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Far Cry 4 Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on XOne. If you have any cheats or tips for Far Cry 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : PlayStation 4 : Xbox 360

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Infinite Money Glitch

The video below shows you a money glitch that enables you to earn 800K every 5 minutes.
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Signature Weapons

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding weapon.
87 (Custom 1887 Shotgun):
Find 4 Mohan Ghale Journals.
AMR (Custom Z93 Sniper Rifle):
Capture 23 Royal Army Outposts.
Bull (Custom M133 Shotgun):
Complete 2 Bomb Defusal side-quests.
Bushman (Custom P416 Assault Rifle):
Reach Shanath Arena Rank 10.
Buzzsaw (Custom Launcher):
Complete ALL 17 Bell Towers.
Cannon (Custom .44 Magnum):
Complete 5 Hostage Rescue side-quests.
Elephant Rifle (Custom .700 Nitro Rifle):
Available as pre-order bonus or part of season pass.
HS77 (Custom M7-12 Pistol): Complete two Hunting:
Control side-ques..


Consider investing in a bow, even silenced weapons make a certain amount of noise that can alert the enemy whereas a bow is silent. Also with a bow you can craft arrows with explosive heads that can be used to give you an advantage in a long range firefight.


Make sure when you are at the trading posts you are prepared for stealth as some of the missions involve not being spotted, this means selecting a weapon you can fit a silencer to.


Although it is not the fastest mode of transport elephants are hard to kill and can be very effective against any hostile animal, enemy or vehicle you encounter. To be able to mount and ride these animals you must first unlock the requisite skill on your talent tree.

Honey Badger

Although it sounds cute and cuddly this is one ferocious animal that is frightenly quick, the best way to deal with it is at long range with a scope. Another way if you are riding an elephant is to stomp on it.

Wild Animals

Use the wild animals that prowl about to your advantage. One way to do this is to throw a piece of meat from your inventory at your enemy so it attracts the nearest predator who may decide that they are far tastier than the chunk of steak you offered.

Microlight Chopper

The best way to travel is with the Microlight chopper, these can usually be found either parked outside outposts or randomly scattered on the map. They are particularly useful for unlocking radar towers as you simply have to land on the roof with one and drop down a level instead of working your way up the rader tower from the ground.

Animal Pelts

Use the animal pelts you get from killing prey to craft into bandoliers, wallets and the like so that you increase the amount of items, money, and ammo you can carry.

Easy Bushman Assault Rifle

The P416 assault rifle becomes unlocked when you reach rank 10 in the arena, the video below will show you the quickest way to get it.
Watch the video

Unlock Alternate Ending

When you reach the first cutscreen of a new game remain idle when you are instructed to explore the mansion. After approximately 10 minutes an alternate ending will start to play.

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