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Act III - Part II: Story Missions

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We have now reached the point where we have full intel on all locations, and most of the collectible items have been collected - which means that we have unlocked most of the upgrades and weapons and are now about as prepared to move forward as we can possibly be!

So we are ready to transition to the Story Missions and begin the final elements of Act III and head towards the conclusion of this epic adventure! Yeah!

Before we begin that process though there is something that we have to work out for ourselves. And when I say that I mean YOU have to work out for YOURSELF (as I already did for me)...

That burning question is: Who do you support?

If you have been listening to the radio the rebel DJ has made the situation abundantly clear - but if for whatever reason you were not paying attention to that - or the hints that were dropped on you by both Amita and Sabal in the form of bricks and two-by-fours - we thought it would be a good idea to cover that here, for the record, just so you are aware fully of the decision you are about to make and why it is important both to the story - and your game.

First, let us examine the two positions:

Amita's Philosophy

If you listen to what she says - and what other People say about what she says - you should get a very clear picture of her personal philosophy - one that would give the Jesuit Brothers a run for their money - just saying.

You see for Amita the ends truly justify the means. Those massive poppy fields and the existing labs, factories, and processing facilities are for her the future of the nation. That is to say she intends to step directly into the picture that has been forcibly vacated (as in you killed off all of the People who previously filled the roles) and simply resume their operations as her own.

Now granted, she means to take the massive profits that are obtained from growing the raw materials and then turning into heroin and use that to build schools, hospitals, roads, and the like.

She means to see to it that girls receive the same opportunity for education that boys do. She means to put aside the bible and other religious books that have traditionally served as the legal, moral, ethical, and educational guidelines for the nation, and instead adopt a more Western approach to all of that.

It is not at all clear if things like democratic elections - or even any sort of central government are in the cards simply because she has not discussed those ideas with you or anyone else it appears.

That said, considering that she intends to take on a role in the nation not unlike that of Tony Montana in the movie Scarface, the idea of democracy, free elections, and the like do not sound promising. After all to be a drug kingpin as she clearly plans to be, she will have no choice but to emulate the form of oppressive and totalitarian government like the one Pagan Min was operating...

So with that in mind, you should be aware that if you choose to support Amita, THAT is what you are going to be supporting. Basically different day, same reality, different bosses.

Is that what you want? Ah, but before you decide you really need to consider what Sabal has planned too, because it is just as bad but in different ways...

Sabal's Philosophy

What he is describing is really more of a romanticized idea of what he thinks the past was like BEFORE Pagan Min came and messed it all up. All Sabal claims to want is for the nation to return to its roots. The problem with that? It can't. Too much is missing.

Sure, Pagan Min can be ousted, and "the old ways" once again observed. The religious leaders will once again return to the power that they had before their religion was outlawed - but bear in mind that they really only represented HALF of the picture.

The other half was the Royal Family - of which the last member was put to death by Pagan Min himself.

So there is no Royal Family to restore to the throne. And without the calming and moderating presence that the King had on the nation, there is nothing to prevent the religious leaders from implementing their own ideas and plans, and enforcing the Kyrati equivalent of Sharia Law on the People.

Why is that bad? Well, remember that the Crown served far more of a function than simply providing a face to put on the money and a figurehead to represent the nation. The King was the nation in terms of the practical application of its destiny and desires.

With that influence gone who knows what will happen?

We do know that Sabal has thought of that - which is why he intends for the government to be a religiously motivated and lead military junta.

No offense mates, but as bad as that sounds, at least there would BE a government - rule of law - and some sort of system for grievances. What Amita is offering is a dictatorship, and nothing less. At least Sabal wants the People to have a say...

So with all of that in mind, I opted to support Sabal. Your mileage may vary in terms of your expectations and desires in terms of the story - so there is room for you to go the other way if you like - but the guide and the story as it is outlined within it pretty much takes the Sabal path. Fair warning.

Happily save for minor alterations of the requirements for the missions that follow, they are basically the same mission with different outcomes, so the guide will still work for you either way.

So that is how we will proceed - but for now it is time to pick up the final exclusive crafts resources so that we can finish Crafting all of the upgrades for our character and start chewing bubblegum... Or kicking - well, you get the idea!

Kyrati Fashion Week Missions

Out first order of business is the Kyrati Fashion Week Missions as we may as well get the final upgrades for the different kit before we dig into the story mode.

Kyrati Fashion Week 6

Be the alpha. Take down a rare beast Mad Devil, the leader of the wolf pack and present its sleek black coat to Mr. Chiffon. $36K / 550 XP.

This is located at the KEO Gold Storage Outpost at X: 438.2 Y: 816.1.

