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Act III - Part I: Northern Territory

Far Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide by CMBF
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Act III - Part I: Northern Territory

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Right so before we begin, just to restate what is about to happen and what we need to do:

  1. Complete the Mission to open the King's Bridge

  2. Capture all of the Bell Towers in the North to remove the Fog of War

  3. Reveal all Locations

  4. Collect all Collection Items

  5. Capture all of the Outposts

  6. Capture the two Fortresses

That sums it all up - for this section of the guide. In the next section we will tackle the Story Missions and bring this massive epic adventure near to closure!

Mission: Don't Look Down

When we start to come around we have a very strange vision or two, and then come fully awake in Dergesh Prison. Clearly the way to have an escape is to look around, maybe read a few pages, or... No, that is not helping....

Now if we had a grappling hook we would be out of here like bam! Wait, here is an idea - why not search for the bits and pieces and make one? Hey, that sounds like a plan! No, seriously, explore the cells and collect objects then use them to make a grapple hook... Once we have that put together, there is a convenient hook slot outside on the cliff.

Escaping from the Prison - the Hook

Note though that we have to avoid the demons while doing our searching - and the gamepad vibrations will warn you when a demon is close, so pay attention to that.

Getting down requires us to work a puzzle of grapple points, and once we get towards the bottom - and the demon knocks us silly, we need to go all ninja at the bottom and get past the guards, the dogs, and all of the other potential threats - because hey, it is a prison!

Grab the throwing knife from the target - now we are armed! And hey, there are more in the body below! Be sure to grab those... Use those to kill a guard and take their weapon - that might come in handy right?

At the bottom area there is a heavy and some dogs, so be extra careful going through there because even with the M4 it will not be a good fight.

On the lower section to the right of where the heavy is patrolling there is an ammunition box with a pistol and grenades - be sure to grab those. On the roof above the box is a guard - use a throwing knife to ake him out, then proceed along that side run and you will find a body with another throwing knife and, down a ways is a Bow and Arrow.

Having You an Escape!

When you reach the gate smash it open and really have you your escape! Into the frozen wastes. To freeze. To death. Lucky for you Amita and her search party found you in the snow and rescued you...

Well hey, that really worked out okay!

With that mission complete it is time to re-supply, make sure we have the weapons we want, and full ammunition, and then have a look at the map to see what is available for missions? Head to the 'A' on the map!

Amita Mission: A Key to the North

When you arrive Amita has a mission for you - and hey, it will give us access to the North Region! We need to destroy the main gate on the bridge - and she has a plan to get through that blast-proof gate too! Of course it does involve some danger.

See there is a chemical truck - and we need to hijack it. Then we need to drive it to the gate and use that to blow the gate open. Simple enough, right? Right! That's the spirit!

Head to the marker to reach the Ambush Point and then have yourself a nice ambush.

The easy way is to snope the driver of the truck - but of course we know that because we did it the hard way... But we seriously recommend sniping the driver of the truck so you don't have to chase it down and deal with the troops at the depot.

Amita's Mission - into the North!

Once you have possession of the truck you drive it to the gate (which is marked on the map) and then bail out and let it crash into the gate! Watch out for the snipers and the gate defenders - you will have to deal with them next.

Keep them suppressed and make absolutely sure none of them can man the mortar on the right!

After you take out all of the defenders and take out the alarms, head into the office and grab the Journal there, then set out your defenses as the Royal Guard is on its way and you cannot let them re-take the bridge!

The easy way to do this is to lay a perimeter of mines close in then aim the mortar at the road and keep peppering it. Once you take out the waves Amita will ask you to link up with the rebels - do that and they will secure the bridge and the mission will complete!

As part of the reward new skills and abilities will unlock.

Clearing the Fog of War

With the North now open the first order of business is to target the Bell Towers and remove the Fog of War! As we did with the South we want to get the Bell Towers done, then all of the “?” spots identified, and then clear Outposts/Fortresses. That is a must-do. Fortunately there is a Gyro-Copter at the first Bell Tower.

Bell Towers

First thing first, clearing Bell Towers to remove the Fog of War... We did these in a counter-clockwise ring, using the copter from the first tower to make things faster.

  • Bell Tower 1 at X: 566.9 Y: 636.1

  • Bell Tower 2 at X: 669.7 Y: 642.5

  • Bell Tower 3 at X: 777.6 Y: 686.8

  • Bell Tower 4 at X: 766.3 Y: 760.4

  • Bell Tower 5 at X: 655.6 Y: 804.9

  • Bell Tower 6 at X: 559.2 Y: 784.0

  • Bell Tower 7 at X: 451.1 Y: 777.7

Unlocking the final Bell Tower unlocks the Buzzsaw Signature Weapon at the Trading Post.

