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First Steps - The Level 1 Farm

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The process of joining in on Farmville 2 obviously begins with signing into your Facebook Account and selecting the Game Apps menu then Farmville 2. Yes, I know, I am being Mr. Obvious here, but it needed to be said!

After the game loads and you get the current News message, you will automatically begin the main tutorial which begins with your old friend Marie riding up to you on her horse as you stand in the road in front of your new farm, having been dropped off there by a rattling old ute. She approaches you and says hello, and then tells you that it is time to fix your farm up, it being harvest time!

The first thing you see as you begin your new farming life
The first thing you see as you begin your new farming life

Your Starting Status

Before we do anything let's review your starting situation: you have 150 Farmville Coins (hereafter called FVC or Coins) in the bank, you have 10 Farmville Bucks (hereafter called FVB or Bucks) starting cash, the purple level star indicates that you are Level 1 with zero XP, and you should have around 12 Water Units in your resource bank.

On the screen your farm consists of a two unlocked resource zones with the rest of the potential resource zones on your farm locked, and in that tiny area you have nine (9) crop squares, with four containing ripe Tomatoes, four containing planted Tomato Seeds that are waiting for you to water them (they have the Water Resource Icon above them), and the 9th Crop Square is fallow and unused.

For domesticated or partly domesticated farm animals you should have one adult Chicken and one Baby Chicken, there may be a bush or plant on your farm, and along the front of the farm between it and the road you will have -- from left-to-right -- your post box (which doubles as the Gifting Menu Interface from which you can send gifts to the mates you have in the game), your Farm Stand from which you will sell things eventually, and finally a trio of baled hay bales upon which your neighbors will perch should they answer the call and decide to help you on your farm.

Next to the neat blocks of hay is a loose pile, which represents a potential neat block of hay that exists at some indeterminate point in the future for right now. Like much of the rest of the game at this point in time that pile of loose hay marks a great potential for advancement, but for now it is just loose hay!

For the moment you have zero Animal Feed and Zero Crop Fertilizer in your Resource Bank, and Marie is standing next to your crops waiting for you to do as she asks and harvest them and then water the second bunch...

Your first lesson in the tutorial is crop management and Tomatoes
Your first lesson in the tutorial is crop management and Tomatoes

Let's Get Started Then!

Basically what you see next is a massive yellow arrow that is pointing at the ripe and ready to pick crops on your farm -- so head over and click on the Tomatoes to harvest them, and make Marie happy... After you harvest the four ripe crop squares the resulting Tomatoes will be added to your crop storage -- a reserve consisting of the stuff you have grown and harvested, as well as resources you obtain from the animals on your farm and from trees as well as other sources. We will cover that in some detail momentarily, but for now let us get through with what Maria wants from us so that we can get the game started and unlock the main menu-based navigation system.

As you apply the Water Units to the planted crops you will notice that your farmer avatar actually walks to each square and waters them. Time will have been passing, and you should notice that every few minutes some additional Water Units are being added to your Resource Bank. No Fertilizer or Animal Feed are added over time because those are Resources we need to make or find.

As the second rank of Tomatoes quickly grows (they are on a very short timer) you get a new and much smaller arrow that is now pointing down at the limited nav menu which now highlights as being selectable, which means yes! You have made some small progress!

The menu choice being highlighted is the middle box that is illustrated with a Cornucopia image, and that represents the in-game store. The button to on the left of this small nav menu is the Tools Selection, and the red box-like thingy painted on the right-hand button is what you press to access your in-game Storage, which we will cover in due course.

The Market is your source for Seeds but they are level locked!
The Market is your source for Seeds but they are level locked!

For now though, go ahead and select the middle button on the nav manu by left-clicking it with your mouse, at which point you will open the General Store Window, and be prompted to plant some more Tomatoes from the seed options that you are presented with here. Other than the plant Crop Plot seelction (which is Free) the only other selection on the menu that is not locked is the one for Tomato Seeds, each one of which will cost you 10 FVC and once planted and watered, require just a single minute (60 seconds of real time) for the crop to grow to maturity and thus be available for harvesting.

Go ahead and select the Tomato Seeds and then follow her instructions to plant the Tomato Seeds in the first row of now open Crop Squares. You will then be prompted to apply a Water Unit to each, so do that.

