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Prized Animal System

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There are actually two ways of looking at the moment when one of your farm animals makes the transition from regular-resource-producing farm animal to “Prized” resource-producing animal – you either feel good about the fact that you have raised an animal on your farm from baby-to-adult that has now achieved the point where it will produce special resources that you can use for advanced Crafting recipes -- or if the basic resources that are produced by the regular adults is more important to you, put the Prized Animals in storage so that you can use them later, and replace them with a new one for that type to continue producing the resources you have been using.

When the animal in question is a type that cost you Farm Bucks to obtain it is easy to understand why many farmers greet the announcement that they have transitioned from regular to prize status with cursing and regret. On the other hand, the animals that cost you real money to obtain also consistently deliver pretty good XP in addition to gold coins as well as the special prized resource when they are prized status,

The following table (this is a work in progress so some information will be missing until we reach the point at which we can obtain it in the game) presents the basic Prize Animal System stats as they are presently configured in the game:

Animal Name Coin Pay XP Resource
Ameracauna Chicken 90c 75xp Brown Egg x2
American Quarter Horse 250c 150xp Fine Saddle x2
Anadolu Pony 250c 150xp Fine Saddle x2
Andalusian Horse 250c 150xp Fine Saddle x1
Angora Rabbit 150c 60xp Fine Rabbit Wool x1
Appaloosa Horse 250c 100xp Fine Saddle x2
Argentata dell Etna Goat 100c 110xp Goat Cheese x2
Ayrshire Cow 160c 125xp Swiss Cheese x2
Black Arabian Horse 250c 66xp Fine Saddle x1
Black Dexter Cow 160c 120xp Swiss Cheese x2
Black Leghorn Chicken 90c 60xp Brown Egg x1
Black Spanish Turkey 120c 100xp White Turkey Feather x2
Black Welsh Mountain Sheep 150c 32xp Fine Sheep Fleece x1
Bock Beard Chicken ?c 150xp Brown Eggs x2
Boer Goat 100c 150xp Goat Cheese x1
Brown American Buffalo 90c 50xp Fine Fur x2
California Red Sheep 150c 105xp Fine Sheep Fleece x2
Camarillo Horse 250c 135xp Fine Saddle x1
Cheviot Sheep 150c 100xp Fine Sheep Fleece x2
Chianina Cow 160c 150xp Swiss Cheese x2
Clydesdale Horse 250c 150xp Fine Saddle x2
Cottontail Rabbit 150c 35xp Fine Rabbit Wool x1
Dales Pony 250c 120xp Fine Saddle x2
Devon Cow 160c 150xp Swiss Cheese x1
Dexter Cow 160c 120xp Swiss Cheese x2
Flemish Giant Rabbit 150c 60xp Fine Rabbit Wool x2
Gold-laced Cochin Chicken 90c 48xp Brown Egg x1
Green Peacock 150c 50xp Peacock's Plume Feather x1
Gypsy Horse 250c 140xp Fine Saddle x2
Hampshire Pig 150c 135xp Truffle x2
Herford Cow 160c 145xp Swiss Cheese x1
Holstein Cow 160c 125xp Swiss Cheese x2
Hubbard Chicken 90c 75xp Brown Egg x2
Ibex 100c 110xp Goat Cheese x2
Irish Cob Horse 250c 150xp Fine Saddle x2
Isola Bella Peacock 150c 50xp Peacock's Plume Feather x2
Jackrabbit 150c 60xp Fine Rabbit Wool x1
Jacob Sheep 150c 90xp Fine Sheep Fleece x2
Jersey Cow 160c 105xp Swiss Cheese x1
Katahdin Sheep 150c 83xp Fine Sheep Fleece x1
La Mancha Goat 100c 150xp Goat Cheese x1
Lincoln Sheep 150c 90xp Fine Sheep Fleece x1
Longhorn Cow 160c 60xp Swiss Cheese x1
Maremmana Cow 160c 150xp Swiss Cheese x2
Maremmana Horse 250c 150xp Fine Saddle x2
Massese Sheep 150c 150xp Fine Sheep Fleece x2
Merino Sheep 150c 59xp Fine Sheep Fleece x1
Monterufoli Horse 250c 150xp Fine Saddle x2
Mustang Horse 250c 42xp Fine Saddle x1
Nubian Goat 100c 72xp Goat Cheese x1
Pink Landrace Pig 150c 100xp Truffle x2
Pisana Cow 160c 150xp Swiss Cheese x2
Polverara Chicken 90c 95xp Brown Egg x2
Portland Sheep 150c 90xp Fine Sheep Fleece x2
Pygmy Goat 100c 90xp Goat Cheese x2
Red Goat 100c 45xp Goat Cheese x1
Red Wattle Hog 150c 145xp Truffle x2
Rhode Island Red Chicken 90c 23xp Brown Egg x1
Saanen Goat 100c 36xp Goat Cheese x1
Sable Saanen Goat 100c 105xp Goat Cheese x2
Sealpoint Dwarf Rabbit 150c 60xp Fine Rabbit Wool x2
Swiss Cow 160c 150xp Swiss Cheese x1
White Chicken 90c 15xp Brown Egg x1
White Rabbit 150c 60xp Fine Rabbit Wool x1
White Sheep 150c 35xp Fine Sheep Fleece x1
Wild Turkey 80c 100xp White Turkey Feathers x2

