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Act I - Part II: Explorations

Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Far Cry 4

Before you jump right into Sabal's mission you may want to think about doing some basic exploration and resource gathering - and now may very well be a great time to grab a Map or two for this area and get started on the Collections! In fact it is just that sort of perfect time...

Bearing in mind that the bulk of what is presently depicted as icons on the map will be destinations that are part of upcoming quests and missions - so you do not really need to focus on them at the present time. They will get got eventually.

Also bear in mind that the Fog of War that presently covers the world will be removed as you clear the different Stations and Towers. Also note that when you have the Map View set to the highest setting you will not see a lot of the iconic details that you do when you drill down to the lowest settings.

For example if you drill down to the lowest level view around the Village of Banapur you will notice that there are additional icons that come into view, including the Glider Icon... You can also use the Filter command (the 'Y' button) to alter what you see in terms of Icons to just those you want to see....

The region of Kyrat that you are presently in - the region that the village of Banapur is located in - is the South Kyrat Region - so the only Maps you should be concerned with ATM are those for South Kyrat.

We recommend that you start with the South Kyrat Items and South Kyrat Masks Maps since you should easily be able to afford both. If you can also afford the South Kyrat Locations grab that one too!

The New Map Display

Now when you look at the Map it is a very different display entirely! At the very top level you will not see just the Locations - marked as Unknown Locations for now - along with the icons you previously could see - the Places and special buildings.

As you drill deeper into the Map however you will start to see first the orange question marks that indicate an unknown location, and then the icons for the Mask of Yalung Collection, Propaganda Poster Collection Icons, Lost Letter Location Icons, Journal Location Icons, and Mani Wheel Location Icons. In short there are now lots of things you can go looking for - if you want to.

So why not take your new pistole, your AK, top up your ammunition, and go take a look-see around?!

To the Southwest

As you can see on the map to the southwest there isa jumble of icons not too far away from the village! A closer look shows an Unknown Location, a Mask of Yalung, and when you get close enough to eyeball the area with your camera, icons for Loot Chests! This is certainly worth checking out!

Ettan's Shack -- As you get closer the Unknown Location resolves into Ettan's Shack, and the Loot Chests provide random Loot and money. Inside the Shack and around the area you discover:

- An Offering - an offering page from The Goat to Yalung.

- Your Wait is Over - another page from The Goat.

Under the bed is the first Mask of Yalung - under the bed with the murdered body of a man on it! The notice pops up that states that for each of the Masks you remove or destroy the Golden Path will reward you with Tokens.

Outside of the Shack - now that we have seen what needs seeing, we spy another chest and nearby a green plant - hey that could be our very first plant! Let's go get it!

A quick check of the Map shows another Journal nearby - let's head in that direction shall we?

Along the way and with some luck you should encounter a Sambar that, once taken and skinned, allows you to upgrade your Loot Bag! Awesome! The further towards the target - the Journal Entry - we go the more opportunity we will have for gathering Plants and hunting, which is always a good idea.

Once you take care of the immediate goals it is time to head back to the Village - since the bulk of the other destinations are not easily reached from here, yet.

Sabal's Mission

In the morning, after you are well-rested, and have restocked your ammunition and exchanged Amita's Bow for a nice AK47, it is time to have a chat with Sabal.

You will find him at the location of his Icon on the Map (the 'S') and he will be trying to help a wounded Golden Path soldier. Sabal tells you about the problems that they are having with the old Bell Towers, and the transmitters that are used by the government that are installed in the tops of each.

You volunteer to take out the Tower that got the soldier injured - then it is added as the destination on your map and away you go!

Head for the marker that marks your first Zipline - then slide down it in style and, when you reach the bottom keep working your way towards the Tower. You can use the Quad Bike if you want, but walking will allow you to take in any opportunities for hunting and finding things... Just saying.

The Accident Site

When you reach the site where the soldier was injured you will find - and take - the Grappling Hook - which you are going to need... Use your new tool to climb the rock face here, then proceed along the path where you need to Grapple up and then swing over to the far side.

Next you get to experience you first combination Grapple - where you are swinging on a line and you have to Grapple the next target while doing so. That will bring you to the area at the base of the Tower!

So far good on you!

At the Tower there are some enemy soldiers - kill them and then tear down PROPAGANDA POSTER 1. With that managed, go inside to get the Bell Towers tute.

Head up the stairs and climb where required - read the Health and Safety Warning on the wall - then you reach the top and take out the broadcast unit, which removes the Fog of War from the area around the Tower and reveals a LOT of new locations! Double Well Done You!