This crafts the final Wallet upgrade - which is a cool $5m cap!

Kyrati Fashion Week 7

This is no Housewives of Dhani Desa. Hunt Shadow Leopard, the rare leopard, for Mr. Chiffon's garment. $36K / 550 XP.

This is located at the KEO Logging Camp Outpost at X: 420.5 Y: 758.4.

This crafts the final upgrade for the Ammo Bag.

Kyrati Fashion Week 8

Turn a local tragedy into a bold fashion statement. Thick Skin, the rare elephant, has falled ill to a rare disease which brings madness and ultimately, death. End his suffering and honor Thick Sin's memory with Chiffon's design. $45K / 650 XP.

This is located at Pagan Min's Fortress, Rajgad Gulag, at X: 811.1 Y: 787.2.

This crafts the final upgrade for the Explosives Bag.

Kyrati Fashion Week 9

Bring out the real you by obtaining the skin of Ghost Bear, the rare bear, for Mr. Chiffon's garment. $36K / 550 XP.

This is located at the KEO Pradhana Mines at X: 692.0 Y: 624.1.

This crafts the final upgrade for the Loot Bag.

Wrapping up Kyrati Fashion Week

After you complete the final mission and complete the final craft upgrade, head back to see Mr. Chiffon, and you will find that he left a message for you on the table. It explains that Fashion Week has been delayed due to the circumstances of the war and all that. What a disappointment!

I have to admit that I was rather looking forward to seeing just how we would model the fashion designs... Oh well.

Shangri-La Thangka Missions

Now that we have wrapped up the Fashion Week Missions the next challenge to tackle are the final set of Thangka Missions. If you check the North Region you will find that one is in the bottom of the northern map, the other at the top. We will begin with the one at the bottom.

Thangka Mission: The Paradise Destroyed

Your first challenge is to save the elephant from the demons using the multi-arrow bow. Success delivers you a nicely painted elephant!

After that you need to find the Bell of Enlightenment and Spin the Mani Wheel. You can ride the elephant to those destinations - as it will assist you with combat against the demons.

With the Mani Wheel managed, there are more demons to be dealt with, either by bow or by takedown, and then you can ride the elephant through fields of red flowers to the next destination and the next Mani Wheel.

Spinning the second wheel really angers the demons, and you have yourself another monumental battle, with the help of the tiger of course. Note that if you rush ahead the tiger will try to take out the remaining demons and could get killed - which just means it has to reset - so you may want to help with that before heading to the marker.

Along the way you will find the first Seeker - the other two are along the path.

Once you release the bell it will ring, banishing the evil just like in the story of the lost Letters. When you wake up on the floor at the Homestead, you will see that the fourth piece of the Thangka is now in the frame. One more to go!

Thangka Mission: The Unpainted Future

To reach this final Thangka Mission involves a rather complicated route climbing up a mountain. It could be worse - in this case the path while not blazed in light is really not hard to figure out so much as it is a bit of a pain in the butt to manage. We had to make several attempts due to being killed by things like being hooked by a tree while swinging and having the grapple line just cut loose for no obvious reason.

The location is too high to reach by copter - more is the pity - but as we say, once you are on the path and making your way up you will eventually reach it.

When you finally reach the site you end up in a showdown battle with the head demon - that bird - in which you basically need to target your arrows at its mouth to score a hit. It is a pretty standard boss battle really.

After several battle stages that involve taking out helper demons you will eventually you get the rhythm of the attacks down and you can keep the demons under control while taking out the boss by ordering the tiger to attack its weakened state.

That results in releasing the final bell, which triggers the final lengthy CS that wraps up the mini-story and ends the mission.

You awaken at your Homestead, with the Thangka fully restored - well done you!

Yogi & Reggie Mission: Naked & Screaming

When you arrive the boys are in the midst of a near-death experiment - and it seems it is your turn to be the near-death part! So you hit the spliff, and get your to-be-expected injection!

And come to in a drug-induced haze in a colorful world and once again need to find Yogi and Reggie and get your stuff back!

For this mission we need to swim along the marked path - at the first exchange there are some bodies with a pistol and ammunition - then back in the water and follow the next path to the lake and a jet ski.

Things appear to be blowing up around you as you follow the course - and trucks fall from the sky! If drugs really were like this I would venture that fewer People would do them - this is rather a freight!

Upon reaching your destination you get all of your kit back.

Longinus Mission: A High Price

Next on our list is the 'L' on the map that marks the Longinus Mission. Reaching that naturally treats us to yet another special sermon - but I have to wonder why he has AKs mixed in a crate with Grenade Launcher ammunition??