After you complete those two sets of tasks a new pop-up appears in the game play window titled “Way to Grow!” and which prompts you to Share the Reward. Go ahead and do that now... By clicking on the Share Rewards button you have now posted a notice to your Wall in Facebook that celebrates this accomplishment and reward and offers your mates the chance to get in on it -- sort of...

Farm Animals are the other side of the coin for profit and resources
Farm Animals are the other side of the coin for profit and resources

The Farm Animal Feeding Mini-Tutorial

With the basics of Crops now under your belt, Marie now insists that you feed your Farm Animals, which at this stage consist of one Adult and one Baby Chicken -- and to help you out Marie drops three stacks of Animal Feed for you to pick up, each of which contains three actual Resource Units of Animal Feed.

So pick up the Animal Feed and you will note that you now have nine (9) Units of Animal Feed in your Resource Bank. Good on ya mates!

A new Yellow Arrow has no appeared pointing at the Adult Chicken, who as it turns out has an “I am Hungry Icon” floating over or near its head. This Icon takes the form of an Animal Feed Unit image, and what it tells you is that this Chicken would like to be fed. Do do that simply left-click the Chicken with your mouse and you will drop a unit of Animal Feed for it to eat, thus causing the game to deduct one unit Animal Feed from the appropriate section of your Resource Bank.

After the Chicken eats it will then eject an egg -- each of the Farm Animals that you own has the potential of evacuating one or more Resource Items which will vary depending upon the type of Animal that it is each time that you feed it. In addition to rewarding you with a Resource that is specific to that animal feeding each animal will also result in a set amount of XP being awarded to you after you harvest the resource. By now your XP Meter -- which still reads Level 1 -- should indicate that you have collected around 14 XP in the process of following Marie's instructions so far.

As you stand there celebrating your personal victory over Chicken Hunger and your Introduction to your own version of the Hunger Games what should appear on your postage stamp sized farm but a Wild Goat! Oorah! A free Farm Animal to add to your collection and a source of potential Goat Resources and constant amusement! Excellent!

Marie wants you to feed this strange Wild Goat, and I say do it! What is the worse that could happen? The Goat could eat the Animal Feed you offer it and decide that it likes you, likes your Farm, and chooses to stick around, making your farm its new home? I call that win-win!

After you feed the Wild Goat it evacuates a bottle of Goat's Milk and some Goat Cheese and how about that?! Free Resources! Of course you are not aware that those are in actuality Resources, they appear to be semi-Finished Goods to you. Milk and Cheese, yeah, that is almost a meal al by itself!

A new pop-up notice appears from Marie that nicely illustrates what you have just done -- fed the Goat and obtained its Resources -- and the Pop-Up implies that the next natural progression along this path is to sell the Items that you obtained.

For the purposes of this lesson that may well be true, but in the real world of the small farm farmer the last thing you want to do is sell off those potentially valuable resources for the chicken feed (no pun intended) that you will receive. Still that is something we will cover in some detail soon, so for now go ahead and do as Marie demands, starting with clicking the button in the Pop-Up marked “Okay” in order to dismiss the Pop-Up -- AND -- Share the Reward. That's right, if you look closely at the lower right-hand corner of the Pop-Up you will note that there is a radio button there marked “Share the Reward” and it is ticked on so that you will automatically do that when you hit Okay.

Building a solid collection of friends and neighbors is a must do
Building a solid collection of friends and neighbors is a must do

Adding Mates to your Agribusiness Social Network

Now that you have grown some Tomatoes and fed some Farm Animals, it is time for you to add some of your mates to your new world of Agribusiness, and you do that by clicking on the green button that is embedded in her chat bubble to you that is marked “Choose Friends” so that the game can now view an entirely new and never before seen Pop-Up that lists all of the mates you have on the Facebook System, thus providing you with the opportunity to invite them to join you as you explore this brave new world of Agribusiness that is Farmville 2!

As you contemplate this action, it would be an idea for you to try to only pick the ones from the list who (A) you know play Farmville or Farmville 2, (B) you know have an interest in playing this sort of game, and/or (C) are not very likely to sneak into your house with a very sharp fork and stab you in the eyes for inviting them to play the game because for all you know they already play forty-seven online Social Networking Games via the Facebook platform and they might very well resent the invitation.