This also adds new activities to the world map and shows you the locations of some of the Animals you really need to hunt for the puporses of getting the upgrades you need.

When you have grabbed all you want from here, you can use the Zipline on the side of the Tower to get down. Make sure though that you got all the Loot Crates before you go back down since getting up can be a hassle!

Now that you have managed this mischief it is time to decide on some significant efforts we need to undertake - the first being to further expand our capabilities by obtaining the various Crafting resources that we need for that purpose.

Expanding Capabilities

A quick check of the map - and your current capabilities - will reveal that we need Malayan Tapir for the next Holster, Assam Macaque for the Wallet, Pig Skin for the Loot Bag and possibly Quiver, Wild Boar for the Syringe Kit and Ammo Bag, Dhole for the Bait Bag, Yak for the Throwable Bag, and Asian Rhino for the Explosives Bag. We also need Bengal Tiger for the Heavy Ammo Bag, but those last two are not really likely right now.

According to the map there are Malayan Tapir nearby, as well as Assam Macaque. Farther away are Dhole and Wild Boar. Far to the south is Asian Rhino - perhaps the last hunt we will do for this Upgrades Session.

Before we begin though, we need to prepare for the Hunt - which means heading back to town to get Bow and Arrows, and sell off some Loot!

When we access the Trade Case in the Sage House we unlock the following:

-- Stormer (Signature Weapon)

-- Skorpion

As you make your way towards the area for the hunts you will have the chance to explore and uncover more locations, including the following:

-- Army Supply Flight 2911 (Underwater)

-- Kyra's Refuge

-- Old Isha's House

-- Prabhakar's Farm

-- Yalung's Skull

-- Yalung's Maw

Obtaining Asian Rhinoceros Hides

The thing about these guys is they can be on the rare side - so killing one really should be done with a bow and arrows so you get the max results.

Unfortunately even when you shoot for the head it still takes 10+ well-aimed arrows! But the results, as they say, can be stellar!

For our purposes we need more than just one Rhino tho - because the upgrade for the Explosives Bag takes 2 Hides, and the Wallet takes 4!

Obtaining Demon Fish Skins

Among the skins required for Crafting upgrades are Demon Fish Skins - specifically you need four for the upgrade to your Loot Bag (Upgrade 3). Getting these can be a challenge largely because in the water they can attack and hurt you while you cannot really hurt them - since you cannot use your weapons in the water.

The most efficient means for obtaining them then is to stand on the shore, use the Hunting Syringe, and then when you spot one, shoot it with an arrow! It usually takes at least two arrows to kill one - once it is dead you need to go into the water and head towards the bottom, as they sink once they are killed.

When you reach the Demon Fish body, skin it like you would on land - and voila! A double skin (you really want to get double skins if possible so you can do as few of these as possible).

You CAN use Bait to attract these, making the process oh so much easier!

Hunting and Inventory Advice

One of the most annoying issues with hunting and, for that matter, looting and gathering Plants, is that your Loot Bag gets full and you have to decide what to sell... Being careful not to sell things you NEED. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to think about that??

Well guess what? You don't!

When you enter the menu for the Trading Posts / Sherpa and select the third choice, where you sell your goods, simply hit the Auto Sell (the 'X' button) and the game will then sell everything EXCEPT the items you need!

The game knows what skins and hides you need in order to craft future crafts upgrades - something you theoretically do not know yourself (unless you have consulted this guide). Rest assured it will not sell a hide or a pelt, or a skin for that matter, that you actually NEED for a future craft upgrade. So hey, worries eliminated!

Now as to Hunting in general - the Hunting Syringe is your best mate because it will show you - for a limited time anyway - where the huntable Animals are in your general vacinity.

You craft this syringe using Red and Blue Plants and you use it by holding LB plus RB, then the directional Joystick (the Right Joystick) to select it, then release all.

To craft them you do the same thing but hit Right Trigger to craft. To leave that menu without using a syringe be sure to hit RB again in it.

Remember you are limited to a set number of Syringes in your Syringe Kit - which you can upgrade - but you are NOT limited to the amount of syringe ingredients you can carry with you. So once you have the max number of syringes, be sure to put some extra Plants in your bag to use to replace the ones you use up!

The Plants seem to refresh over time, so areas you know you found them in the past will have them again.

The Second Safehouse

Just north of where you meet Longinus on the map there is a second Safe House at X: 294.5 Y: 424.1 - inside of which in addition to it being a place to recover if you get killed - you will find the following:

-- Journal Entry

-- Trading Cabinet

-- Bed (for rest and recovery)

Outside on the wall across the yard is a Propaganda Poster to be torn down.

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