So yes, Longinus has dispatched us on another mission to follow a smuggler and recover a Blood Diamond. Simple enough and we are pretty well-versed at handling these at this point.

Now we chose to use the copter again - it seems to work really well for these missions - but of course YMMV...

When you reach the marker you get the standard Smuggler approaching, remain undetected notice. Once the smuggler starts moving that changes to Follow the Smuggler - so do that and don't get caught!

When they reach their destination land - or approach - and take out the Smuggler and his henchmen, searching his body for the key, and then entering the vault where you take out its defenders and recover the package.

With that in our possession all we need do is head to the marker on the map and drop the package at the designated spot, and that ends the mission!

Longinus Mission: A Final Penance

This time when we arrive at Longinus's tent he is different. Drunk. Which is really odd since you know we always sort of suspected he was hitting the bottle, but now we have proof!

He gives you a little more of his backstory, and then he starts ti really illustrate the depth of his previous betrayals and how he originally earned those Blood Diamonds.

Longinus has reached the culmination of hit guilt it seems - so head outside and grab the copter, heading towards the marker on the map. You will find yet another tail mission here - so follow the Smuggler and when he reaches his destination do a rinse and repeat of the last mission, then head for the marker on the map.

This time when we arrive at the final marker it is to discover Longinus packing up to leave - for South America... His final parting gift to us is a very nice Rocket Launcher.

This one can be upgraded for laser-guidance - and the laser-guided rockets become cluster missiles! Sweet!

Amita Mission: Truth & Justice

Head to the 'A' Marker and Amita will contact you via radio and direct you to the location, and you will arm up and prepare for an encounter with... Pagan Min!?!

As you watch Pagan delivers his message - and then he has the family killed. But the difference is YOU are there - and YOU are going to deal with this madman once and for all!

Run down and grab the Copter, chase him down and kill him from the air!

Wait - what?! You killed him and he calls you on the radio! Darn it!

Golden Path Mission: Payback

This time around we need to head to X: 578.7 Y: 802.6 which is the Ghumantu Sherpa Camp, where we will head into the tent in order to begin the mission. Inside there are Golden Path soldiers watching a TV - Amita is there too - all to see Pagan Min's broadcast.

As you watch Pagan Min addresses the nation - both to assure them that he was not killed as was rumored, and that his plans for the nation are going forward. He tells the People that Noore and Paul have decided to move on - not killed mind you, just moving on.

Amita dispatches you to deal with the problem - and we confront Yuma, who blows some drug dust in our face! Then she runs off.

Inside the tunnel you find a coded message from your mother - just read only the words that are all in CAPS to decipher it.

Following after Yuma we encounter some strange visions that are actually foreshadowing... As you work your way forward you battle imaginary soldiers and then blow open the gates with your bow, and Yuma keeps talking to you... She is rather crazy really...

Eventually we work our way to the top of the structure and confront the Kalinag/Yuma form!

It is not clear while it is happening just who it is we have done battle with - but when we wake from our vision it IS Yuma with the knife in her so, well, all is well that ends well?

This also unlocks the Achievement Hat-Trick (50G) Decide Yuma's fate (Campaign only).

Golden Path Mission: The Choice

Head to the marker at Bride River Hamlet at X: 527.1 Y: 701.6 and head to the house - read the posted note from Pagan Min then head inside where you meet with Bhadra - this is the point where we have a choice to make...

Choose Amita and you get a military junta that is deep into the drug trade.

Choose Sabal and you get an ultra-conservative military-lead religious fiefdom...

The choice is yours to make. Go listen to the two to learn what their missions are, and then you have to choose one.

Amita's Mission: Culture Wars

Balance of Power mission: Amita wants to destroy Jalendu Temple and secure the valuable artifacts within it to fund the rebellion. This will ensure that Amita becomes the leader of the Golden Path when Kyrat is liberated. Accepting this mission will decline Sabal's mission.

Sabal's Mission: Cease and Desist

Balance of Power mission: Sabal wants to secure Jalendu Temple and crown Bhadra as the Tarun Matara. This will ensure that Sabal becomes the leader of the Golden Path when Kyrat is liberated. Accepting this mission will decline Amita's mission.

Basically you have to decide which you support - we don't go for the whole drug empire but then religion is not any less dangerous. Still, we chose Sabal...

So head to the marker after you accept the mission and defend the Temple from attack by defusing the bombs and taking out the army/attackers.

You only have 4 minutes to manage all of this so do not drag your feet here!

Once you take out the defenders and diffuse the bombs Sabal tells you that reinforcements are on the way to take back the temple - so you need to head outside and deal with them.

