to the event...

While we are always happy to answer questions and provide information and help, the issue at hand here is the manner in which the questions and requests for help are being sent. That is to say, by email.

While we understand that Chirs' email address is very easy to find via his home page and elsewhere, the crux of this is that emailing Chris with your questions and requests is really not the best or the most appropriate path or choice to take for this sort of thing.

On the face of it the notion that emailing your question / request makes more sense because it will get a quicker reply is actually pretty smart, sadly it also happens to not be true.

The reality is that because this is about the game and game-related information, it is more appropriate for you to be sending the questions and requests via the official comment button or via the official SuperCheats chat board for Farmville 2, and not via personal email to Chris, who as of 1 July 2013 qill no longer be answering any email messages that are better directed at the official SuperCheats website Q&A and comments mechanism.

To repeat - he is getting way too much email and so will only reply to questions and requests via the official SuperCheats site mechanisms, and NOT via personal Email. Sorry about that mates.

On the plus side, using the site will not only be faster for asking questions and/or making requests via the official site links and resources, when you use the official site-based avenue you are actually HELPING your fellow gamers, since your questions then become a matter of record and thus can be read by the rest of the SC and FV community, who will be very interested in the answers as well as the questions to be sure.

So to recap: Email? Bad! Comment / Chat Board / SC Help a Gamer Section? Good!

Thanks for understanding - and for using the official chat, request, and Help a Gamer sections of the site mates, it really does make it all work better!

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Recent Q&A on FarmVille 2 from the SuperCheats Community

The new County Fair Event in FarmVille 2 has generated lots of questions and concerns, and while much if not most of these have been addressed in the guide, there are a few questions that seem to be getting asked a lot more often than others, so we thought we would share the answers to them here, to make it a bit more convenient for you all!

Q: Why can't I do the County Fair Event?! / I don't have access to the Fair!

A: The simple answer - and the applicable one in 99.9% of the email we've received seems to be your Farm Level... The County Fair Event in Farmville 2 will ONLY be available on YOUR farm AFTER you have reached Level 20. If your farm is not Level 20 you will not have access to this event. Sorry mates!

Look on the bright side - this certainly gives you motivation to level up!

Q: What is the deal with Prized Crops? I seem to be getting really good Prized Scores!

A: Prized Crops are obtained in relation to the County Fair Event in a number of ways, but basically at the core level you will obtain Prized Crops from the fertilized crops you plant on your farm.

When you harvest a Prized Crop, in addition to a nice Coin Reward you will also receive a big chunk (in relative terms) of extra XP as a result.

Prized Crops for Neighbor Actions

In addition to the Prized Crops and their associated rewards that you expect to obtain on your own farm, you will quickly notice that you are also receiving them in a rather predictable form as the direct result of your "Helper Actions" when you visit your neighbor's farms and help them out.

The Prized Crops spawn in this instance is effected by two basic issues - whether the cops have been fertilized, and what level of County Fair Medal you AND your neighbor have unlocked.

Depending on the level of Medal you and your neighbor have, you are pretty much guaranteed to receive a specific number of Prized Crops for your Helper Actions.

That being the case, you will note that by strategically selecting the Crop Types you use your helper Actions on when visiting your mates/neighbors, you can actually influence your scoring by being sure to try to include Crops from the listing you can view from the County Fair Wagon on your farm, increasing your odds of scoring bonus points as a result.

Q: Who am I competing against in the Crop Contest?

A: You are directly competing against JUST the people on your Farmville 2 Neighbor Bar/List.

More Questions?

We hope that this helps! If you have additional questions please either use the page Comment System below, or the Help a Gamer Section on SuperCheats to ask them. That is the best way to do it and the fastest way to get your questions answered!

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The News articles that appear in the Current and Recent News Section are written by SuperCheats Staff Writers using information that is obtained from a variety of sources, including official press releases from Zynga and Facebook, as well as being culled from news posts to the official FarmVille 2 websites.

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Oct 28th 2013 Guest
why i cannot get some farm bucks : im from the philippines :its a peso bill not a dollar bill

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