Maximizing Prized Impact on Your Farm

It may seem fairly obvious when you give the matter serious consideration, but if you have yet to do so you may be missing an excellent opportunity to shape both your XP and income efficiency when it comes to your Prized Animals.

On the one hand most farmers consider the Prized Animals on their farm to be a sort of mixture of blessing and curse - blessing since they provide advanced Crafting resources, but curse because they take up a slot you need for a regular adult animal that provides the basic crafting resources you will be using a lot more of...

To address that shortcoming the powers that be in Farmville 2 have been creating Prized Animal structures - buildings that can contain a specific number of Prized Animals and, once placed in them, those Prized Animals no longer count against the Farm Animal Population Limits.

The trick here is to be sure that your Prized Animal structures are populated with the best (meaning that give the best ROI) type of animals!

At the present time the following Prized Animal Structures (with population number) exist in the game:

Basically that covers your Goats, Chickens, Rabbits, Cows, and Sheep - and there have already been confirmed plans announced to provide Housing for the Prized versions of your Horses and Pigs, and possibly others as the game matures. Though really once they add the housing for Horses and Pigs a major source of irritation will be largely eliminated even if you still have to deal with Adult animals becoming Prized. Why?

The simple answer is really simple: once you have populated your Prized Animal Housing to the max, you will be making an effort to see to it that the new “Adults” you add to your farm resolve into Prized Animals that improve the population OF that housing - so really this leads to a much more efficient and more profitable approach to farming and animal population. So hey, cool that!

That being the case you should try to come up with a plan - or at least an inventory - of the animals currently occupying your Prized Housing, and figure out what you want to eventually replace them with.

Once you have maximized the population in your Prized Housing, you can switch to replacing future Prized animals with the most economic versions to cycle them through the Adult stage in order to maintain a steady supply of the basic resources you need for Crafting, while having already ensured that you have a reliable supply of the advanced resources while at the same time you have maxed the XP and Coin you are making as a side-effect.

Managing your Pool of Prized Animals who lack Housing

While under normal circumstances your concerns will revolve around maintaining a steady stream of resource-producing animals the population of animals on your farm is limited to whatever watering resources you have presently constructed – and even after you build all the water resources you can, there is a hard cap of x50 animals on your farm period.

Does that mean you are going to have to sell those Prized Animals to make way for new resource-producing stock? The answer is yes – and no.

While it makes sense to sell some of the Prized Animals that are taking up space on your farm animal cap and preventing you from obtaining the potential resources that their position in the list represents, when they are one of the special animals that you purchased from an event, or they are a cash-value animal that you bought (for whatever reason) that potentially pay off large amounts of XP every 18 hour cycle (when we say large amounts we mean XP that is greater than 100 per cycle) selling them off can be a painful decision to make – so the simple answer is don't. Do not do it.

