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Act I - Part I: Making Friends

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Act I - Part I: Making Friends

Having reached the village you get something of a mixed welcome! A brief Introduction by Sabal and then you are prompted to open the Crafting Menu - you should have obtained sufficient resource to craft the first Wallet upgrade. Do that now.

Exploring inside the village will obtain for you a number of items and activities but you should bear in mind that you are not going to get into trouble for picking things up and exploring - so hey, explore!

As you explore you should discover the following:

- Royal Army Supplies Letter (on a table on the porch of a large shack)

- Trading Post in a Shack (across from the porch with the letter above)

When you access the Trader inside the Trading Post you will unlock the following:

- A2000 SMG (Russian 9×19mm Parabellum) Cost = $28K

- AK47 Assault Rifle (Russian 7.62×39mm) Cost = Free

- Hunter Bow / Cost = Free

- M-712 Automatic Pistol (German 7.63×25mm Mauser) Cost = $9K

- M133 Combat Shotgun (American 12g) Cost = $26K

- Mark IV Pistol/Revolver (.45 cal.) Cost = $3K

- MP34 SMG (9x19mm Luger Parabellum) Cost = $14K

- PKM General Purpose MG (Russian 7.62mm) Cost = $44K

- Recurve Bow / Cost = $60K

- RPG-7 (Russia 40mm) Cost = $160K

- SIXER* Pistol/Revolver (.45 cal.) Cost = $255K

- Skorpion MP (Czech 7.65×17mm Browning SR) Cost = $19K

- STG-90 SMG (Swiss 7.5×55mm) Cost = $38K

- SVD Sniper Rifle (Russian 7.62×54mmR) Cost = $35K

* Signature Weapon

Farther down the street you will come to the Communal Safe House - the shack that has a bed in it you can use as well as an Armory Trader Case / Trading Post Interface with the standard items. Inside you will find:

- Communal Safe House Letter

- Mohan Ghale's Journal 1 of 20 (Baishakh 1981)

After you have had your look around there, head back to the 'A' Icon on the map and you will find Amita in the garden of the Village Tailor, which has been converted into an Archery Range, and where Amita is giving archery lessons to the young girl who has been chosen as the Kyrati equivilent of the Dali Llama... When you speak with her - this happens automatically as when you step into the garden turned Archery Range it automatically triggers the CS - you will learn that there is an old widow who lives on a farm just outside of the village who needs your help.

It seems that a pack of wolves has been slaughtering her farm Animals, and Amita would have you deal with the matter. But don't run off, Assault Rifle in hand, just yet. There are some special conditions to be obeyed.

First of all, part of the lesson for this mission is that hides and pelts are valuable resources.

Second, you learn that when you kill an animal with the Bow and Arrows (also if you use the Kukri) you do far less damage to the hide/pelt and, as a result, you get a bonus of TWO pristine hides or pelts for your effort.

Amita wants you to deal with the wolves, but she wants you to do so while maximizing the results in terms of Pristine Hides. So take the Bow and Arrows graciously from her.

When you arrive at the farm that is marked on your map there is a small language barrier, but you get Amita on the radio and straighten it all out.

You need to approach the Wolf Den and deal with the wolves who are outside, then clear out the ones inside before blowing the place up.

In addition you want to loot all of the loot you can loot from the bodies, skin all of the wolves you can skin, and otherwise have yourself a grand old time taking care of the wolf problem!

Using the Bow and Arrows Effectively

Chances are your first instinct is going to be to hold down the Left Trigger to get the precision aiming mode when you shoot the arrows. Do not do that.

First of all, unless you are already an expert at the use of this bow, and these arrows, in this context, all you will accomplish in doing so is to miss. A lot.

You will find that the results of your shots are far better - and far more predictable - when you simply charge the shot by holding down the Right Trigger to charge the shot - releasing it to fire. What you want to do is fully charge the shot, then move the targeting reticule over the target so that it shows red - that means you WILL hit what you shoot at. Then release the Right Trigger to shoot!