Though really, if you think about it, that sort of reaction is not very likely, because you have never actually met most of the people you are mates with on Facebook, and they don't know where you live...

But even if they do actually know where you live, and they also know the secret code to turn off the alarm on the keypad that the alarm guy installed inside the closet in the hall next to your front door, the chances of them being that upset with you for inviting them to play this quality Agribusiness Simulator on Facebook are really very slim indeed.

Everybody knows that getting invited to play Farmville 2 is better than getting invited to play any three OTHER games on Facebook; after receiving your invitation you know that instead of stabbing you in the eyes with a really sharp fork they are more likely to throw a parade in your honor and give you candy bars and Pokeballs. Just saying...

The tutorial suggests selling your crops but we say don't do that!
The tutorial suggests selling your crops but we say don't do that!

Making a Little Money

Once you have chosen the mates you want to invite to play and be your neighbors in the game, Marie prompts you to head over to your Farm Stand and get acquainted with its Item-Selling Goodness! So you run over and find the newest Yellow Arrow which, this time around, points at the Market Stand counter where you spy your cash register and the basket in which you will place all of the Items you will sell to an eager public made up of people who want to buy your stuff and especially some Goat Milk and some Cheese.

After you left-click the Market Stand the “Sell Your Goods!” menu (really it is the Market Stand Menu) Pops-Up and you are instructed by the ever faithful and good mate called Yellow Arrow (that sounds like a Native American name for sure) to sell off your bottle of Milk and your wheel of cheese, which you do by double clicking on first the bottle of milk, which adds it to the sell basket, and then surprise! It asks you to sell the Egg! Huh! And here we were thinking it would want us to sell the Cheese!

Placing these two Items in your To-Sell Basket generates a whopping 145c for your coffers -- say, have you ever wondered what a coffer actually was? I know I have!

After you complete the sale you get some reassuring sound FX and a Pop-Up that celebrates the notion of selling off the resources you acquire via your farm and farming activities so that you can “plow the profits back into your farm!” (though it is a little unclear on just how you do that last bit, but still...

Expansion is one of your primary goals as a bigger farm is more profitable
Expansion is one of your primary goals as a bigger farm is more profitable

Expanding Your New Farm

After you dismiss this new Pop-Up, Marie quickly runs deep into your Farm to an overgrown section in the back past your Tomatoes and suggests that now would be a great time to clear the field and expand your farm! Well sure, yeah, it would be, and being as how she wants to help you out with that, why not let her? Why not indeed?

In addition to containing a Lemon Tree that overgrown section of your Farm also contains a nearly concealed Animal Food Grinder with which you can take the Items you harvest from trees and from your Crop Squares and magically transform those often contradictory flavors into Animal Feed that our animals will very much enjoy and be satisfied by!

So yes to allow Marie to help you with the first expansion of your new farm, simply click on the sign with the tick mark and at the advertised cost of just 175c (quite the bargain really) a very special unit of Trained Goats will appear out of nowhere and attack the overgrowth, officially revealing that this now trim and revealed section of Farm Land actually contains just what it looked like it did, and Marie wants us to use the Grinder to make up some Animal Feed...

Marie's team of Ninja Goats will quickly strip the new section bare
Marie's team of Ninja Goats will quickly strip the new section bare

Your First Quest

One thing you should notice is that following the clearing of the land and Marie's request, a new event happens as an Icon that depicts a headshot of Marie appears in the upper-left-hand-corner of the game window. This is the traditional Quest Icon and you will have the option of left-clicking the Icon whenever you like to learn the details of the quest.

You follow Marie over to the Grinder and add four Tomatoes to it, thus grinding up the required amount of new Animal Feed and completing the first portion of the quest. The second portion has you simply feeding the Adult Chicken and as such having competed you very first quest (your first quest of many as it soon develops, as quests and longer and more completed missions are to be found in your future spilling from a bottomless seeming bucket of questing goodness!).

After you feed the Adult Chicken if you have not already done so before, you will have gain the requsite amount of XP required to level up, which nominally brings us to the official end of this section, though not really because there are a few minor issues that we need to completely cover as part of it, so relax for a moment while we address those Okay?

