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Building Your War Chest

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As we are just now introducing the concept of the Resources War Chest to the Guide and game we need to define what it is and why it is important so that you integrate this into your basic game play Strategy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You will note that the very first instruction that we opened the guide section for this stage in the levels with was urging you to read THIS section first, BEFORE you read the rest of the guide section for the current stage in the game.

The reason for this is simple: beginning with this section and following on in the game for each of the following game stage sections the suggestions that make up the Resources War Chest for each stage in the game and the guide will offer you an incredibly valuable piece of foresight that is useful without there being the need for hand-holding or a by-the-numbers guide as it were.

Think of this more in terms of a series of strategically significant suggestions that is meant to save you time AND prevent frustration, and that will nicely integrate its contents into your Farmville 2 world view.

If you sit idle in the game the server will offer you commercials
If you sit idle in the game the server will offer you commercials

Preparing your War Chest

As with most simulation games in general and with the Farmville series in particular it is possible to get in your own way when it comes to progress, essentially sabotaging yourself without meaning to. One of the most common ways to do this to yourself is to use raw resources that you will need in the future - but you have no way of knowing what you need, do you? You do it you read this.

We are not going to create a step-by-step retain X number of Y resource because that will only help you with the specific stage it relates to - have you heard that old proverb that if you give a person fish you feed the for one meal, but if you teach them how to fish you feed them for the rest of their life? Yeah, well that applies here.

Your reward is usually FRU's, WRU's or PRU's for watching
Your reward is usually FRU's, WRU's or PRU's for watching

The Basic War Chest

To make things smoother as you progress through this stage of the game you will want to retain in your inventory the following basic supplies. Note that having these does not entirely solve the Mission and Quest concerns since a lot of the Quests actually require you to grow the item with requirements for their stages being something like “Harvest X number of Y” but having these Items in your War Chest will help with the various requirements where you are asked to craft specific objects.

Note that in addition to the raw and semi-finished resources that are included in the War Chest Inventory List there are also special resources that are available ONLY via direct request to your mates. Where they are noted here it is anticipated that you will try very hard to retain the cap for that resource, which is usually x12 units. We recognize that while that is an admirable goal, it is not always possible to do for reasons that vary, but include the limits to how many different Items you can request per day and the varying reliability of your neighbors and friends in fulfilling your requests for those items.

Just do your best with this and you will find that it makes your life oh so much smoother in the high-flying world of Simulated Agribusiness on Facebook! Depending upon the Missions and their Quests that you happen to draw, some of the Items in the list below will be unnecessary, but as there is no way to tell which you will draw in the process of working your way through these levels due to wild card issues like Holiday and Special Events that can hijack the Mission, Quest, and thus Crafting system, we cover all the bases here.

Items marked with a “*” are from List D, being resources that can ONLY be obtained by direct requst to your Friends and Neighbors. You are limited to X number of requests on the 18-hour Timer, so take care to be efficient in your requests and do NOT over-request these items, since there is almost always a hard limit to the number you can have in Storage/Inventory at any given time (usually x12).

The newest collection structure is the Pig-based Mud Wallow
The newest collection structure is the Pig-based Mud Wallow

The resources and Items that make up the War Chest Supplies (which is a fancy way of defining the various items that you will find useful or even necessary for forward progress at this stage of the game) are listed below, grouped in logical groupings based on the sub-class of item that they are or how they are obtained:

List A: On-Demand Action-Resources

Target Number -- Resource Name -- Notes

  • 30 -- Animal Feed Resource Units -- The AFRU's in your Storage Inventory

  • 30 -- Fertilizer Resource Units -- The FRU's in your Storage Inventory

  • 30 -- Power Resource Units -- The PRU's in your Storage Inventory

  • 30 -- Water Resource Units -- The WRU's in your Storage Inventory

  • 12 -- Baby Bottles -- The Baby Animal Feed for evolving Baby Animals

List B: Crafting Resources (Raw and Semi-Finished)

Target Number -- Resource Name -- Notes

  • 12 -- Batter -- x1 Flour Bag + x3 White Eggs ($290 + 4XP per Craft)

  • 06 -- Broth Bowls -- x3 WRU + x6 Onions ($420 + 4XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Cake Flour -- x2 Corn Starch* + x4 Wheat ($600 + 4XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Corn Meal -- x4 Corn + x4 Corn ($230 + x3XP per Craft)

  • 15 -- Crate of Eggs -- x5 White Eggs + x5 Brown Eggs ($1000 + 5XP per Craft)

  • 24 -- Butter Sticks -- x1 Milk Bottle + x1 Milk Bottle ($180 + 2XP per Craft)