Head upstairs and use the mounted grenade launcher to deal with the boat attack then use the mounted MG on the other side to deal with the boats from the west. Take out the last two copters and you will complete the mission - and Sabal will share his wisdom with you.

Well done you! That very nearly wraps up that part of the story! Now though, it is time to head over and complete the last Yogi & Reggie Mission!

Yogi & Reggie Mission: Fly or Die Trying

When you arrive at the boy's place you are greeted with another grand experiment on the part of the boys!

This mission begins as usual but has a rather surprise transition! The name makes total sense! Now just run for the marker and find your gear... Just mind the gap... And the cat... And the fall!

As your special reward the boys give you a special pipe - bear that in mind as you can return to the Homestead and interact with the Pipe - target it and hold the Action button - and it teleports you to some random spot...

Sabal Mission: Take Cover

Head to the marker at X: 557.0 Y: 670.2 (Jalendu Temple) and meet with Sabal. As he begins to tell you about his problems you hear artillery shelling and he dispatches you to investigate...

You head to the marker against a timer and find a village in ruins. You need to search for survivors and defend the village from attack by the Royal Army while Sabal and his men go to the guns to destroy or capture them!

Mind the radar map and defend the village as best you can with the weapons you have and eventually you will be warned by Sabal that another artillery barrage is coming - and you need to find cover!

Hide under a building and wait out the blasts and then Sabal will tell you that they have taken the first site and the next will start shelling soon - you need to defend the village from foot-mobile attack and then as the next barrage is incoming, take cover!

Sabal tells you that they have taken the second set of guns and are going for the final set - but that you will again be shelled. Defend and take cover!

They took out the final guns, the village is burning, and the mission is over!

Sabal Mission: To Reap What You Sow

Head to the marker on the map and you will find Sabal waiting for you and tells you that you have one last job to do - and that is to deal with Amita. And when he says “deal with” he means SHOOT. As in handle with extreme prejudice... Take out... Clean... Rub Out... Handle... Kill!

When you arrive at the site you first have to take out the loyalists that are standing with Amita, and then you have to confront her and decide whether you will kill her or not...

When you finally approach her she gives a chat in which she tries to appeal to your better nature - then challenges you to do your duty! So you do.

Now, clearly that came as something of a surprise to Amita - she did not think you would do it. Too bad for her. You report the fact to Sabal and he reminds you that the job is only partly done.

Golden Path Mission: Ashes to Ashes

Head to the marker at X: 625.5 Y: 797.5 and hit the marker to begin this mission. Inside the house you will get another almost final meeting in which the word is passed that it is time to hit Pagan Min's Fortress - and that everyone is pulling for victory.

They don't want you to get too hung up on all the bad things you had to do because hey, victory is ahead! Well victory may BE ahead, but before we can have that we have to have a battle royal in which we take on the rest of the Royal Guard!

As you battle your way in be sure to take out the heavy fighters first, and clear the gun emplacements... The Buzzsaw works really well here for that.

This battle is really straight forward and comes in two parts - taking the Fortress and then defending it. Once you manage that you will trigger an audio CS in which Pagan Min really does seem a bit confused by what you are doing...

You vow to continue forward and deal with him though, and as the mission ends you do just that!

=== Golden Path Mission: Resolution===

This mission begins as soon as the previous one ends, and has you making your way to the Royal Palace to have your showdown with Pagan Min!

When you arrive at the Palace and go in you literally walk in on Pagan Min about to sit down to dinner. He has a fairly long CS for you in which he covers a lot of territory - and then you have to decide how you are going to deal with this situation.

You could shoot him - do that and the game ends right there. Fin.

OR you could hear him out and then sit down with him and then, finally, do what you CAME here to do - place your mum's ashes!

After Pagan Min has his chat he takes you to the shrine in order to place your mum next to your half-sister. When you emerge he is leaving on the copter - he tells you that you need to decide whether you are going to be the King or not, but that he is leaving - and he is keeping the copter!

Now you could shoot down the chopper and kill him... OR you could just let him go... It really is your call. According to Min he had nothing but the best intentions for you from the start - that YOU made this a lot more complicated than it needed to be.

Do you believe that? Then let him go. Don't believe it? Kill him. Your call. We decided to let him go...

When you enter the Shrine and place your mum be sure you pick up the final Journal - which is IN the Shrine. That completes the final Collection - and well done you for that!

Well mates, that nicely wraps up the game. What a story! What an adventure! What a blast!

Completing this final mission - as the credits run out and you return to the game - unlocks the Achievement The King is Dead (100G) Decide Pagan Min's Fate (Campaign only).

You should also have unlocked Fully Loaded (30G) Learn all Skills (Campaign only) assuming you did that - and you should.

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