The quest system can often provide direction when you don't have a plan
The quest system can often provide direction when you don't have a plan

A Second Quest and some Logistics to be Covered

After handing you your next (the second) official quest, Marie points out to you that she really needs to mosey on home now, which means you are on your own mates! Well, not really on your own, because you still have me!

First thing first, let's have a loot at our next quest, which is called “Sow the Slow Grind” and basically has you making some more Animal Feed while also planting a new crop -- Wheat -- which you can now plant since you have gained a new level, Level 2. But set that aside for now as we will address that in the next section of the guide. In fact just ignore the quest and your crops for now.

This is how not to do it - you want to avoid this experience!
This is how not to do it - you want to avoid this experience!

A Review of the Physical Farm

Your Farm is actually made up of a total of an even grid that measures 4x4 on a side of sections, laid out with the lower and starting numbers appearing at the bottom as follows:





At the beginning of your game you found that Sections 02 and 03 were already unlocked, being the center two bottom sections. When Marie guided you to unlock a third section, Section 07, which contained the Lemon Tree and Animal Feed Grinder. For future Reference later in the guide and walkthrough each of the remaining sections are identified as follows:

01: The Farmstead Kitchen Section (Requires Level 0) Adds Crafting Kitchen

02: Starting Left Section (Unlocked at Start)

03: Starting Right Section (Unlocked at Start)

04: Camarillo Country Section (Requires Level 30) Adds Camarillo Horse + Hitching Post

05: West Meadow (Requires Level 5) Adds Cottontail Rabbit

06: The Family Well Section (Requires Level 0) Unlocks an extra Water Well

07: Lemon Tree Section (Requires 175c) Adds Lemon Tree + Animal Feed Grinder

08: Apricot Acres (Requires Level 5) Adds Apricot Tree + Dinner Bell

09: Milk Meadow (Requires Level 11) Adds Longhorn Cow + Water Trough

10: The Old Silo Section (Requires Level 15) Adds a Feed Silo

11: Mango Gardens Section (Requires Level 20) Adds Mango Tree + Ivy Trellis

12: Golden Chicken Colony Section (Requires Level 24) Adds Baby Cochin Chicken

13: Playground Patch Section (Requires Level 34) Adds Tyre Swing Tree

14: East Woodlands Section (Requires Level 38) Adds a Pine Tree

15: The Horse Wilds Section (Requires Level 43) Adds an Appaloosa Horse

16: The Waterpatch Section (Requires Level 0) Adds an extra Water Well

Several of these Sections factor very significantly in the immediate plans and the Strategy for moving forward, but for now all that you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the layout and the Section names...

Your very first Level-Up and well done you!
Your very first Level-Up and well done you!

A Summary of What we have Learned

You have reached the completion of establishing your farm and getting through Level 1 and so some congratulations are in order. This entire process probably happened a lot faster than you were expecting it to, but that's okay as long as you learned what you were supposed to and retained what you learned!

The basic lessons that are part of this section are handling crops, handling farm animals, and the quest/mission system. In addition to that you learned about unlocking new sections of your farm in order to expand it, and how XP works.

You invited friends from your Facebook friend list to be your neighbor and play the game with you, and you learned about Marie -- later you will be introduced to Walter, who is Marie's best mate -- but for now you have packed a lot of learning into a very brief time period, so well done you!

As you progress from here you should not be surprised if some of the lessons that were part of the tutorial end up being covered again as thinly disguised refreshers. The game is very good about making sure that you have the information and the knowledge that you need at each stage along the way, but once you are comfortable with the basic concepts you should easily pick up the rest as you go along.

That nicely wraps up the first section of the walkthrough, and neatly paves the way for your continuing adventures as Citizen Farmer!

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The yellow arrow should be pointing at the object that the game wants you to interact with.
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There's a yellow arrow pointing left at the bottom of the screen.
What's this for ? I'm level 26
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i have finished all expansions but i still haven't got the Big Harvest inventory items, and i know these are going to be key to be keeping up with other players or am I am just to be satisfied ? and how will I know I am in Level 2

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Hey help me when I expand my farm the goat didnt come, NPC's just stand still and stuck. What should i do?
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