  • 06 -- Felt Role -- x2 Wool + x2 Wool ($320 + 3XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Fine Rabbit Wool -- Obtained by Harvesting from Prized Rabbits

  • 12 -- Fine Sheep Fleece -- Obtained by Harvesting from Prized Sheep

  • 48 -- Flour Bags -- x2 Wheat + x2 Wheat ($90 +2XP per Craft)

  • 24 -- Goat Cheese -- Obtained by Harvesting from Prized Goats

  • 24 -- Horseshoes -- Obtained by Harvesting from Adult Horses

  • 12 -- Leather -- x1 Fine Saddle + x1 Fine Saddle ($530 + 3XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Lemonade -- x1 Lemon Water + x4 Lemons ($350 + 4XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Lemon Water -- x2 Lemons + x1 WRU ($150 + 2XP per Craft)

  • 06 -- Metal Frame -- x2 Horseshoe + x2 Horseshoe ($100 + 10XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Metal Sheet -- x5 Horseshoe + x5 Horseshoe ($1260 + 8XP per Craft)

  • 99 -- Milk Bottles -- Obtained by Harvesting from Adult Cows and Goats

  • 60 -- Mud Bucket -- Obtained by Harvesting from Pigs of all types

  • 12 -- Pie Crusts -- x2 Flour Bag + x1Butter Stick ($380 + 6XP per Craft)

  • 48 -- Pieces of Wood -- Obtained by Harvesting Pine and Eastern Cottonwood Trees

  • 06 -- Porcelain -- x2 Mud Bucket + x2 Mud Bucket ($100 + 11XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Pottery Slips -- x2 Mud Bucket + x1 WRU ($100 + 7XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Pumpkin Filling -- x4 Pumpkin + x4 Pumpkin ($250 + 3XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Rapaseed Oil Bottles -- x2 Rapaseed + x2 Rapaseed ($250 + 3XP per Craft)

  • 15 -- Red Egg Cartons -- x3 Red Eggs + x3 Red Eggs ($1100 + 7XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Spun Yarn Balls -- Obtained by Harvesting the Spinning Wheel

  • 12 -- Strawberry Yogurt Jars -- x4 Yogurt Jar + x7 Strawberries ($920 + 6XP per Craft)

  • 06 -- Terracotta -- x3 Mud Bucket + x4 Wool ($100 + 28XP per Craft)

  • 16 -- Tomato Paste -- x4 Tomato + x4 Tomato ($120 + 2XP per Craft)

  • 24 -- White Eggs -- Obtained via Harvesting from most Adult Chickens

  • 48 -- Wool -- Obtained by Harvesting Adult Rabbits and Sheep

  • 12 -- Wool Bolts -- x4 Wool + x4 Wool ($630 + 5XP per Craft)

  • 06 -- Wool Padding -- x1 Felt Roll + x4 Fine Sheep Fleece ($860 + 7XP per Craft)

  • 12 -- Wool Threat Spindle -- x6 Wool + x2 Fine Rabbit Wool ($700 + 5XP per Craft)

  • 24 -- Yogurt Jars -- Obtained by Harvesting the Yogurt Creamery

The collection object is Antique Coins like the Roman Coins of the UK
The collection object is Antique Coins like the Roman Coins of the UK

List C: Farm-Grown Resources (for Crafting and Other Uses)

Target Number -- Resource Name -- Notes

  • 24 -- Blueberry -- 2m Grow Timer / $15 per crop square / 13XP per Harvesting**

  • 24 -- Onions -- 12h Grow Timer / $22 per crop square / 7XP per Harvesting

  • 24 -- Pumpkin -- 8h Grow Timer / $15 per crop square / 4XP per Harvesting

  • 48 -- Rapaseed -- 2h Grow Timer / $32 per crop square / 3XP per Harvesting

  • 99 -- Strawberry -- 1d Grow Timer / 18x per crop square / 13XP per Harvesting**

  • 48 -- Tomato -- 1m Grow Timer / 10x per crop square / 1XP per Harvesting**

  • 48 -- Wheat -- 4h Grow Timer / $10 per crop square / 2XP per Harvesting**

  • 99 -- Lemons -- Harvested from Lemon Trees

Trees - Minimum Number of Recommended Units

  • 01 -- Lemon Tree Grove -or- x4 Lemon Trees placed.

  • 01 -- ^Pine Tree Grove -or- x4 Pine Trees placed.

  • 01 -- ^Eastern Cottonwood Tree -or- x4 Cottonwood Trees placed.

  • 02 -- Pine Tree Groves (Recommended)

** This Crop Type should always be Fertilized if at all possible. Applying FRU's results in a return of double the normal harvesting amounts.

