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Limited and Dependent Crafting Resources

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While there have always been varying levels of dependency among the Crafting resources in the game, the recent focus upon crafting in Farmville 2 as a serious element of both the economy and the rank system has rapidly altered the measure of attention that this side of the game has enjoyed in the past, arguably elevating crafts and crafting to a level equal to raising animals and crops.

As a result of these Changes and the increasing dependencies it is no longer feasible for the average player to feel their way along as they play the game, as crafts and Crafting has reached a point where the player must have a firm grasp of the different techniques and the underlying resources to the point that the game is much closer to a simulation of modern agribusiness than it ever was.

In previous sections we have underscored the importance for the player embracing at least some level of manufacturing in order to improve the profit ratio for the raw materials and goods that the player creates, and with the recent Changes and the refocusing on Crafting it is now even more important for the player to seek out a measure of knowledge for these interlocking relationships, and in particular the user-to-user exclusivity for obtaining key craft resources.

To address that element in an easier to use and easier to grasp manner we list here all of the specific resources that apply in this new category, and the player is encouraged to become familiar with these resources and maintain a running inventory of the same...

Before we get to the list - which we strongly suggest that you print out in order to use it as part of your personal Inventory contents tracking scheme - we should address the basic Strategies and why these Items are both important and problematic.

I. By Necessity - Intentionally Limited Crafting Resources.

Save for one or two very general exceptions, the crafts resources that belong to this group are normally needed in order to complete the sort of special Crafting recipes that are part of what we term “Special” or “Limited” events, which makes maintaining an adequate supply of these resources all the more problematic since you only know you need them when you NEED them.

The other side of the coin is that for the most part the recipes that call for this class of resource tend also to be the most profitable, which makes them more desirable.

Add to that the fact that all of these specific Items are request-based only and are subject to rather lengthy timers and you should begin to see the nature of the challenges you are facing in initially establishing a usable inventory of these resources.

The fact that Crafting the item required by a single Quest can easily wipe out your on-hand Supplies for one or more of these resources, and you should easily grasp why maintaining your supply chain for the individual resources becomes a concern.

It should also be very clear - by the nature of their use and appearance as part of event and quest recipes, that these resources were put into the game both as a money-earner for Zynga and as a Farm Bucks sink to help maintain the flow of income into the game.

II. Planning Ahead by Maintaining a Reasonable Supply.

The most effective approach for this sort of Crafting resource is to try to plan ahead and maintain a proper supply even in instances where you do not actually know that you will need them.

That is one of those “easier said than done” types of observations, however in this instance, by leveraging the advance information contained in this guide you should be in a position to improve performance or at the very least save significant time...

What we suggest that you do is utilize the noted intel portion of each major section as early as it makes sense to use it in order to plan out requests to your friends and neighbors, and use the information we supply to pre-craft wherever possible as many of the crafted Quest Items that you can - as doing so will save you a lot of time and reduce the pressure of playing the game as a reaction to the different quest requirements, and instead acting on the information in the guide to get ahead of the curve.

The List of Request-Based Limited Crafting Resources

Note: The following are the resources as of March 2013. As new resources in this category and of this type are added we will make every effort to update this list in a timely fashion, and edit the date referenced in this paragraph as well so that you can be sure that it is the most current or current up to that point.

The following list includes ONLY the standard recipes available year-round and does NOT include ingredients for special recipes for event and limited time Crafting, which are covered in the second list below.

Item Cap Resource Name Crafts Section # of Recipes
12 Chanterelle Mushroom Kitchen 1
12 Clamshell Mushroom Kitchen 1
12 Copper Sheet Workshop 1
12 Corn Starch, Full, Bowl Kitchen 1
12 Crafting Beads Workshop 1
12 Crafting Dye Kitchen 1
12 Crafting Nail Workshop 1
12 Empty Spool Workshop 2
12 Flask, Empty, Glass Workshop 5
12 Paint Brush Kiln 2
12 Piece of Glass Workshop / Kiln 3 / 1
12 Pink Pigment, Full, Jar Kiln 1
12 Portobello Mushroom Kitchen 1
12 Salt, Full, Shaker Kitchen 2
12 Sugar, Full, Bowl Kitchen 10

List II: Resource Used in Exclusive, Special, Event, and Limited Time Recipes

Note: This list covers the Request-Based Limited Crafting Resources that are used in Exclusive, Special, Event, and Limited Time Recipes and may or may not apply to your current and active crafting menus. The totals do NOT include the recipes from List I. This List is included here in order to provide a general idea of the impact that Exclusive, Special, Event, and Limited Time Recipes can have on your crafting resources inventory.

As new events are added to the game, the presumption is that new and additional recipes in this class will also be added, so this list should be considered for informational purposes only.

Item Cap Resource Name Crafts Section # of Recipes
12 Black Pepper, Full, Shaker Kitchen 1
12 Brown Sugar, Full, Bowl Kitchen 1
12 Cinnamon Sticks Kitchen 2
12 Cloves, Full, Jar Kitchen 1
12 Cocoa Nibs, Full, Jar Kitchen 1
12 Cocoa Powder, Full, Bowl Kitchen 1
12 Paprika, Full, Jar Kitchen 1
12 Peppermints Kitchen 1
12 Pickling Spice Kitchen 2
12 Salt, Full, Shaker Kitchen 2
12 Sugar, Full, Bowl Kitchen 8

The special resources above are/were used in the recipes for:

  • Almond Candy

  • Beautyberry Sauce

  • Blood Orange Galette

  • Bottle of Rose Jelly

  • Cinnamon Bun

  • Desert Fresca

  • Hawthorn Jam

  • Candied Rose Petal

  • Candy Apple

  • Fava Bean Dip

  • Ghoulish Ganache

  • Lemon Lace Cookie

  • Milk Chocolate

  • Mulled Apple Cider

  • Pickled Cauliflower

  • Pickled Savoy Cabbage

  • Peppermint Cupcake

  • Powdered Sugar

  • Salted Plum

  • Sassafras Rootbeer

  • Spicy Black-eyed Peas

  • Spring Egg Baske

  • Tangerine Jelly

  • Turkish Tea.

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