The Wolves Den

The mission from Amita is called The Wolves Den - and it has you digging in to what will basically be a trial by fire - because first you need to take out the entire pack of wolves and then you need to destroy their den so that they no longer plague the farms in the area!

Do it right and you end up with a valuable roll of hides that you need for some Crafting! So hey, do it right...

Outside of the Den you will encounter between 3 and 4 wolves. Inside there should be one. After you dispatch them all - and loot the stuff from near the body inside the cave, go outside and, using a Flaming Arrow, shoot the marked area inside to blow up the Den.

That pretty much takes care of that - mission accomplished.

Now before you do anything else, open the main menu and select the Crafting Tab and use two of the Pristine Wolf Hides you just acquired to craft the first Holster Upgrade. You can now carry two (2) weapons - a Primary (which is Amita's Bow) and a Secondary. In the case of the Secondary, how about a free pistol?

If you search the ground near the ATV that is parked out front of the now destroyed Den you will find a Mark IV Revolver / Pistol on the ground. Simply pick that up and it will be automatically added as your Secondary Weapon.

Since you should have ammunition for it anyway, good on you! You now have a firearm and sidearm to use should the need arise!

On your way back to the Farm to report in you will come across another Wolf if you stick to the trail / road. Kill and skin that, then continue to the Farm.

When you arrive, if you have not already done so, read the page that is tacked beside the door of the prayer hut, then read the page on the crate nearby, and you should unlock the Achievement Well Read (10G) Read 10 notes (Campaign only).

Speaking with Amita

After you complete the mission and head back to the farm you have a chat with Amita, who fills you in on the situation there. You see Amita has come to the Farm to help the old widow woman...

When that is managed, open your menu to the Crafts Menu and, if you have killed and skinned a Pig (any Pig) you can craft a Quiver upgrade as well!

With all of this managed it is time to return to the Village, hit the Safe House to catch some Zzz's and then, in the morning, have a chat with Sabal who has a mission of his own for you!

Back to the Village

As you head back to the village keep an eye on your radar map for objects of interest and keep an eye out for Animals to hunt and rebels to support should you happen upon a firefight with government troops!

When you return check in at the Trading Post and you will discover that, as a result of the mission you just completed, you have unlocked the Hunter Bow, and the Mark IV Pistol/Revolver type Sidearm!

The UPlay / RoboCop A.J.M. 9 Sidearm

If you have a UPlay Account - and if you have played other games in the UPlay Scheme - it would be an idea for you to go ahead and claim the A.J.M. 9 semi-automatic handgun/Sidearm.

U Play has been operational for over four-years, so as long as you have previously played U Play-enabled games you likely do have the required points for unlocking the A.J.M. 9 - as these include (but are not limited to most of the stable of games published by Ubisoft over the past four years.

These include all of the games in the Assassin’s Creed Series (10 titles), as well as Brothers in Arms series, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Driver: San Francisco, and the previous games in the Far Cry series, not to mention the games of the Tom Clancy and Trials games. Just saying...

The A.J.M. 9 is a modified variant of the signature sidearm from the RoboCop movie series - it is the sidearm that specifically carried by RoboCop himself as part of the automated defensive weapons array built into his mech frame..

The distinctive “RoboAuto-9” was featured in the motion pictures RoboCop (1987), RoboCop 2 (1990), RoboCop 3 (1993). The RoboAuto featured in the 2014 remake of the original film eschews the Beretta 93R for a cosmetically-altered .40 cal. Glock that is affectionately referred to as the RoboGlock-40.

The RoboCop 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol from the first film series is little more than a cosmetically-altered variant of the standard Beretta Model 93R Machine Pistol - which comes chambered for the 9mm Parabellum Round, using a standard flush-mounted magazine with a 15 round capacity, and an extended 20-round capacity of extruding box-style magazine...

The extra venting on the muzzle-end is necessary to provide additional cooling capacity due to the higher-than-average heat generated by use of the larger magazines. All of that Hollyweird nonsense aside, the A.J.M. 9 fitted with Sound Suppressor and the Extended Magazine provides a much more robust and acurate sidearm that is well worth the effort and expense. We immediately switched to it.

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