Locations Revealed


As we wander through the zone since we already bought the Maps we will have a LOT of those “?” Icons to clear. So hey, with the Bell Towers done we should get to that - and of course any Collection items they contain!.


  • Alter of Kalinag at X: 520.3 Y: 808.6.

  • Anadekhi Ruins at X: 764.6 Y: 808.2.

  • Ananta Muna Shrine at X: 623.1 Y: 648.9.

  • Asru Cave at X: 829.0 Y: 680.4.

  • Asthi Den at X: 559.7 Y: 726.9.

  • Banashur Ki Sirhi at X: 699.4 Y: 662.4.

  • Banashur's Refuge at X: 452.1 Y: 753.7.

  • Banashur's Tranquility at X: 506.8 Y: 814.6.

  • Bride River Hamlet at X: 527.1 Y: 701.4.

  • Cave of the Dead at X: 685.9 Y: 674.2.

  • Customs Warehousing at X: 602.4 Y: 631.6.

  • Dead Man's Triangle at X: 669.2 Y: 821.2.

  • Devata Re Cave at X: 798.0 Y: 758.5.

  • Devi Temple Ruins at X: 566.4 Y: 810.3.

  • Dhumrapana Shrine at X: 643.4 Y: 819.6.

  • Dubaki Cavern at X: 735.9 Y: 803.1.

  • Dolpo Ruins at X: 727.6 Y: 612.3.

  • Eagle's Nest at X: 597.9 Y: 646.1.

  • Garma Palana Spring at X: 576.5 Y: 684.6.

  • Garma Springs at X: 773.0 Y: 736.3.

  • Gautami's Retreat at X: 802.4 Y: 694.9.

  • Ghumantu Sherpa Camp at X: 577.8 Y: 803.9.

  • The Goat's Lair at X: 710.5 Y: 630.4.

  • Gornak's Pass at X: 546.1 Y: 803.9.

  • Hima Khoka Cave at X: 777.4 Y: 708.0.

  • Ila's Roost at X: 626.1 Y: 708.7.

  • Jalendu Falls at X: 538.6 Y: 687.0.

  • Jalendu Overlook at X: 554.8 Y: 710.3.

  • Kalinag's Vantage at X: 677.4 Y: 559.1.

  • Keo Logistics at X: 400.3 Y: 779.9.

  • Keo Rija Mine at X: 598.7 Y: 788.8.

  • Keo Scrapyard at X: 437.6 Y: 771.2[.

  • Krolinga Sahida Shrine at X: 550.9 Y: 629.7.

  • Kyra Ki Sansa at X: 782.4 Y: 624.4.

  • Kyra's Humility at X: 644.8 Y: 731.3.

  • Kyra's Shrine at X: 653.1 Y: 637.3.

  • Kyra's Solitude at X: 622.7 Y: 770.4.

  • Lagoon of Tears at X: 528.2 Y: 752.1.

  • Lake Visalakhutta at X: 479.4 Y: 785.4.

  • Lieutenant's Rest at X: 801.4 Y: 814.2.

  • Ma'Untena Ghari Shrine at X: 592.8 Y: 702.3.

  • Machali Village at X: 777.2 Y: 770.6.

  • Mansa Market at X: 572.2 Y: 623.6.

  • Medicinal Poacher at X: 796.1 Y: 674.7.

  • Ministry of Public Affairs at X: 449.8 Y: 802.9.

  • Nadi Shrine at X: 661.7 Y: 739.8.

  • Old Kade House at X: 756.6 Y: 648.2.

  • Pathika Shrine at X: 730.7 Y: 630.3.

  • The Powder Keg Distillery at X: 777.1 Y: 663.8.

  • R.A. Confiscation Vault at X: 642.6 Y: 789.0.

  • Raka Ankita Wall at X: 663.5 Y: 779.1.

  • The Royal Fortress at X: 697.4 Y: 839.8.

  • Royal Supply Depot at X: 727.3 Y: 808.5.

  • Royal Vault III at X: 720.2 Y: 702.0.

  • Sadhu Tri Cave at X: 795.7 Y: 648.4.

  • Sapha Pond at X: 711.4 Y: 776.8.

  • Sealed Keo Mine at X: 525.6 Y: 655.7.

  • Sherpa Barpha Camp at X: 696.5 Y: 726.2.

  • Shining Minds Academy at X: 488.4 Y: 813.1.

  • Shining Minds Reformatory at X: 452.5 Y: 791.6.

  • Shining Minds Seminary at X: 747.5 Y: 672.2.

  • Sivira Sherpa Camp at X: 502.8 Y: 784.4.

  • Ska'i Cave at X: 757.9 Y: 782.6.

  • Sky Burial at X: 758.9 Y: 723.1.

  • South Jalendu Checkpoint at X: 555.1 Y: 650.6.

  • Stona Kapa Refuge at X: 680.7 Y: 801.9.

