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Plants & Syringes

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There are special plants in the wilds that provide specific and desired benefits to the player as they are used in creating Health Syringes. The color of the plant indicates its use.

  • 1. Blue - enhances hunting and focus abilities

  • 2. Green - used to craft health restoration

  • 3. Purple - used in the higher level Syringes e.g Overdose

  • 4. Red - enhances survival and hunting abilities

  • 5. White - help you turn the tide of a fight

  • 6. Yellow - improve survival and focus abilities

1 & 4. Hunting Syringe -- Crafted from Blue and Red Plants.

The ability to craft the Hunting Syringe is unlocked through The Elephant Skill Tree (Consult the Skill Tree Section of the Guide for specific details) and encompasses both the Hunting Syringe and Hunting Syringe LV2.

The use of this syringe causes target-able Animals and enemies to be highlighted for 30 seconds, which makes identification and pursuit of the same much easier.

The Hunting Syringe LV2 version increases the stealth capabilities of your character, making them much more silent with respect to the stalking phase of hunting Animals; when it is active, animals that the player is stalking will not attack or flee unless specifically provoked or wounded.

1 & 6. Focus Syringe - Crafted from Blue and Yellow Plants.

The ability to craft the Focus Syringe is unlocked via The Elephant Skill Tree (Consult the Skill Tree Section of the Guide for specific details). This syringe comes in several versions.

The Focus Syringe helps your character to run and swim faster, and also permits them to breath underwater for longer. The effects of this syringe last for 30 seconds.

The Focus Syringe LV2 may well be one of the best syringes available to the player in the game, sine in addition to its obvious benefits, it makes it a lot more difficult for the enemy to lock on and fire their weapons at you - and even when they do manage to do that, to actually hit you while you are under the influence of this syringe.

2. Green - Health Syringe - Auto-Crafted from two Green Plants.

This is probably the most often used and in that respect most valuable syringe in the game in terms of player kit resources.

The Health syringe is a different sort of kit compared to the other unlockable syringes (Focus, Hunting and Survival to name a few), as Health syringes are automatically crafted whenever you pick up 2 Green Plants and so do not require the active efforts or even thought of the player!

The use of the Health Syringe recovers a significant amount of character health, but it can ALSO be used as a First Aid Tool, so that you can heal others.

You can keep track of the number of Health Syringes in your inventory via the Health Syringe Counter, which is situated near the bottom-left-side of the play screen, and is depicted by a small green “plus icon” with a number to indicate how many Health Syringes you currently have in your kit inventory.

Activating a Health Syringe provides a much faster and more directed healing effect, and it allows the player to heal while leaving them far less vulnerable to both interruption and reduced effectiveness that is caused by enemy or animal attack during the healing process.

To phrase this in modern terms, Health Syringes are The Shizzle!

4 & 6. Survival Syringe - Crafted from Red and Yellow Plants.

The ability to craft the Survival Syringe is unlocked through The Elephant Skill Tree (Consult the Skill Tree Section of the Guide for specific details) and makes use of both the Red and Yellow Plants - which we like to think of as the Orange Shot :)

Use of the Survival Syringe gives the player higher resistance to physical damages that are caused by melee combat, as well as reducing the damage and debilitation associated with being knocked down by an animal or an enemy attack. In fact the Survival Syringe actually appears to reduce the chances of the player character BEING knocked down in combat!

The effects of the Survival Syringe appear to last for 30 seconds; there are several versions of this syringe - the Survival Syringe, and the Survival Syringe LV2. The first variant, the Survival Syringe, appears to apply to general melee damage, while the second variant - Survival Syringe LV2 - also includes damage from weapon fire, making it helpful when the enemy is shooting at you. Just staying...

3 & 5. Overdose Syringe - Crafted from Purple and White Plants.

The ability to craft the Overdose Syringe is unlocked through The Elephant Skill Tree (Consult the Skill Tree Section of the Guide for specific details) and uses the Purple and White Plants.

This syringe is the double-edged sword of syringe technology in that while its use certainly does make the player character able to deal double-damage, its use also makes the player susceptible to experience the same effects - which means that any damage that they take while the syringe is in effect can turn out to be double-damage!

That being the case, it is widely held to be far more useful to the player during Sniper-type engagements, in which the player character is killing from a distance, than say a general melee battle in which they are likely to take damage themselves.

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