Instead of selling off that high-XP producing Prized Animal, stick it in your storage bin instead; that has the result of removing it from the count for the animal cap on your farm, which means you can now add a resource-producing animal to replace it, and you still have that special animal (and the XP production that it potentially represents) on ice as it were, to be trotted out later when your needs have changed and XP is the important resources you need to create!

You should bear in mind that any time you store an animal in the storage system the timer for that animal is reset, so when you bring it out of storage it will require the full 18 hours before it produces XP again – but that is OK, the point to this is that you get to keep that special or high-XP producing animal whereas otherwise you may have had to sell it.

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15 comments, latest first.
Aug 31st 2015 Guest
How do I keep the prized animal on the farm? It s always go to the Fairs immediately.
ID #604285
Jul 1st 2015 Guest
I don't have any of the shacks; all I have are Nurseries that I would like to give the "Boot" to.
ID #578264
Feb 26th 2015 Guest
where do I find my prized animals to get anything from them. I need fine fur from buffalo's but when they get prized they go to pasture.
ID #521570
Jun 8th 2015 Guest
go to your pasture and remove them from there and place them on your farm
ID #567542
Dec 30th 2014 Guest
Where can I see how many of each colour stamp I have?
ID #492574
Sep 16th 2014 CMBF
When you see that prized animals are not getting the right XP that is a flagging issue - which means it is a legitimate bug. You should report that via the official game website - they can not only fix it, but you get credit for reporting it and you could win a prize.
ID #448537
Sep 16th 2014 Guest
My prized animals don't get the right xp, my white chiken give me only 3xp and red goat 14xp :(

ID #448400
Aug 6th 2014 CMBF
Thanks for your questions. The guide is frozen and has been for well over a year. If you guys are interested in it being updated please leave feedback to the powers that be and they will tell me to do that Smile

ID #431922
Jul 25th 2014 Guest
Please not that the max in Chicken coop is 18 now please update your information
ID #425248
Jun 21st 2014 Guest
I guess I clicked on the wrong thing....all my prized animals went to a big pasture and ae basically "gone". Can I get them back or do I have to buy more animals?
ID #403644
Jun 13th 2014 Guest
Still waiting to be upgraded to super feed mill and for prized animals to count / contribute towards county fair points !!!
ID #398742
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
What about the not Facebook based FarmVille 2 country escape. Farmbucks do not exist on this FarmVille and they're aren't animals that transition. They stay the way you got them. You need stamps to buy prized animals and I just wanted to know what those animals give when you tend them before I chose which one to spend stamps on
ID #398317
Mar 11th 2014 Guest
I have a question. Does anyone know how many XP's we get for each of the following prized animals?
Pigs: Red River, Yorkshire, Potbellied; Goats: Bagot, Black Nubian, Caramel, Dutch Landrace, Girgentara, Rocky Mountain; Chickens: Bearded Watermael; Cows: Tyrol, Blue Gray; Ducks: Merganser, Mandarin, Wood, Crested Cayuaga; Rabbits: Black Angora, Harliquin, Lionhead; Horses: White Icelandic, Buckskin Mini, Falabella, Winter Clydesdale, Black Clydesdale, Blue Roan, Saddlebred, Akhal-Teke. any ifo can be sent to me at [email protected]. Thanks so much
ID #363268
Jan 4th 2014 Guest
animals in the "shack" do generate ribbons
ID #339438
Oct 8th 2013 Guest
Great Info thanks so much. My question is ..if you move a prized animal to it's "SHACK" will it continue to ribbon? I have noticed that some have yellow some have red and some blue, I'm guessing once blue then its time to store in inventory. while in "SHACK" it is still collecting ribbons as every ribbon it hits whats her name..oh heck it escapes me runs in and throws speed feed at you. Do have this right?
ID #313332
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