^ Alternate suggesting if qualifying elements are met.

List D: Resources Available ONLY by Direct Request to Friends/Neighbors

Target Number -- Resource Name (Use Frequency) -- Craft Environment (In # of Recipes)

  • 12 -- Black Pepper, Full, Shaker (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Brown Sugar, Full, Bowl (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Chanterelle Mushroom (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Cinnamon Sticks (L) -- Kitchen (2)

  • 12 -- Clamshell Mushroom (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Copper Sheet (R) -- Workshop (1)

  • 12 -- Cloves, Full, Jar (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Cocoa Nibs, Full, Jar (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Cocoa Powder, Full, Bowl (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Corn Starch (L) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Crafting Beads (L) -- Workshop (1)

  • 12 -- Crafting Dye (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Crafting Nails (L) -- Workshop (1)

  • 12 -- Empty Spool (L) -- Workshop (2)

  • 12 -- Flask, Empty, Glass (C) -- Workshop (5)

  • 12 -- Paint Brush (L) -- Kiln (1)

  • 12 -- Paprika, Full, Jar (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Peppermints (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Pickling Spice (C) -- Kitchen (2)

  • 12 -- Piece of Glass, Pane (C) -- Workshop (3) / Kiln (1)

  • 12 -- Pink Pigment, Full, Bottle (L) -- Kiln (1)

  • 12 -- Portobello Mushroom (R) -- Kitchen (1)

  • 12 -- Salt, Full, Shaker (L) -- Kitchen (2)

  • 12 -- Sugar, Full, Bowl (C) -- Kitchen (8)

(C) Common Ingredient / (L) Limited Use Ingredient / (R) Rare Use Ingredient

Note: these Items can be purchased using Farm Bucks, at a rate of $1 Farm Buck per unit for the specific craft, so for example if making x1 crafting unit of a given item requires x5 of the request-only crafting resource, the player can choose to pay $5fb for the craft.

While Corn Starch and Sugar will definitely be required resources during this stage of play, depending upon the spread of the additional (or during holidays alternate) Missions/Quests and combinations thereof you may ALSO require some of the other resources. The resources for the Kiln-based crafts also happen to be desirable craft recipes due to the potential income they represent, a factor that you should take into consideration.

When you find a recipe that is particularly profitable for you and so desirable you may want to dialogue with one of your mates / neighbors who you know plays the game with reliable frequency and arrange to be Craft Resource Buddies - arranging to cover each others resource requests daily.

To be frank and considering the nature of the game, having a supply of all of these is not a bad idea anyway, and since the game divides up the various resource types with their own clocks, there is no reason not to pursue these parallel to your accumulation of the other resources that you will need as you play anyway.

The complete collection is 6 copper, 4 silver, and 2 gold coins
The complete collection is 6 copper, 4 silver, and 2 gold coins

What we mean by divided clocks is simple - the resources and the request process in the game is segmented by resources class. For example each of the following resource classes has their OWN clock associated with them:

  • Sugar Bowls (Class 1 Requested Resource) 18 Hour Clock

  • Build/Quest Resource Requests (Class 2 Request Resource) 24 Hour Clock

  • Hire Buddies (Class 3 Requested Resource) 12/24 Hour Clock

That separation of classes and their own clocks is one of the reasons why it is strategically not a good idea to use the shotgun approach to asking for aid, and sending the same request to all of your neighbors. The best method, even though it takes more time and effort, is to request specific Items or Actions on an individual by individual basis, since that allows for more to be accomplished in the same clock cycle.

Obtaining Coins

Raising Funds is an activity that we must enforce specific elements of self-discipline upon, particularly the rule that we NEVER sell resources unless we are specifically directed to do so by a Mission or Quest, or to comply with the requirements for Village Grocery Orders.

It is ALWAYS better and more profitable to turn crafting resources into Finished Goods; no matter how strong the urge is or how great the need for funds are at any given moment in game play always remember that, baring a specific requirement to do so by the game, we do NOT sell crafting resources, ONLY finished goods.

If you plan on spending Real-World Money on Facebook or Farmville fund cards, you should never use those to purchase coins. Farm Bucks are far more difficult to obtain in the game, whereas a little bit of careful planning and hording of resources allows for crafting sessions that can easily see you raise 100K in coin in a single session, so why would you spend $10 of real-world money for 4K in coin?

Building the War Chest is a long-term project, but you will find that maintaining it is a lot easier once the majority of the key Items are filled, and that these resources are invaluable for the higher levels, Mission, and their Quests.

Remember: If you don't need to use it or sell it, don't use it or sell it!

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