  • Svargiya Takataki Camp at X: 687.9 Y: 687.9.

  • Tarun Matara's Sleep at X: 583.1 Y: 647.7.

  • Thindara Mine at X: 680.9 Y: 622.0.

  • Trethewey's Cabin at X: 606.0 Y: 770.4.

  • Tretheweey Homestead at X: 528.8 Y: 770.0.

  • Utkarsh at X: 487.9 Y: 759.4.

  • Vidhava's Tent at X: 783.0 Y: 721.6.

  • Visala Shrine at X: 735.4 Y: 762.5.

  • Yalung's Belly at X: 705.6 Y: 807.5.

  • Yathesta Fields at X: 758.3 Y: 629.8.

  • Yugala Rukha Summit at X: 708.0 Y: 666.4.


Note; There is one location on the map that is bugged - the one with the Mask Collectible that is in the river. No matter what we did we were not able to reveal that location, though you can still collect the Mask there.

Special Notes

Every so often something unusual appears in the Letters and papers you can read as you explore Kyrat - which is why you should be reading them!

In The Goat's Lair the letter for the Mask Collection is titled “MY WILL” and reads:

“I, The Goat, being of sound mind, do hereby declare this to be my Last Will and Testament.

“I direct that all Kyrat prepare for the coming of Yalung with grand celebration, to be funded by the substantial gains I have liberated over the years, located at X: 684.7 Y: 674.1.”

That would be worth checking out, right?

Outposts Taken

Because we have arrived in a new region and ave no reliable means of Fast Travel, and can use a central spawn point, we decided to take one of the central Outposts straight away upon entering the region - so that we had a base of operations to work from - and then cleared the Locations and Collectibles - and chests.

So just so it is clear we took Outpost 1 immediately and the others later.

Pokhari Ghara Outpost at X: 555.3 Y: 746.8 (3 Alarm Hard Difficulty)

After that starting from the bottom right and working up and down right ot left we hit the rest of the Outposts.

Clearing an Outpost for Freedom!

  • Bhirabata Outpost at X: 533.3 Y: 810.3 (2 Alarm Medium Difficulty)

  • Border Observation Post at X: 810.4 Y: 664.0 (3 Alarm Hard Difficulty)

  • Keo Gold Storage at X: 438.0 Y: 816.3 (2 Alarm Medium Difficulty)

  • Keo Loggin Camp at X: 420.7 Y: 758.3 (2 Alarm Medium Difficulty)

  • Keo Pradhana Mine at X: 692.3 Y: 624.2 (3 Alarm Hard Difficulty)

  • Lhumtse Barracks at X: 782.9 Y: 605.1 (3 Alarm Hard Difficulty)

  • Namboche Monastery at X: 803.4 Y: 726.1 (3 Alarm Hard Difficulty)

  • Royal Guard Kennels at X: 604.0 Y: 707.8 (2 Alarm Medium Difficulty)

  • Sahi Jile Checkpoint at X: 669.2 Y: 763.7 (3 Alarm Hard Difficulty)

  • Shikharpur Outpost at X: 675.2 Y: 698.7 (3 Alarm Hard Difficulty)

When you unlock the final Outpost you will also unlock the Achievement All Clear (50G) Liberate all Outposts (Campaign only).

Liberating the Fortresses

Now that we have cleared all of the Outposts there are two Fortresses (not including the Royal one) that we need to take. That will also complete the Propaganda Poster Collection as well, and fully liberate the area, which is always a good thing.

The taking of Yuma's Ratu Ghdhi Fortress

Our first target is Yuma's Fortress called Ratu Ghdhi at X: 561.7 Y: 604.0 - a Fortress with one of the Posters we need to collect. The other three are at the final Fortress.

When you arrive Amita warns you that this will be a very difficult attack while Yuma is still alive, but since we are not doing the Story Missions yet, so be it! You can, if you like, wait to do this until after you have dealt with Yuma. Or you can be the Honey Badger - because Honey Badger TAKES what it wants! Honey Badger don't care!

With the Buzzsaw and the Auto-cross taking this Fortress is really actually trivial... Just saying.

The taking of Pagan Min's Rajgad Gulag Fortress

Our next target is Rajgad Gulag - Pagan's own Fortress, which is located at X: 811.1 Y: 787.3 and has the final three Posters.

Once again she tells you that taking the Fortress while Pagan is still alive will be much harder than otherwise... But we are Honey Badgers, so we don't care!

The trick to this one is to make sure that you take the snipers out BEFORE you break in... Otherwise it can go pear-shaped quickly. Also be aware that there IS a minefield here. So um, try not to get killed right?

There is a cave entrance on the left side facing the Fortress - but mind the mines right?

Even if you do end up getting detected and an alarm sounds, it will only be four choppers and the Buzzsaw can easily deal with them!

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